Drama CD 55 – Kyou Kara MAou! Seisakoku DX! Outward Journey – CD1 (Subtitled)

—Track 1- It always starts with water — After Murata asked me to go to his school fair, I went there all by myself. Shibuya! Since you showed up at the school fair, you can’t be looking so depressed, okay? Murata… Every now and then you have to have some fun and celebrate with all your might, and get your mind off things. You used to be so carefree it was almost criminal so it’s not common for you to be this depressed. That’s because… the baseball season is over…
so it’s not common for you to be this depressed. That’s because… the baseball season is over… That’s not true, right? Since the second semester began, you’ve been absentminded. You’re not putting a lot of effort into the grass lot baseball practices either. If I think about it, I keep worrying all the time that you’ll die a premature death in a pond or fountain… That’s…. … right. During the summer break, I was transported from the beach to the other world, and something really shocking happened there. And yet, before I could clearly understand what was going on, I was recklessly returned to Earth. I heard it from Miko-san… You shoved a leg down the toilet at your house. Well, that’s because… I was reluctant to put my head in it first. And by the way, could you please stop calling my mother by her first name? Now you listen to me, Shibuya. I understand that you’re worried about what happened over there but you have to get over your broken heart. Hmm. You’re doing the same coming here to visit my school today… the truth is that you came looking for a place to cross over to the other world, right? Ugh…All right, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It is indeed as you said, I did come here looking for such a place. It’s just that, this is the school that no-one-other-than-you attends, right? So, I thought that maybe that pool, for example, connects to “that place”? I knew it… That’s all you were thinking of. Fine, then. Come. It should be fine at this time. Right now, there probably isn’t anyone at the pool. You’ll take me there? But in exchange… What’s with you? Don’t smack my cheek… For the time being, this will be THE LAST time, okay? If it doesn’t work with this pool, you have to promise that for now you will stop. Get it? Yes, I get it. Woah, awesome! As expected from an establishment for the rich. The water is clean even during this season. Ah, this ? This is probably because in a while, there’s a special part of the program where the principal, the head teacher and the vice-principal, will make a male-synchronized swimming show. In other words that would be “Water…” ” Old Boys…” But will they be okay doing something like this during this season? The principal got a master degree from a school where men’s synchronized swimming began. All right, give me your jacket. Uhm… I don’t need to take my pants off, right? Do as you wish. If it goes well, you’ll be able to change your clothes over there. On the other hand if it doesn’t, you can use my jersey shirt and pants. Great. All right, it’s time… Ueah, as I thought, it’s a little bit cold.. All right! Time to go! Uwahuo! No, wait, don’t push me all of a sud….! Ah, as expected from a synchronized swimming pool it’s super deep…. No, it isn’t! Eh? This is…? Ah… it feels good… Finally, I finally found the right path to go back to them… And maybe… surely….! A special drama cd of Kadokawa Shoten. An original work by Takabayashi Tomo “Kyou Kara Maou, Seisakoku Deluxe! Outward Journey” —Track 2 – Shin Makoku Summit — Uh… uh… ah? UNGH! It stinks! What’s that smell?! Ugh.. gluah! Gnph, gnph! Uwagh~! Ouch.. I hit the back of my head. Eh, what is this place? It’s pitch dark. A sewer? So, that means that this is not the pool. Yeah, I did it! I’ve finally….! Hgh, hghh! Hghhhh! Huh? Who is it…? No way, Murata? Were you washed away with me? Hghhhh…. hhhhgh! What’s with that voice? Ah, no way! Did this horrible smell hurt you somehow? Hgh…. hhgh. Are you okay? Hey, pull yourself together. I’ll help you up… uhm…let’s see… Eh? These are your legs? What’s with you!? Why did you take off your pants!? Hgh!…. Hgh!…. hhhhgh… Woah…. Murata, you really are not feeling well, huh? All right, then I’ll save you! Hgh!…. Hgh!…. Hang in there… I’ll save you… C’mon! Don’t die on me…. Hgh… hghhhhh…. Aha! I can see a light ahead! It might be the exit! Where are you, Yuuri? Ah… Wolfram! Your Majesty!!! I’m coming to your side right away! Ah, I remember the first time that I saw his Majesty was at a village near the border. A light shone above him like a celestial crown… Shut up, Günter! Ahaha… a natural two-man comedy. So I’ve really come back to Shin Makoku… Hgh… hgh…hghhhhh…. I’m over here!!! Your Majesty! Yuuri! I’m home! You’re late, hanachoko! Hanachoko? Not only did you not say “It’s been a long time”, but on top of that you mispronounced the word? Hgh…! Ah! I dropped you accidentally! I’m sorry, Murata! Hghhh…! Hghhh…! What a rare occurrance! You’re a maidmer princess, aren’t you? Hghhh…! Hghhh…! Fish? Uwah~! Muraken! How long have you had that gross appearance?! Or rather, it has legs! The tuna has legs! Well, of course. That’s because she’s an aristocrat of the ocean, a Maidmer Princess. Ah…! In this case it’s a female, so it’s called a “princess”, males are called “lord”. Eh? This is a female? Yes, she has beautiful legs doesn’t she? Since she doesn’t have any hair on her legs, she’s a “princess”. But both male and females are citizens from Shin Makoku, faithful to the Maou. A citizen? Ah… I’m sorry for confusing you for a tuna. Hghhh… hgh…hgh…hgh…. Can it be that you don’t even know the proper way to hold a maidmer princess? The way to pick up a princess is like this, watch. You have give her the “maidmer princess lift “, this is how a gentleman does