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Carson County now along with that just the emergency 385 Halifax Road tell me exactly what happened I heard a big bang outside looks like a god crash dirt bike and if you can just tell him to help us on the way sauce first a 230 medic three human ten let everyone in with injuries 385 passengers like three any of us center out and for Medicare you must and in round 807 very special medic three glass make three lifelines in round 88 15 minutes medic recopy if someone has an accident whether it's a industrial accident farming accident car accident motorcycle something like that we can respond to the scene and pick them up we usually get notified by whatever communities 911 or a first responder is usually the person who decides that that needs to happen and they notify 911 calls our dispatch center and ask if we have an aircraft available so there's a few things that have to happen in order for us to actually accept the call and leave the most immediate consideration is whether whether or not we can fly and whether the cloud is going to allow us to fly whether those types of thunderstorms is all icing all that kind of thing is the major consideration we've already prepared the aircraft and brief decree before we go flying so we have all those known parameters done and worked out of the way and we've worked out our fuel and we also worked out the weights that we can carry at certain times and whether we need to take extra fuel considering the distances involved part of what life light does is allows people to stay in the hospitals locally or go to their local hospital because if they do eventually need to be transported if they do eventually need ed mode lights light can provide that transportation that allows the doctors and the nurses at the topside hospitals to do everything they can knowing that they can always call do and do life life to help them out get them from an accident scene once we take the patient up when we're about 10 minutes out from the hospital the flight crew radios into the communication center with a report that either patched them in to the ER if they need to or they can give the report directly to the communication specialists they tell them what's going on with the patient so that they can relay that and make sure that all the physicians have the information before the patient gets there they land on the rooftops here at Duke the patient gets offloaded from the helicopter goes down elevators to the emergency department and then that's when all of the trauma care begin almost a year ago we added critical care paramedics to our team and it's been a huge asset to have the pre-hospital experience that we didn't have before as a compliment and so we've made a lot of changes over the last year the neonatal pediatric team was something new and the addition of critical care paramedics with something new for us after 30 years of having it one way so it's kind of exciting to have these changes my partner and I flew to a hospital about an hour away for a newborn three things have to happen for the baby to transition properly if the baby gets cold gets infected as bad blood sugar or decompensates in any way those three things reverse themselves and the babies don't do well we went for such a baby 16 years ago we tried everything we could to help this baby survive and they came down to the doctor at the outside Hospital pulling the parents in the room and said your baby's going to die the question is whether it stays here or we try to send it to Duke where they have a therapy call nitrous oxide and he had a very rough go of it he had some developmental issues and fast forward 16 years there's a group of people here called the Children's Miracle Network telethon I called the moment and I said I always see you in the ICU she's a nurse and she always asked for me she always thanks me for taking care of her baby she brought her 16 year old son to the telethon and that was one of those situations that thought would would never work out but we don't make all the decisions somebody else does we just do the best we can one of the best things about working for Duke life-flighted to camaraderie and team works that we have we have some amazing clinicians and everyone is very dedicated to what they do and it's it's really great to be a part of the team more responsive erica is to kind of come from a place of yes I talk about that a lot of adopters that had trained but we recognize that sometimes people are in need of help will collaborate with the doctors and it is never a hierarchy of doctor nurse to setting the other who talked about responsibility being the flat playing field so I have as much responsibility as the outcome of this patient as the physician as the respiratory therapist as the EMT but it's all built on collaborative care and respect for each other and continually learning we get this question often it dude would I have a family member come here or would I come here and my answer is always yes and I've been here 35 years you

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  1. At the twenty eight year mark I've seen Duke and Carolina land a few hundred times at least. We set up the lz and mark it for them, help load the patient and provide fire support while they're on the ground and for takeoffs and landings. We see them all sooner or later and have the utmost admiration for them. Cypress Pointe Fire and Rescue out of Vass, N.C.

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