Evernote Tour 2018 | My Full Set-up

Hey welcome back to another video in today’s video we are diving into Evernote, we’re gonna show you my full setup Hopefully it will be a nice overview of how I’d use Evernote in my daily routine it hasn’t mean It’s been like a year and a half since I actually did a video on it last err So hopefully it’ll be a nice Refresh and also a taster for those who didn’t know about it And of the guys if you’d like this video hit that like button and leave a comment on some of the tips you have about Evernote without further ado let’s dive in hello everyone and welcome To the Evernote setup video in today’s video what I’m going to be doing with you guys is Going over my own personal Evernote account now for those who saw my previous Evernote setup it was When I was in high school It’s a pretty long time ago, but I pretty much have the same setup now Just before we get started. I will be demoing this on Mac and as you may notice I’ve also got a little bit of a high contrast running, so this isn’t a UI tweak my Evernote this is my own modifications on accessibility is on Mac just to make you aware So here we are. This is my Evernote account and as you can see it’s pretty simple Well if you’re someone that knows my setup already you’ll know then I use notebooks quite avidly Now you see I’ve got these four stacks of notebooks, and this is a Tiago Forte technique I’ve already discussed this quite a long channel and one thing that I’m pretty bad at recently is Updating this so the concept is behind here is Projects are between one to twelve months long and they get stored inside of projects So for example right now. I actually have Pretty much everything in there that you know like like certain projects. I’m working on that I know we’re going to be temporary to some extent I also have areas so Ares is a place where I store anything for one to three years long in there And I’ve ever got wedding in there couple Major projects at YouTube, I know is going to be more than a year hopefully and number three. I’ve got resources. These are my templates financial information Health information information, and I need access to but not all the time if that makes sense And then finally archives where basically projects in areas come tonight so to some extent this hasn’t been Dramatically changed, I’m using in mocks much more often To store items temporarily to sort later, so that essentially works like an email inbox starts now I’m also using shortcuts on the left hand side. I’ve talked about shortcuts a couple of times, but I’m actually using them more often for Project notes that are quite important so for example I am filming a notion Skillshare class very soon to demonstrate the notion functionality and the brilliance of the resource And I’ve got it as a pinned note up here, so you can now see that there, so it’s very easy to access I’ve always had my traditional useful information there But I also have like the team tools editorial calendar that I sort of paused and I’m looking to reengage with so it’s actually a neat Way to access all of that information also have a guest calendar and collab there Calendar because it’s all accessible as well as the pinned inbox as well so all of the useful information. I’m working on currently is Available there now. I’m a big user of this recent notes area inside of Evernote So you may see the recent notes is basically your top five notes, but for me It actually is a good place to pop back into different items and find them And of course I use that quite regularly one thing I would say is that my tag use is pretty much a Non-existent I still use tags occasionally to tank things like agendas things like meetings But it really isn’t any more structured that ever has been I did have a lot of good advice from Enrico Nala Who you guys know who has been on the channel before a couple of times actually needs a ping Enrico and a mess But he put up a brilliant sort of structure on how to set up tag, so I’m clean that inscription below but I just haven’t been using them at really at all mainly because they Haven’t served as much benefit And I think I should be using it to some extent now the one thing I have been using a little more often is reminders And also another feature, which worked demonstrate in a minute I’ve been using reminders quite a lot because they obviously a pinning functionality to the top of your Notebooks so for example here. I had my tools. They use pin and that was actually from last June But it took me a fair amount of time to deliver that one right guys But it’s a good like as in It’s a good accessibility to have all of that there and this always Serbs is a useful pin section So I’m using reminders a heck of a lot more Now in terms of my work set up for those who don’t know I keep things pretty rigid inside of Evernote So I send everything into an inbox and from there I do a weekly inbox refresh Notebooks don’t get refreshed that often. I not tend to refresh make in my notebooks Section about every six months, and I’m actually do one very soon And that is literally a 15-minute process in going does this notebook belong in this stack And then I can go brutally okay, no it doesn’t so I will move it to another Stack and it provides me with just with a bit of a spring clean I guess so that’s an every six month. Item now. I do use Evernote quite a lot. I would say mainly agendas, I use it quite a