Fairchild Dairy Teaching and Research Center Tour

Gina Soule: My name is Gina Soule. I’m from
Freeport, Maine. I’m currently a pre-vet major and I’m
going to be a senior here at UNH. And this is my cow Orchid.
I’ve worked with her for the past two years in the Little Royal Heifer Show.
And she’s a really good girl. And she’s now part of the milking herd here
at the Fairchild Dairy. Jon Whitehouse: We’re at the Fairchild Dairy
Teaching and Research Center, which is part of the New Hampshire Ag Experiment
Station in the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture.
And we have about 98 cows here, milking and dry.
Also, we have about an equal number of young animals
that are used to replace the older animals. We milk about 81 cows right now, and they’re
actually averaging about 81 pounds — that’s each cow. Our herd average is
right around 26,000 pounds. Each cow averages that in a year. We have a CREAM program here that we conduct
at the Dairy Center. CREAM stands for Cooperative for Real Education
in Agricultural Management. And I help advise that. It’s for students
that are juniors and seniors generally and also second year Thompson School students.
They come and they manage their own herd. It’s a very good experience for students.
It’s a good feather in your cap when you graduate and go on to industry. Nicole Guindon: My name is Nicole Guindon.
I’m from Milton, NH. I took the CREAM program as a junior in my
undergraduate years, and now I’m back at the University studying
Dairy Nutrition as a grad student. I had the opportunity to TA for it.
It’s a really great experience being able to see these kids
go through the same experience I went through. You know, I came into CREAM having never worked
with cattle. I knew nothing about them and it was a very
overwhelming experience, but it was a good experience. So, it’s so
great to see them come in knowing nothing, and going away with an appreciation of dairy
farming, and taking care of cattle, knowing where your food comes from, and how
to get it on the table.

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