Episode 1: Get in Losers: Backstage at the MEAN GIRLS Tour with Mariah Rose Faith

♪ My name is Regina George ♪ ♪ And I am a massive deal ♪ (vocalizes) bom – bom – bom- bom bom – bom – bom- bom What up, players? Hello, everyone, my name
is Mariah Rose Faith. I play Regina in the “Mean Girls” tour, and this is my show. So thank you for stopping by. I’ll try to be not super chaotic, but it’s probably gonna
be a little bit chaotic. ‘Cause I like to live my life that way, just a little bit on the edge. Just a slight dance with
chaos, you know what I mean? In this vlog, this is my first day. It’s Saturday night, I
just got my camera, like, five minutes ago, so we’re
just gonna take it easy. Just gonna show you, like,
what I go through in a night and you might see some cast members. You might see some costumes,
and just, you know, like, the little things, but
we can’t reveal everything in the first episode, we
can’t use every comedic bit. Like, we gotta space it out, so I hope that you bear with me
and watch every episode so you can be surprised and be shocked and be filled with joy. (laughs) Great, I have to do my makeup,
they already called places. – Places. – Hey, can you say hi to Broadway.com? – Hey, Broadway.com. – That’s David. (laughs) (Mary Kate singing scales) Hey, can you do that
again for Broadway.com? (sings scale) ♪ Go to the spatial places ♪ (Mariah stammers) – Anyway, it’s places. I don’t wanna distract
anybody else, but, you know. This is me doing my makeup. Except I’m in costume right
now, so I should put on my robe. So then I don’t get
anything on my white shirt. That’s something I wear at
the beginning of act two. It’s really great and really comfy and it makes me feel like the show is done and I’m in my pajamas, which is not true. Anyway, we already did a show today, so I’m just gonna kinda touch up, just a little powder here and there. We don’t wear too much makeup,
because we’re high schoolers and that wouldn’t look too right. I mean, I don’t know, you guys are, some of you guys are high schoolers, so let me know if people
go full face at school, but I never did when I was in high school. So welcome to my makeup tutorial. This is the trick, you go like this. “She’s crazy, we literally don’t know what she’s doing right now. Oh my god, she’s rubbing
lipstick on her cheek.” I told you this was gonna be so chaotic. It really is. Yeah, and then it looks
really strong, so then, what I do is I take this again and I just, and I look like a normal person. A normal Regina. And then I put the lipstick on my lips. Mmhmm. And now I’m ready for a show. Except I’m not wearing
blonde hair right now, which no one would recognize
me if I went out like this. It wouldn’t be as schematic. So I’m gonna wait for Tina
to talk over the loudspeaker and that’s my cue to go get my wig on. I’m late, ’cause I had
to pee again. (sighs) (vocalizes) And just like that, she blonde. Jonalyn’s not naked, she’s never naked. (Jonalyn laughs) Hello!
– Hello! – I exercise. – We warm up. We warm up. How we feeling today? – So good. – [Mariah] Who are you? – Megan. – Megan. Well, this is where we go to the stage. Not until where you belong. – Wow.
(overlapping chatter) Everyone’s like, “Where
are those three girls?” And we’re like, “Don’t worry
everybody, we’re coming.” – We’re gonna earn our keep. – And my mic is hanging out of my shirt, oh my god, I’m a mess and a disaster. I’m gonna put this camera away. ♪ And with Candy ♪ Okay. It was really fun to be in this costume for the first time in front of my parents. Obviously it’s smexy. (vocalizes) I just tweeted out, “Hurry, ask me questions
for Broadway.com.” You have five minutes, because it’s five minutes until places. This is also a segment
called teatime with Mariah. This is my you can’t sit with us mug that my friend Seth gave me. “What’s the best and worst
part about being on tour?” The best part is already
going to these cities that I’ve never been to before and
meeting these amazing people. The worst part is just being
away from my friends and family and my home, but otherwise,
like, tour is incredible. Hmm. “What’s the weirdest
regular part of your day?” Doing this. I think this is, like, the
most surreal thing of knowing, like, this is my job,
which is OK, whatever. “What do you do on show days,
like, your schedule usually?” I try to rest a lot. Lately, and what I’ve been
noticing about myself, is I get a little bit of
FOMO, feeling of missing out. And I really wanna be best
friends with everybody in my cast but I haven’t had a lot of
opportunities to do so yet and I wanna go adventure
in these new places, but truly, like, I need to rest a lot. And I think that’s why
I’ve been feeling so great on this tour and I haven’t been stressed, and even when I’ve been
sick I’ve still felt strong in my performance and
I think that’s because I’ve been just really
taking care of myself. So as soon as I feel like
I’m really comfortable in everything, then I’m
sure I will be able to be with everybody more and go
explore more and work out more but right now I’ve just been really trying to take care of myself and rest a lot. Answer one more. “Any advice for teens
wanting to pursue theater?” Do it. Honestly, do it. I feel like I’m kind of, I think, how do I phrase this? There is no reason why
you should not pursue the things that bring
you joy or excite you. And if you find out it’s not your thing then it’s not your thing, you know? Or you find out, like,
“Maybe I’m better at this” then that’s just how it goes. But especially being a teen you should do whatever excites you, as long
as it’s legal and morally OK. This has been tea time with Mariah. I haven’t even sipped it
yet ’cause it’s too hot, but the show’s about
to start back up again. And we’re gonna be at it. – Hi, Broadway.com! – Hello, the show is done,
I’m taking out my pin curls that I didn’t do very good at all. And you might be thinking,
“Mariah, we didn’t get to see a lot of what happens
at Mean Girls on tour, we didn’t see hardly any
people,” and that’s because it was episode one and you can’t
get everything all at once. So you’re gonna get it all, I promise you. You are going to meet everybody, because I have a secret
crush on everybody. This is my reveal to everyone right now. But yeah, show was great. We have two more tomorrow. I did, in “World Burn”
almost completely drop all of my papers very,
very early on in the show, not in the show, in the song,
which would have been bad. So I did kinda fall just to save them, but your girl didn’t miss a beat, I’m telling you that
right now, I kept going. Anyway, thank you for tuning in. See you next episode. It’s gonna be crazy. I promise it’s going to be nuts. You might cry, so bring
your tissues, ladies. Bobby pin fell. Signing off. ♪ My name is Regina George ♪ ♪ And I am a massive deal ♪

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