lot because I really love the sharing function for those who you can share a Shareable link straight away and that provides me with the best But recently I’ve been using the new table functionality on Mac and they have also released this on other platforms Quite a bit So I’m going to demonstrate what I have been using it for so for example as you can see here This is the wedding payments that I’ve got coming up for our wedding in June And it’s obviously useful to know what’s coming up is almost like a pipeline And that’s what I’ve created quite a lot recently is this sort of pipeline set up And I’ve actually been able to have quite a good time Quite a positive time with it, and we’ve done it with a lot of actually different stuff in the wedding, too But you can see here I’ve got a time and date and the amount I’m spending on it and whether it’s paid so far and this way I can actually Tally this off and it’s sort of an extended one here Because I can see all of the information on the wedding so far and I can sort of go Okay, I can update this using the status tab Inside of the column, so using the table area is actually really revolutionized My own, Evernote setup now the one thing that it was before is Bree Not so good and Evernote have made a lot of movements on this I specifically like the ability to add colors so for example. I want to color that entire Cell area, then I could sell background it and I could even distribute the columns in a different fashion as well, so it’s pretty Beautifully designed so they’ve done a really good job on that and it’s probably something I’ve been properly using recently the next thing I’ve been doing as well is emailing in and BC seeing my evident custom email quite a lot So I’ve actually been using it to send in certain items with attachments or Items that I need for projects and referencing and then using the inbox to actually put them in a specific notebook and this has been a huge area so for those who don’t know you find your customer Evernote email inside of Accounts settings and that just provides you with so so much Now some of the things I’m improving as I said the notebook refresh I need to do in six months sprinkling change all of that up. I need to Relook into tags. It’s sort of like filters to Cermak something to do is I know the abilities and the functionality are there But I struggle to implement such a structure so it’s something that I’m continually working on And finally the ability to send into Evernote I did a feature on how to the for sort of things that you can use you know tags reminders etc But for me. I actually haven’t been using this in the speed of which I’m sending them I tend to forget about it so actually refreshing my own knowledge of that and keeping It up is a very important thing in my list So guys that was a general overview of my Evernote setup Just before I leave I wanted to share my insights into the new Evernote spaces for business now I’ve been in touch with the team and they’ve shared obviously the spaces section with me and of course. It’s an official announcement as well So basically spaces is an area inside of evident business that you can now well actually it’s almost released It basically brings together like a – Waterloo team instead of having like a bit of a recent notes and that’s it you can now basically pin notes for your team and be able to access this mini dashboard of recent notes and Any activity log changes anybody have ever made which is quite interesting? So it’s almost like just having your Evernote account on view to some extent for your own team But they are releasing this for personal users, so that’s quite interesting I’m going to include the video that they launched with it in description below because that always visualizes everything in such a good way and I’ll include all of the information including the blog post launch in there, too So hopefully you’ll get all of the insights you need, but my opinion of its of spaces. I think that will probably Revolutionize some people’s Evernote account I think they’re falling not falling as like sort of slacking in some of the space because the likes of notion I mean its core there as well or making moves in the flexible application Space and I think they’re doing it with a bit with tables and things like that But actually the ability to modify your own and pin, they create your own setup is something that Evernote is Really only done for the advanced users, and I think they’re gonna slowly break down that gap anyway guys I hope did you enjoyed my set up video? I hope you give you a nice overview of how I use Evernote in my daily routine again as you can see very simplistic I’ll include the video it did before of it Although people do complain of the loud music which I really did have poorly loud music last time so the ready to apologize But I’ll make sure to Make that one available in description below anyway guys. Thank you so much for stopping by hopefully this was useful Let me know in the comments below whether you recommend any tank setups for me or anything like that I’ll be more than happy to check out and also whether you haven’t have a note set up tips for me any we’re going to Thank you so much for stopping by make sure to have a great week keep productive, and I’ll see you guys very very soon Cheers

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    What tips do you have for my Evernote set-up?!