it. Eh? Ehehe…. I’m not sure if this is romantic or if she’s just flapping around all over the place… Your Majesty! Let’s go back to the Blood Pledge Castle. Ah, yeah! Ah, inside the castle it sure is quiet. Ah! I really feel like I’m back! Ah! It’s Yuuri. Yuuri! Greta~! I’ve missed yuugh… You stink… What’s wrong Yuuri? Is your body rotting? It’s not rotting. But I still like you! Uwah~! Ugh, it stinks! But let’s try one more time~! *sniffs* Ewwgh… It’s fine. Even if Yuuri is rotting, or if you become a zombie, Greta’s love for you won’t ever change! That’s why I’m telling you I’m not rotting… But I was really worried. Because Yuuri, you suddenly disappeared! And.. and.. I thought… I’d.. never see you ever again! I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I’m really, really sorry. No, as long as you’re safe, it’s fine. And as long as you always come back home… Yes. But, you know? The truth is that Greta has always been thinking about this… Hm? I want you to say “I don’t want to let you go tonight.” WHAT?! But, you know? Since you didn’t make that promise, I was crying with my head buried in my pillow. Hey, you Wolf! You’re the one who has been prompting her weird stuff, right!? So what? You henachoko! Don’t be giving her the thumbs up saying “good job”! You’re wrong. This is the signal for “one more time”. If your cute daughter were to say something like that, no matter how cold you may be, you will end up calmly staying in Shin Makoku, right? Now, you listen… You’ve finally arrived. Gwendal What’s this smell? Do I really stink that much? Ah, your Majesty! Don’t make such a sad face, please do not worry about it. As proof, look, I’ll breathe it all in! Ah, ahaha… but say? You know, it’s fine that you call me over here but there are always problems with the place where I land. I’m very sorry about that, your Majesty. You really don’t seem to be sorry, though. That’s not true…. I am, indeed, very sorry that I did not have a chance to do this in Caloria, so let me express my feeling of gratitude, from the bottom of my heart, for your safe return. And as for Lord Weller’s misconduct during that time…. on behalf of my stupid younger brother, I ask you to please forgive him. Older brother… Wait, please stop kneeling before me. The crime of not having been able to foresee that Conrad would give up his mission of protecting the king and flee the country, is a serious one. I am prepared to accept whatever punishment you may give me. Wait! I’ve never thought that any of this was your fault. And as for what happened with Conrad, there’s nothing to be done about that. If he wants to change jobs, I don’t have the right to stop him. Uhm… because look! It’s what’s called freedom of occupation. Nonetheless… Geez…… Hey! It’s difficult, huh? To be the eldest son. But in any case, the one who needs to apologize is me. I did as I pleased and caused trouble for everyone. I even made you send a rescue team… And despite being the king, I wasted a lot of tax money… Your Majesty…. And… this is really difficult for me to ask but… that ill-omened box, “The End of Wind”, I was wondering, what ever happened to it? Regarding that matter, we must have a serious talk. Seisakoku? Yes. Written as the country(koku) of the holy(sei) sand(sa), Seisakoku. It’s the country where the shinzoku, the beings who are our exact opposites, live. In other words, Small Shimaron wants to become closer to that Seisakoku…. older brother? Yes, that’s right. By Small Shimaron you mean that place, right? The place that Flynn-san’s Caloria used to belong to… the place where that cropped ponytail Maxine lives? In connection to this, Big Shimaron is the sponsoring country of “The greatest fighting event on the planet”. And the place where “he” now… I know… And? Why do you guys not want the people from Small Shimaron and Seisakoku to be in good terms? … We, the mazoku and Shimaron are currently in a very tense relationship. Are you aware(formal) of this Your Majesty? Yes, I’m aware(formal), but … whenever you speak formally, I feel really nervous. Do you understand how dangerous it is for a country which is hostile to us to strengthen their power? Do you understand that? Well, that… Your Majesty… For a long time, all the other countries and us have had no information about the type of resources or military force that Seisakoku has. However, considering the vast size of the country, we can figure out the population they have. If Small Shimaron and Seisakoku were to form a alliance and combine their respective armies…. I’m sorry to say, that our country alone would not be able to fight against them. Hmph! That’s what frightened cowards would say! Anissina… Think about it. Seisakoku stopped its relations with other countries two thousand years ago. Back then, Shimaron didn’t even exist. In other words, for Seisakoku, Small Shimaron is a worthless, new power. Do you think since the other party is such a small fish, such a baby chick, they will embrace an equal position as them, and become close friends!? Even if they’d be willing to make an exchange…. do you really think that the country that doesn’t even bother to deal with their neighbors would expressly send troops across the sea for a war with some other country? According to my calculations, the chances of that happening are, at best, as slim as a strand of hair. To jump to conclusion over such a low chance of something happening, and even getting all worked up about a war, it’s something that only fools would do. Good grief! This is why I say that men are useless! Anissina-san is kind of a nice woman, huh? If you don’t want to lose your life, better be quiet. Instead of sitting there without doing anything moping around, we should send an envoy to Small Shimaron to confirm this information. I see… there’s some truth behind Lady von Karbelnikoff’s words… What does your Majesty think? D… do what you see fit. Fine. Then, who will we send there…? Older brother. I’ll do it. No, I’ll go. Lady von Karbelnikoff, you will have to desist, as you will only cause damage and unnecessary chaos to Small Shimaron. What did you say? Uhm.. nothing. And Wolfram, you too can’t go. Why!? Then, if you get the approval to become the representative of his Majesty the Maou and Shin Makoku, and if by any chance you fail… are you prepared to pay with your life ? From the day I swore my oath to the king, I’ve been prepared for that. King? Who is this king? Ah… it’s me. That’s right… I’m the king. All right, all right, all right, all right! