Elite Ravenfield Helicopter Pilot Captured 10 Hours of Tactical Flight Maneuvers

Baron is not great at flying helicopters
– Kibitz is not great at flying helicopters – The Hard Croc
doesn’t even have any recent videos of helicopters – I would call myself okay
with helicopters but there’s one guy: Hijong Park who is absolutely mad with
helicopters – not only has he hours, nearly 10 hours of Ravenfield helicopter flight
videos he has 48 mods most of which are
helicopters for Ravenfield – it’s crazy so many mods – so many mods – and she makes
them excellently and he flies them perfectly – by now he’s making his own
video games – they are very retro, not very Ravenfield-y but very helicopter focused –
you might know that I’m not very emotional but when I watch him flying
helicopters it’s crazy – how good can you even be with these? Alright let’s watch
one of his videos it’s the project Vietnam OH-6 preview – so he hops in his
helicopter right he has his teammates and he – look at this – he just goes to the
side no worries about what is that he also has some teammates commandeer ship
he’s not only flying a helicopter he is at the same time telling guys on a on a
boat to do their job and look at that he so elegantly didn’t crash he’s staying
solo taking out this Jeep with one freaking one rocket only one rocket what
there how freakin calculated can you be he lands perfectly drops his teammates
they are taking the base he’s just hanging around just in case somebody
needs assistance his teammates I think are gonna board yeah reach for beach
actually no they’re heading north check us out
this boat the boat he’s controlling it’s heading north now he’s gonna take this
base like how many seconds have passed this crazy he’s hanging back here behind
this mountain and then he just pops out and takes just some rockets pops on in
their heads back behind the mountain it’s frickin so freakin tactical so
freakin efficient he’s not giving the enemy any chance to take him out
shooting them with his mini gas of all decisions doesn’t even use his
rockets and just hanging back while his teammates are doing the dirty job and
okay once they type how did he know that they took out the frickin anti-air of
hits crazy he’s just hanging back Wow so frickin intelligent he knows exactly how
to handle this read and feel they I that is kind of Opie when it comes to
shooting down air vehicles or at least helicopters that are nearby he’s popping
out again to assist his teammates to take care of his base cuz yeah one of
them got shut down but now I think the base is just being taken
apparently he knows exactly where the enemy is spawning so he’s just pops in
there and takes him out fricking efficiency to the max meanwhile the base
has been taken over and she just keeps head picking those enemy soldiers one by
one from the map it’s amazing I noticed that his recording quality is kind of
low so I guess maybe his computers kind of retro let’s say check it out one
soldier remained and yet he took this base and kept it and now he’s just gonna
keep going staying ultra low staying so close to the ground avoiding to give
enemy any chance to take his helicopter down he’s falling back to defend again
that tank has no chance met these these rockets I mean these missiles they were
all direct hits it’s so freakin impressive so freakin efficient hey jump
party up you’re crazy you’re mad man and now oh man he just assigned these guys
to his team and told him to hop on that Jeep he’s gonna again commandeer another
land vehicle and this time while flying around it’s hard to believe he’s
actually gonna take two jeeps wow wow okay he’s getting a bit pissed at VA I
think because they kind of didn’t figure out taking that Jeep just there but he’s
just patient he’s waiting for a vehicle to spawn he’s sending them on their task
and never enemy that really did he just get these free guys to jump out of the
boat using his machine gun what all right so this jeeps are going to very
base he’s just flying around okay so when he sees that he is actually needed
he does his job and takes down the tank not sure that all of his teammates
survived there actually no they all died okay so he’s no magician but he surely
doesn’t take no for an answer he’s just gonna fall back and get his team on
track back again so apparently is gonna go directly to the enemy base with two
helicopters instead of two jeeps and one helicopter it’s just amazing how he can
stay low not hitting those trees he actually just advanced only to take out
these jeeps because they don’t respond this level of technical play is crazy I
have never seen any youtuber play this deep in Raven field and he just keeps
defending against his tanks so successfully so yeah check out his
flight skills his helicopter skills are amazing he doesn’t care about vertical
or upside down even he doesn’t care about how vertical he gets he is in full
control of these things again I think I’m okay with helicopters but this is
serious skill right here check it out he actually uses slow-mo to assign map wide
commands to his team who even uses these things
the most amazing thing right now is he doesn’t even assist taking the military
base pretty much he’s dropping in to take out this one guy with one rocket
one exactly calculated rocket again but apart from him just overseeing this okay
and taking our tanks fair enough apart from that it’s just his teammates doing
the job he’s just sending them and they’re doing their thing alright so
here’s a number of his videos oh h58 d Kiowa Warrior Showcase this is a cool
looking helicopter so he’s just waiting for his teammates once again I noticed
he’s using mostly the Box man model probably to save resources while
recording and this thing has an ammo crate inside that’s kind of weird and
cool he’s again telling his teams to do stuff I don’t even think about check it
out two tanks just lost to his command and his his flight skills
are again so amazing he’s diving so low not crashing and totally staying out of
the enemy’s line of sight genius and amazing