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  2. I love you so much and your voice and your phone and your apps and I have no more words but please come to India

  3. I would like to have seen more of a dive into the folders and stacks setup. Didn’t really understand what Resources vs Areas was and the logic surrounding it. But, I am wanting to organize that section of Evernote so would love to see a deeper dive into Stacks and Folders if possible. Thanks!

  4. Spaces for personal accounts would be really interesting, i think!

    Q: u mentioned saving financial n health related info in ur Evernote account. How do u ensure safety n privacy of this data? TIA!

  5. I was so much waiting for this evernote setup video and ALAS! was disappointed as this was at a 30K feet level. I wish you had put together a much detailed review of your setup talking about folders, tags, note taking principles, GTD approach and so on.

  6. Great job Francesco, always find it funny how I really don't use Notebooks and primarily use tags and you are just the opposite. To each their own. As for spaces for teams, I understand that this is the money maker in terms of getting into the enterprise however, it would be great to have a similar feature that would work well for families.

  7. Hi. I have been watching your videos always as I want to learn about productivity. I wanna know what is your office suite or word processing apps and even your cloud or file management. Microsoft Office, Google Suite or Apple's software (Keynote, Pages, Sheets)?

  8. Great way to organize your Evernote, Francesco! As I said on the Facebook group, I was really waiting for this and gave me some insights on how to organize my own setup. Also, like me, you prefer to use notebooks instead of tags which is excellent. Thanks for this content 😉

  9. I haven t install it,but what is the difference between onenote and evernote?
    (Sorry for my bad english)

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  11. Can you please train yourself to stop saying "Hmmm", "Hmmm"….If you can't, please write yourself a script.

  12. So I've been using Evernote for a number of months now, but I made a tiny error in creating my notes: all of my notes are "free standing", meaning that I just made note after note, without putting anything in noteBOOKS. I now have a good 27-ish different notes, so this is no longer practical. Is there a way to take EXISTING notes and move them to various notebooks (i.e. categories)? I tried to simply copy-paste the content from one of my notes, and then add to a notebook, but then this note simply up and appeared with all of my other notes (giving me an extra copy of something I already have). Thanks for any advice you can give me!

  13. Four minutes into your video and I have to stop – it rambles aimlessly all over the place. Set up a simple, sample file of notes/notebooks and write yourself a script.

  14. Thanks for sharing the tag set up. I'm definitely interested in learning more about it… Even though I'm gradually weening myself away from Evernote

  15. Evernote desperately needs to be upgraded and updated. We need a new UX and UI… It is just not worth the premium price anymore… Sadly, because I used to love Evernote.

  16. For Tags the best tip I received was to place a ^ in front of each tag. That way as soon as I enter a ^, I receive a drop down list of all of my tags. No duplicates and I find it is very easy now to tag. Hopefully someone finds this useful. Thanks for a great video and many happy years with your upcoming wedding.

  17. Random comment: Looks like you have rosacea. There are things you can do to help with that. You might be aware of that already but maybe you aren't.

  18. Separate people who never know creative need to organize online to view in everywhere so you can do a animation project and drawing not for all but only for us.

  19. I don't do short video because I want making 30 minute video so I think about it whether have anything to tell inside the video.

  20. I understand some folks pretty much live on Evernote. Somehow, I couldn't get my head around considering Evernote great for my personal requirements. I get mad if I don't use Excel, I have created master sheets for Logins, movies etc in my excel & they just can't be used here. Also, I don't like Evernote's 2-;layer folder setup. However, Learnt a week back how to use OneNote to also use Word/Excel/Powerpoint & also use OneNote as a tool like Evernote to capture notes, To-dos, goal setting, capture screenshots/audios etc !

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