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! I’ll go to Small Shimaron mysel…. You can’t. Impossible Of course not! Why!? This is an serious problem that can affect the country, right? Isn’t it the important job of the king to talk to other kingdoms? You just barely escaped from Small Shimaron with your life! I’ll go. Eh? No, that would be a problem. If you leave the Blood Pledge Castle, who will handle the political affairs of this country? Fool! That is originally YOUR job. Ah… sorry. At any rate, His Majesty, Lord von Bielefeld and Lady von Karbelnikoff can’t go. If someone can help me deal with the mountain of different chores I do here, I can go myself… I… will go. If it’s possible, I’m willing to go to said country, under the instructions of His Majesty. —Track 3 – On the Friends of the Sea — This is why I told you that I didn’t want to hide in a fruits crate! Oh shush, Yuuri. If we would have gotten inside the fish crate like you said, by now… the smell would… gnph, gnph! Gmmmph!!! Wolf! Don’t throw up, don’t throw up! Don’t throw up here! Since you get seasick so easily, you shouldn’t have come. Like I would let you go ahead and recklessly leave all by yourself.. gmph! C’mon, stop that… Uwoh… And here I thought it would be a good idea to stow away on board of the food cargo… Oh, crap. Someone’s here. Mmph…I think… it would be best… if they found us. We left the continent… a long time ago…so there’s no way… they’d return… You fool, we’re stowaways. If we’re found they’ll toss us into the sea. The king and his fiancé? Who would dare to do something like that? No, the problem is Günter. You saw how he bid farewell before leaving, right? Even though I might have to say farewell to this life of mine, I will now leave towards that terribly dangerous place. Oh, your Majesty! I think that perhaps I won’t ever be able to see your sagacious, jet black eyes again. He thinks that this is a dangerous mission. And if he, believing that, were to find us here, there’s no way he’d let us tag along. Indeed, I can’t say that Small Shimaron is not dangerous. But Günter is a special envoy of the Maou, and he’s on an official visit. So he shouldn’t be in any danger. Right? I think so, too. But besides that, this box sure is small, huh? Yeah. Being in a small place like this makes me feel like Poison Lady Anissina. Eh? Why? Don’t you know? In the third book, inside a purse-repairment shop, the craftsman opened the lid to find Anissina stuffed inside. It’s a very famous scene. Sorry, no clue. If you want to read it, I have it with me. Here, look. Eh… that’s a really small book, huh? Is it a paperback book? Wasn’t the Poison Lady series supposed to be published as hardcover? It’s a mass-produced version. Mass-produced Anissina… Oh drat, if we’re found…! Uwoh, it’s too bright! AHHHH!!!! Eh? Why are his Majesty and his Excellency in a place like this? Dacascos! Aye! Even so, I was surprised…Who would have thought that Dacascos would be traveling in the same ship as us? Are you an acquaintance of Captain Sizemore, the captain of the “Friends of the Sea”? Ah, no. By chance they were taking applications to work in the kitchen, and since His Excellency Günter told me he would also be coming, I thought it was a good opportunity. Ah, I see. Say, Wolfram… What’s that? Eh? You can see it with the moonlight. That dark silhouette over there is a patrol ship from Small Shimaron. Eh? Ah, you’re right! Eh…? There seems to be one more, a strange, worn-out boat… It’s a fishing boat. And it’s completely falling apart. But this is unusual, the boat is packed… you can see the shadows of many people in it. Could it be a refugee boat? I think I’ve seen this in my history le…. Eh? Ah! Just now the patrol ship attacked the worn-out boat. That’s outrageous! Oh, crap! There are people who fell into the ocean. We have to save them! Wait… it looks like they’re being rescued. Look, the patrol ship is picking up the people who fell into the ocean. Ah, you’re right. But I still have a horrible feeling about this… Dacascos! There’s someone floating our way! They’re children! There are two children there! What!? His Majesty and his Excellency wait on board. I’ll handle this. Dakky-chan, what happened with the kids? The Small Shimaron patrolmen, did they board this ship…? Eh? Ah.. well… Majesty Yuuri. Ah, Günter! We’ve been found. Under the circumstances, I asked his Excellency Günter to help hide the shinzoku children from the Small Shimaron patrolmen. Did you say shinzoku? Those children were shinzoku? Your Majesty! Ahhhaaa…I’m sorry, Günter… Uhm.. well… many things happened and … Now is not the time for excuses. First, I have to give you this. It’s something that those children were guarding diligently, a letter for his Majesty. For me? Why? And this letter is… Do you remember Jason and Freddy? Yes, of course! We met in The Greatest Fighter, they’re the shinzoku twin girls. It’s said that most shinzoku have twins…. Those kids, Zeta and Zuusha, got the letter from Freddy and Jason in Seisakoku. Most of the words are really difficult to read. The only part that can be understood is “Mazoku