he’s just popping in from time to time when his help is actually needed so he’s
gonna take out this tank apparently which was distracted by the squad right
there and yeah he’s off to the next spots to hide behind some hill so oh
yeah and he’s just I mean somebody is targeting him but he’s just hiding
behind a hill and target lost he doesn’t even need shafts
that’s how freakin efficient he is these helicopters that have people on their
sides sitting on their sides they are so impressive
he’s just landing behind this wall and tell them to take the base I don’t not
sure they’re gonna be able to do that actually but the enemy arrangement is
kind of kind of helpful currently they are far away from the base they’re
moving away he’s taking out some of them and when he’s actually getting a lock
warning he’s diving again behind the wall such
efficient use of the terrain or rather very architecture and the tanks just
arrived in time and they just took the freakin flag like it was like it was
nothing the ah-64d Apache Longbow showcase again by hee-jung Park here’s
his beautiful model he’s just hopping in waiting for his
teammate this time he only has one squad member so he’s not doing any crazy
command stuff right now actually no he just took over that boat
never mind I actually didn’t know you can do that huh he just took five guys
with one come on that’s crazy so he’s taking out the Jeep apparently he really
has this one moving in his blood it’s like a chess move by now beautiful dive
under the bridge man bridge diving is one of the most impressive moves you can
bring an Raven field yeah he’s just luring his teammate back to the north
landing site – then enemy starting base and I think
it’s time yeah it’s time for helicopter versus helicopter battle check this out
Apache versus Apache and off he goes oh but some teammate of his did the job
for him and check it out this base was just taken over in the meantime all he
got to do is defend against the tank by check this move out I don’t even know
how these Reds got in here but he is clearing out nicely as I watch his
videos I understand that it’s not only about his helicopter skills it’s just
about his control of a situation his constant checking of a map his fast
movement from place to place to destroy enemies that are about to take a flag he
totally saved the aircraft carrier just there but his skills at flying
helicopters are amazing as well check it out he’s just parking his helicopter
right in here how beautiful is that he’s just part here to repair his helicopter
it’s I’ve never seen this big done before no seriously I’ve never ever ever
seen any youtuber repair his helicopter I don’t think I ever did that and the
mi-28 have a gameplay video shows off another of his l a– copters this one
has some nice sounds yeah just sights strafing they’re taking out some boats
sure why not and just launching these rockets it’s all fine it’s all in a
day’s work for a he Joan Park now this one has some amazing secondary view
screen check this out here Bart leave it pilot can also control the machine gun
if I understand correctly I haven’t tried this one out yet yeah I think it’s
a one-person helicopter wait check this out machine gun that is epic that is the
best use of a voice line and Raven field in modding so far they don’t quite get
it I think it’s a teammate shooting through the machine gun but what is that
view screen I really got to check that I got to check that mod out but this video
is not about me playing this is about me just being astonished at he jump arcs
flying skills okay so here he is again taking out some guys right in the boat
in the aircraft carrier but check this this out he’s just being amazing again
hey what’s up I’m just flying inside the aircraft carrier cuz there’s a target so
I need to get in there so I’m just flying in there normal it’s a it’s all
in today’s work I’m just gonna over here to the staircase cuz why the heck not I
got my skills man what crazy man how do you even get that good it’s definite
it’s clear to me Bell why I need to make a video explaining how to use the
helicopter because it’s really easy you just need to make two changes in the
settings and then it’s a thousand times better because where the full settings
for rain-filled our brain wrecking insane
you just got to change two things and then you can use the helicopter easily
okay I’m gonna do that video soon so his flying skills are amazing his tactical
skills are amazing but also his modding skills are amazing check out these
little balls in his helicopter that’s cool these little Ivan plays for now
check out my old helicopter tutorial and a first test of a transporter helicopter
see you next time until then ciao see junk park only has a hundred subscribers
so head on over subscribe enable that bells check out his videos I made a
playlist of his rain-filled videos because he doesn’t have his own check
out this playlist pick a video give it a thumbs up and yeah subscribe to him

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  1. Some are Tryharding in Fornite
    Some are Tryharding in Rainbow Six Siege
    Some are Tryharding in PUBG
    Some are Tryharding in Battlefield
    And Some are Tryharding in Ravenfield

  2. Thank you so much for the video ! Glad that someone liked my ravenfield helicopter videos.
    When I play helicopter in tactical ways, It's like playing early RTS games like herzog zwei or rescue raiders where you control the master unit and command the teammates.

    I stopped ravenfield helicopter modding now, there are several reasons :

    1. Ravenfield is getting heavier and my laptop is getting slower, It can't run ravenfield well anymore.

    2. I have no more ideas for helicopters. But When limited weapon and supply system for vehicles is added in the toolspack as well as some other useful scripts, I can make several new helicopters.

    3. Currently I'm really busy to make my own game.

  3. Did someone notice ravenfield bots actually have names of you tubers who played ravenfield
    Eg spetic
    Means jacksepticeye

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