E3 2019 My Reaction To Flight Simulator

do you wanna play same pricing good I was hoping it wouldn't be more expensive at least the same if not cheaper but is here now what are you downloading the all new Xbox app on Windows and if you want it all yeah we have created a membership just for you okay yeah that's what I was just saying ultimate for both ISA $14.99 $12.99 come on don't be sticklers give us the deal and you'll get gold in Italy for both gold 15 whoa [Applause] that's like a $30 value for 1499 no shit I can jump in and play today for $1 now go discover your next favorite game okay from here okay Xbox bringing a heat got the backwards-compatibility they got fuckin 100 games for free on PC and Xbox with the fucking Xbox Live Gold standard service for $14.99 a month fuck PlayStation fuck what is this what hallo No plans dusty crophopper flight simulator it's literally gonna be a flight suit yeah it's white Oh this would be a fun stream game drunk hahaha it's definitely quite soon it's my crew that's a Microsoft IP I bet they just brought it back it's a Microsoft Studios title wasn't it believe to can you imagine you like 13 our streams just to fly from New York to Dubai or some shit yeah they did they brought it back holy shit that's actually pretty cool world premiere nope not this one do you remember a time with armies with buildings and powerful cities collapsed brah Age of Empires most of choices occurred through the pages of history Age of Empires empires definitive edition what's that mean it's gonna be all of them on Xbox and PC you okay oh my god honey oh god yeah remastered audio all new campaign oh my God all the expansions this fall oh my God look at that elephants yeah and it's on game paths I don't even have to buy it oh my god let's go I need another beer

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