save” Do they mean they want us to save them? Yes, and it’s addressed to His Majesty Yuuri. If you read over here, next to the word Venera, you can see the character for “save” . Since the Venera word doesn’t have any marks, it’s probably a Seisakoku noun. I do not know if it’s the name of a place, or the name of a person. But why? Jason and Freddy were supposed to have escaped thanks to cropped ponytail Maxine, returned to their home-country of Seisakoku, and be leading a happy life there. Yuuri… Crap. What did they used to write this letter!? It fell into the ocean, and you can’t read the words written with this ink… Yuuri… It’s blood… Eh? They probably didn’t have any writing materials. This has been written with blood. I’ve seen this type of letters many times. The people returning from the battlefields have them in their pockets. But in most cases… they are people who have returned, but can’t talk. That means, in other words, that Jason and Freddy… Don’t jump to conclusions. As for soldiers, they are prepared for the worst. But, those twins are not in the middle of a raging battlefield. In the first place, if they were dead, how could they write a letter? But… but, but!!! Don’t you forget it, Yuuri. You are Shin Makoku’s king. It’s fine if you want to fix all the problems in the world, but you can’t forget your country and people. It’s not like I could ever forget. Your Majesty,the shinzoku are beings who are our exact opposite. I cannot possibly approve of you getting involved with them. There isn’t one good thing that can come out of the violently powerful shinzoku coming into contact with the Maou, who has the strongest maryoku. Mh. Thank you… But… but, you know? Ah, that’s enough. Even if you don’t tell me, I already know. You are going to say that you want to go to Seisakoku and save the twins, right? Good grief! You always do the same, you offer your hand to anyone, no matter what. That’s one of the good things about his Majesty, your Excellency. Even without being told, I know that better than anyone else. Ah, all right then…. Due to these unforeseeable circumstances, we cannot let Small Shimaron find out about the Maou and his company joining in this visit. That’s why… In other words, you’re saying that we can sneak around as usual and it would be best to wear a disguise? Yes. And once the meeting between Small Shimaron and me, who has been granted full authority to represent Shin Makoku ends, we will have an opportunity to contact Seisakoku. And taking advantage of that, we’ll ask about the twin sisters’ whereabouts, and find out more information about Venera. Yes, I’ll leave it in your hands, Günter. Everyone! We’ll soon be arriving to Saralegui Memorial War Port. Uh? Saralegui ? —Track 4 – Sheep Bath Night — After we, the Mazoku, arrived to Small Shimaron, we took the road that headed from the Saralegui Memorial War Port towards the Saralegui capital. You see, “Saralegui” seems to be the name of the king of this country. To change the name of things like that… To put one’s name on facilities while one’s still alive…. I don’t think I could do that. And as I thought of these things, we stopped to stay the night at an excellent hotel by the road. And during that night… Your Majesty… don’t get lost… while walking around alone, gmmph! It’s okay. I’m only going to the bathing area. Mghm… Mmmhp… Bleargh! Wah! Wolfram! Please bring your face closer to the wash bowl! Oh, my… Günter and Wolf sure have it rough. Sadly, since their maryoku is so strong, just being in human territories, where there’s so much houryoku, makes them throw up. And now… the bath is…. Ah! Found it ! found it! Uhm… let’s see “Male and Female Mixed Bath” Eh?! No way! A mixed bathing area?! There’s a lot of steam coming out of the bathtub. It’s as white as cotton… What’s this? It stinks!!! It smells of sheep! “I can’t see”. “Are they hot-springs mineral deposits?” No, they’re “balls of hair”!!! You got it right! Welcome to the Social Night of Adult Sheep! Josak! Why are you here? That’s because I’m an excellent spy. Ah! Could it be that you’re spying on the activities of Small Shimaron and Seisakoku? Yes, as Gurie-chan! And I have more information about that but, it seems that the government official, his Excellency GünGün, has hit rock bottom. Ah, I’ll listen to the information in his place. What’s up? It’s regarding the king trying to restore diplomacy with Seisakoku, you know? Two years ago, at the tender age of 15, he captured the heart of his retainers, and became a very important man… Ah, Saralegui is the king, right? Now he’s 17… like a second year high school student? But anyways… lately influence of the opposition has been increasing and they might act on it .. Act on it? In what way? Well, probably something fast, like a king’s assassina… Oh, yay! A beauty! It’s a girl! Awesome! Mixed baths, hurrah! Shhh.. Young master. Eeew… Don’t do that Gurie-chan! Don’t put the towel that was covering your groin area on my head! Uwegh! Ah…! The hot spring sure is nice, right…? Huh? Ohhhhh… it ・is ・a ・guy….. Hot springs can moisturize a person’s skin and soul. This is the best of Shimaron’s culture. Especially the sheep bath….it’s irresistible, don’t you think? ….Yeah…. What is it? Why the long face? These glasses? It’s because my (boku) eyes are sensitive to heat and light… Aha… I said “my” (boku), that’s weird huh? Even though I’m a grown up already, I still went ahead and said my (boku) like a child. No, well, I know an eighty-two year old guy who says I (boku) too. Right, Gurie-chan? Is that person over there called, Gurrier? Yes, that’s right. Because a relative on my mother’s side is a chef. It’s a name from the Eastern part of the continent, right? My grandfather was also born in Big Shimaron. Eh? Uhm… ah… Ah! You can call me Sara, it sounds friendlier that way. Sara? Uhm… I am… Your Majesty, Yuuri. Eh? I’m right, aren’t I? You don’t need to introduce yourself to me. To me you’re a precious guest. I would have never guessed that you would honor Small Shimaron with your visit, and even come to the wash room. Sara….. Saralegui!? That’s right. (You know… )my name …. There’s no way I wouldn’t know it. Soukoku Maou Heika — Track 5 – Muraken – restless — Good afternoon… Please excuse me for intruding… Wait there. Eh? Ah, oniisan. Good afternoon. We’re not close enough for you to call me oniisan, friend of my younger brother. Ahaha…. That’s kind of childish… big brother of my friend. I mean, you’re already a full-grown university student, right? So since high-school students are still kids, are you saying they can enter other people’s room without their permission? Like thieves? A thief! It wouldn’t be good if someone heard you say that. Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone. If you’re going to come and search the house, you should do it when my younger brother is around. So he hasn’t returned, huh? Who hasn’t? Shibuya. I waited five, ten minutes even, but there was no sign of him returning. Huh!? Your father is certainly … then he’s a member of … What are you talking about? There’s no way he’d do it. He wouldn’t tell him he’s the Maou… Maou!? Hah… I’m surprised that someone besides Bob believes in such a … WHAT!? What did you just say!? Do you know Bob!? Hey! Call him! It’s an emergency! I need his help! Wait, wait, WAIT! What’s with you all of a sudden?! In any case, what happened to Yuu-chan?! Until you tell me clearly, I’m not going to give you a hand… You really want to know? It might be better if you don’t … Is there anyone in the world who wouldn’t want to know about their brother? A brother-complex… If I tell you, you’ll contact Bob, right? I’ll think about it… —Track 6 – The Two Kings — W-h-y… have we been found out already!? I’m sorry, Günter. He saw right through me over there. This henachoko, I swear… Majesty Yuuri! Good morning… Ah, good morning, Majesty Saralegui. I’m very happy that we can have breakfast together. Please, come in. Let’s talk inside. Yeah… Hm? AH! You (rude)! Why are you here, you cropped pony!? …Hhgh… You bastard….. the mazoku’s…. Do not speak in such a rude manner to my guest. …Your Majesty…Saralegui…. Yuuri, have you met Maxine? I have. This man… turned Caloria into hell. Ohh! By the way, when Caloria was at its worst, it received relief from Shin Makoku, ne? I want to express my gratitude on behalf of the appointed ruler of Caloria, Flynn Gilbit. After all, back then, that was still my territory. Saralegui, what do you think the reason behind the tragedy in Caloria was? As the king of this country, you ordered your retainer Maxine, to open that box, “The End of the Land” , didn’t you? Of course, I know what happened. If you know, then how could you…! I’m sorry. Even if everyone knows that if you open the box a terrible tragedy will occur, a few of the more superstitious soldiers, could not fight the temptation of that power. And so, they behaved in such a foolish way, without thinking about the tragedy it would bring. A reckless action of the soldiers….? It’s difficult to believe that, right? But, it is the weight of the crime that the king must carry, for sensing that something like that could happen and not stopping it. While supervising the entire country, I failed to grasp my people’s hearts. This happened because I(boku)… I (watashi) could not reach them. As a result, the violent soldiers ended up doing such a dreadful thing…. That’s what happened, right Maxine? Answer me. It’s just as your Majesty has said. Seriously? Yuuri, he will also regret his terrible crime now. I will severely punish him accordingly to the tragedy he caused to the Calorian citizens. But it will be best if I make him apologize to you mazoku right here, for all the trouble he has caused you, ne? … Your Majesty? Apologize to Yuuri, Maxine… Kneel, reach out for his shoe…. Eh?! And lick it?! … and put it on your head. … What….? Ah, I was scared. It was only to put it on his head… Eh!!! Hey, let go cropped pony. Your shoe …. You’ve got the wrong person. The person you should be apologizing is not me. Don’t you think? Ah, Yuuri! What a fine individual you are! Huh? I’m jealous, that the citizens of Shin Makoku have a wonderful king like you! If you compare me to you…. why can’t I be like that? I somehow can’t agree… According to Josak, you are famous for being a charisma-boy, right? Chari-….? Don’t think like that, Saralegui. I mean, c’mon! There’s not such a thing as a perfect leader in this world. You shouldn’t blame everything on yourself. Thank you. You really are a nice guy, Yuuri. Ah… it’s , it’s not like that… I feel like I can speak frankly with you. Someone! Come and take Maxine away. Come here! …Sara… legui…. Yuuri, since we don’t have much time, I’ll make this short. In two days, I will be leaving this country from Saralegui War Memorial Port. Eh? And where are you going? To Seisakoku. Mh… you’ve made all the arrangements already, haven’t you? This is what you wanted to know, right? We wish to establish a diplomatic relationship with Seisakoku, that’s why I’m going. If you are so inclined, do you want to come with me? Gunter (formal) We do!
Wolfram (informal) We do! Wait, that’s…! It’s rude for you to say something like that… I don’t mind if you come. Right, of course he … Saralegui! You mean it!? In all honesty, I just wanted Yuuri to come, but if you were to say they absolutely have to, then I’ll allow those two to come too. Sara…! You really are a nice guy. Ahaha… not as much as you are, Yuuri. No, please… Uh? It’s kind of noisy outside…. What’s the meaning of this!? What are these guards doing here?! Eh? Conrad… Oh my. I was wondering who it could be, and it turns out it’s His Majesty Berard’s new favorite. Bastard, who are you?! It’s okay. He’s Big Shimaron’s envoy. People are fighting at the main gate of the inn. What’s going on, King of Small Shimaron!? Why are they there? Who are those people? It’s just as you can see Lord Weller, civil war. A very small one. They oppose my foreign policy with Seisakoku, and they’re using extreme means to interfere with my departure. Sara… you knew…. Then, Majesty Saralegui, will you just disregard the civil war and abandon the country? As an envoy, please do not worry. We’ve long ago anticipated today’s insurrection. In fact, we think it’s a good opportunity to get rid of the rebels. We have been dragged into this, huh? King of Small Shimaron… When the conflict subsides, we will leave. There’s a secret tunnel. I will go with you. Is that an order from His Royal Highness Berard the Second, too? If there is a great disturbance in the area, Big Shimaron has the duty to investigate Small Shimaron. Oh, my, my… Uh… Yuuri, get a hold of yourself. You look pale. Uhn… I’m sorry. I’m fine. I just feel a little dizzy… Yuuri. If you take one step closer to his Majesty, I will use my sword on you. Are you serious, Günter? Do you dare to state that you’re not a lackey of the enemy? Or is it perhaps that you’re Big Shimaron’s assassin and are here to target the Maou’s life? I had no idea Shin Makoku’s delegation would be here. And am I supposed to believe…. the words of a traitor like you?! Stop…. Make them stop, Wolfram. They’ll get hurt. Who will get hurt? Both of them! But Günter rarely uses a sword… If they’re serious about this… then they’re evenly matched. Though Conrad might be the one in danger… Eh? I didn’t teach you everything I know …. just so you can wear that uniform, the uniform of Big Shimaron! Then why did you train soldiers? So that they can die a magnificent death on the battlefield? I trained them so that they can live in their country, serving the Shinou and his appointed Majesty the Maou faithfully until their very last moment… And many have done exactly as you wished, right? Hah… Don’t be so greedy. Why?… Even though I showed you how to be His Majesty’s sword and shield… Conrad… you should be by the Maou’s side. Those words, my lord teacher, I give them right back to you. That’s a suitable job for the most faithful men. That’s enough! Yuuri… Are you satisfied now? That’s enough, Con… Lord Weller. Your Majesty! You do not need to protect me. Don’t speak when are not asked to. But… do you have any idea how dangerous it was to jump in the middle of a battle like that? You who started this, do not lecture me with such an arrogant tone, Günter! Even though you’re over 100 years old, you are acting like a child! And where do you think this is? This is where two countries are having a summit! Yes…. I’m very sorry… your Majesty. For my subordinate’s irreverent offense towards Big Shimaron’s envoy, I am painfully sorry. No, we were really just playing around. Please don’t worry about it. That was terribly interesting, ne? Even though I have no idea what happened between the teacher and student, I just really don’t want my hard-earned friend to get involved in this. Well now, Yuuri, let’s go. And like that, while I was still confused about my feelings, we left the inn through a tunnel, and headed towards the Saralegui War Memorial Port, where a ship to Seisakoku was waiting for us. At that time we still didn’t know that something like that would happen. —Track 7 – Phone call — Listen Muraken. If the call doesn’t get through then you have to give up. If he’s not in Japan, then I won’t be able to reach his cellphone. I know. What’s up Shouri? Why are you calling at this time? Bob! Where the heck are you!? In a shopping street. Right now there’s a samba carnival here. Kan-kan-kun, kan-kan-kan-kun, Kan-kan-kun, Kan-kan-kan-kun. Hahaha. What are you doing!? Or rather, what type of activities are you handling now? Hey, now, did Bob take the call? ……….. Uhm, you know. Actually, I have a brat called Murata here with me… Murata? Who’s that? Hh! Give me the phone. Bob… it’s Henri …. Henri Régent. But now I’m called Murata Ken… Nice to meet you with this new body. Ah…. I see. Henri ? …. I know this is sudden but I want to go “there”. Could you please lend me your power? What happened? Yuuri didn’t come back. If you wait, he’ll show up. I’m telling you it usually takes two or three minutes. But this time, I can’t get a hold of him. Please understand this is a serious situation. Hey, serious you say….? Then, let’s call Rodriguez. He’ll give us a hand… Dr. Jose Rodriguez? Yes… You know him, right? The one who was in charge of receiving Lord Weller. In that place where……. would probably be suitable for it. Ah, crap, give me the cell phone. Bob!!! Tell me where to go, too. PLEASE! HE IS my BROTHER, you know? No matter how you look at it, it would be weird if I, his brother, don’t go along. It’s a shame but Shouri, you can’t go. Why? You are a living being who is completely from “here”. Those who have no elements from “over there”, can’t get across with a medium-type of power. You need a lot of power. When you say a lot, how much would that be? What type of blast would it take? Is it fine if I drop from a really tall building? Like the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building? Or do you need a bomb? If I use the force of an ultimate weapon, can I go to the world where Yuuri is? Junior… I’m sorry… …. CRAP! —Track 8 – Insurrection — We’re about to leave, Yuuri. Look, I got you a coat. No, I don’t need it. Just a moment ago, Sara lend me this, look. A blue cloak. Did you ask for it? No, Sara forced it on me, saying’ If you cover your head with this, it will shield you from the wind and the sunlight.’ Mh…. *sniffs the cloak* What are you doing sniffing it like that? I’ll wear this one. Eh? Why? Ah… well, I guess it’s okay… After all you look weaker against sunlight than I. All right, since your skin is so fair, let’s cover your head. Mm. Awesome. You look like a blue weather doll. What are you laughing about? It’s just that you effortlessly look so cute… hah…no, I mean… it feels like the weather will get better. Even so, this Golden Salmon sure is tacky, huh? And they filled up that cargo ship going to Seisakoku, the one next to us, that wooden ‘Bear and Salmon’ all the way to the top. Don’t speak badly of the ships that Sara is so proud of. Uhm… that ship over there carrying gifts is the one Con… no, Lord Weller is in. This is bad…. Eh? What’s that strange ship…? Is it coming to attack us? It came straight at us! What is this an accident!? Was it a crashing accident in the ocean!? It’s oil. There’s fire coming this way! Your Majesty, are you here? Your Majesty!!! Günter! Oh, Wolfram, look Günter is over …. Wolfram!….. In your chest… what happened? What do I do? …..Hh… Yuuri….you’re… safe…. I’m.. happy… No, wait… this is a joke, right? Stop this joke already … Someone! Anyone! Call a doctor!!!! … Ghnh……. Maxine!? Why is someone other than the king wearing that? So you were…. you were the one who did this to Wolfram… How dare you! I will never forgive you! (Ue-sama BGM) Nigel Weiss Maxine! Out of spite for the poor treatment received from the king of Small Shimaron, you led your men into an insurrection, what an inexcusable behavior! What are you? And today, my anger has reached it’s MAXIMUM! Experience with your body, my ultimate technique released with my energy charged at 120%…. Gah~! What tha… ? Cut it out! Don’t just simply use majutsu in human territory! How is this possible! Puu, you… weren’t you dead? Like I can afford to die before getting married! I was just stunned by the impact. But there’s a arrow sticking out of your chest. No, there isn’t! Look, it’s this book. It buried deep into this Poison Lady book which saved my life. I see… What a praiseworthy mass-produced version! How lucky can you…. Uwoooooooooo! Are you all right, your Majesty!? Wet- Günter has just put out the fire! He’s not safe, only one man has dropped into the ocean with that attack of yours. Wolfram! This ship is going to sink. Take his Majesty to a safe place! I know… Hey Yuuri! Hurry up and go back to your normal self! What did you say? Having the social standing of a Puu, you dare to speak to me in such a fashion! If you don’t hurry up and go back to your normal self, I’ll use the Prince Charming Kiss to wake you up! Ugh… kiss…. Ah? What happened? Wolf? Why are you all right all of a sudden? Eh… Günter, you’re here too? You really disliked kissing me so much? … I’m a little hurt about that… You people are still here? Hurry up and leave this place! Gurrier! Just in the nick of time. Are you going to jump to that cargo ship right next to us? In a moment, but that ship will soon leave our side. Please go to the other boat, your Majesty! Huh!? Look, Yuuri. In that cargo ship, you can see Saralegui…. and also, him. If you miss this opportunity, you won’t get another one to reach Seisakoku. But I can’t do something like….. We’ll be fine. It’s okay, just go! And also… make sure that you come back in one piece! Gurrier! Yes! Take Yuuri! Yessir. Now, your Majesty, please excuse my rudeness… Eh? A rope? What are you…. AHHHHHHHHHH! Josak! Over here! Young Master, please excuse me! I’m falling, I’m falling! AHHHHHHH! I’m fall… eh? Con… Ow, ow, ow…!!! Did you get hurt? No, I didn’t. That’s good. In the end, Sara’s Golden Salmon was sunk by the surprise attack of the insurrection. And so, we headed to Seisakoku on the cargo ship carrying presents. Ah… Yuuri… What should I do now? Ahaha… A lot of things happened, but I’m sure we’ll figure something out. Ah… and besides… there’s one more scary thing… What is it this time? I’m sorry, I nearly had you killed. Eh? The reason why you… no, I mean your friend was shot, was because of the cloak I lent you. They mistook him for me, that’s surely why… Ah, I see. It must have been that plan to assassinate the king, right? But, you know? I’m glad, that you’re safe. I mean, in the end, Wolfram was not injured thanks to that Poison Lady book. You really are a kind-hearted person. Yuuri, thank you. Ne, if you want something … something I can give you to compensate you for this… Ah! I know… that would be good. Look ! A ring? This is something that my mother gave me as a child when we parted ways, a bond that would forever bring us together. Please, take it. I can’t possibly take such an important thing. It’s fine. I want you to have it. But… Majesty Saralegui. It will be best if you don’t give that up. Why? It’s a proof of friendship. Now Yuuri, give me your hand. Eh? Okay… Ouch. Heh. It looks like it will have to be on the little finger. After all, unlike me, your hands look a lot stronger and braver. Please, of course not… This ring is kind of… Yuuri, to make it up for the rebellion, I promise to get you to Seisakoku safe and sound. Say, Lord Weller? Yes. For Small Shimaron, Big Shimaron is like a parent. As an emissary from them, you have the duty to oversee our activities…. and at the same time, you must also protect Small Shimaron, am I right? Yes. And, if by any chance something that would put me in danger were to happen… will you protect me? Sara… I will protect you…. to the extend that my strength will allow it. —Track 9 – In the Friends of the Sea — Hey! Sorry to keep you waiting! Here it is… …what you wanted, Lady von Christ Gisela. Thank you. Allow me to extend my gratitude on behalf of my father. Gisela! Why is Adalbert here? Oh! Despite of the terrible amount of houryoku, can you walk around already? Of course! Don’t compare me with Günter, who’s still passed out on the floor of this ship. On top of that… what’s this? This thing rolled up on the floor that looks like a lump.. Eeek ~! It moved… AH! This man! This is the guy who attacked Yuuri and I, jari! Uogh… you bastard… you’re the mazoku from back then… Since you were the leader of this insurrection. The sergeant over there asked for you, so I borrowed you from the Small Shimaron prison for a little bit, you know? We know about that arrow that his Excellency Wolfram brought with him. The one who shot that arrow was Kinan, Shin Makoku’s best archer. Hmh… But, since Kinan got away, I don’t have any other choice but to believe that you’ll be honest and hear what you have to say. So, Maxine-san… why did you, as a member of the opposition force within Small Shimaron’s army, shoot at our king? How stupid, like I would say something! Did you call me….. stupid? Uwoh… Hey, Maxine. You’re in danger… You listen closely, human! We, the mazoku’s medical team, will never accept an interrogation method as old and barbaric as torture! But, there’s no reason why I should have any mercy on you, you horse-tail head! I could pluck your nails, dig out your eyes, or cut off that mushroom dangling between your legs! What’s with you people!? Why are you crossing your legs!? Uhm.. no.. it’s just… You’re the same as always, Ms. Sergeant. If you’re not going to spit it out, I will make you spit it out by force. All right, over there, there’s a brown little jug. What’s that? It’s a new drug by Poison Lady Anissina “MAjor Danger Potion I and II”. All right… you’ll drink the first one…. Gross… and there’s one more Hey, Maxine… The next one! Now we’ll mix that up with Potion number II ! Wait a moment, Gisela! It’s dangerous if you mix those two! What did you say? Right here, I have Anissina’s users’ manual. This ground-breaking new Potion, will open a brand new world for all the fowl-haters. This is when you can see the kind side of Anissina… Well, no one really cares about that… Wait, there’s more. After drinking Potion I, the person will be like a newborn chick, and will believe that the first person they see is their father. If you give them Potion II , they will believe that the first person they see, is their mother. Furthermore, if you mix both drugs, it will create a feeling that surpasses those of chickens and humans, so it is quite dangerous. Indeed that would be very dangerous. Uhm… about that… It seems like for a while now, he has been staring at you… Eh? His head is slightly tilted to one side, and he looks confused… He took Potion I …. and the first person he looked at was …. Father? WAH! I’M NOT YOUR FATHER! —Track 10 – Escape — A little bit before something terrible happened to cropped pony Maxine in Shin Makoku’s ship, we, who left Small Shimaron, were still sailing, approaching Seisakoku. Even though the weather is fine, the sea seems rough. Could it be that some large seaweed or a gigantic octopus is clinging onto the ship attacking us? No, you’re wrong, young master. I mean, Majesty Saralegui said this, right? There’s a special current here working as a natural defense. Say, Josak. I’m thinking about telling a lie… Eh, why are you saying that all of a sudden? It’s not sudden. I’ve been thinking about this for some time. You too saw what happened, right? In this ship, they’re squeezing in the Shinzoku refugees that were trying to escape from Seisakoku. Yes… Since they can’t be sold as goods, or special commodities, they’re being returned to Seisakoku. Please stop talking like that. What Small Shimaron does is human trafficking. If you think about it, it’s really, really weird, right? Well… I think the same as you. They must have gone through a lot to escape their home town. And if now they are returned like this, who knows how much they’ll have to suffer. Suffer? To make an example out of them, they’ll probably receive a severe punishment. For example, their status may be lowered even more, to that of a fugitive, and their lives will become even harder. But then … ! I too was a refugee, you know? I left Shimaron and ended up drifting into Shin Makoku. That’s why I want to help! So, what kind of lie do you want to tell? I don’t want to allow this ship to reach Seisakoku. I want to give all the Shinzoku refugees here, a chance to escape to a safe place. And in order to make Saralegui accept that, I’ll have to put on a little show. I see… what’s the plan? Well, you see … It’s urgent, Sara! What’s going on Yuuri? For you to show up like that… It’s just that something terrible has happened! He have to escape from this place right away! Yuuri… What do you mean? Did someone do something? No, not at all. The problem is this ship! That’s right! The ship is in danger! Listen! Can you hear that? Water is coming in, the ship is going to flood and soon it will sink! I really don’t think that’s going to happen… NO! We have to get out of here right away! We can’t stay in this ship that’s about to sink. We’re going to Seisakoku, right? But how can we escape? There are emergency boats, right? I’m not going to get in those small boats. It’s safer than staying in a sinking ship, king. For a while now water has been bam! coming in. Right, Big Shimaron’s emissary….? Yes. But Yuuri, what are we supposed to do with the presents and the slaves? They will stay. Heh… Eh? It’s a shame, but there’s nothing we can do. The lives of the people in here are a priority, right? That’s right, ne? That’s exactly right… Well, king, we need to get going. Please come this way. I understand… You did well… You too seem to be a pretty good actor, huh? He noticed that we were putting on a show. I don’t know when he will be warning Saralegui about this. I have to be careful. That’s right. Lord Weller Conrad is the enemy.

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