Hey guys what’s up? Welcome back to my
channel! I know a lot of you guys have been waiting for this and I’m so excited
that I’m finally filming it. Today I’m gonna be showing you guys our Halloween
/ autumn apartment tour for 2019. If you couldn’t tell by how much energy I have
right now autumn decor is my favorite. I’m obsessed with it! And I really like
the way that our apartment turned out this year so we are gonna start at the
front door. Okay so we’re starting at the front door with this super cute little
autumn wreath that we have. This is actually a really old DIY video I think
from autumn last year if you guys want to see it I’ll linked a little card. And
then this welcome mat is a DIY from last week’s video… or two weeks ago?… one of the
two. And we also have these cute little metal pumpkins. And then you walk in and
our entryway has no natural light so I’m sorry if it’s really yellow. This is
different from the last apartment tour that I did. Ee hung up this little
accordion shelf which i think is so cute! And then over here we styled our diamond
shelf with that little pumpkin mason jar tea light holder and a lot of spider
webs. And then turning this way (hi!) we have at this little console table. The
only really autumny touch on here is this, which is also from that same DIY
video that the mat is from. And then walking down the hallway, these are new
from the last apartment tour that I did. These like vintage prints that I hung
up which I absolutely love. And then my pride and joy- this shelf which I got a
couple of weeks ago. I’m obsessed with this shelf. I got it at Value Village for
13 dollars which is unbelievable to me. And right now it’s just holding all of
my products for my vintage store Nutmeg Vintage but eventually I want to style
it really cute. Also I passed right over our Mixtiles which I love so much on
this wall. Then there’s nothing really autumny in the guest room and it’s a
mess of stuff that I have to ship so we’re just skip that, but I will show you
our bedroom. So this is our little autumny bedroom set up. I love it so much! Again
we’ve got more Mixtiles up here and then to the left of those I put these
little baskets which are from the Target- dollar store… dollar section… dollar spot?
whatever it is- for fall. Got my little lemon print and my be kind banner which
again is the DIY. I’ll just link all the DIYs in the description. But the thing
that I love the most about our room right now is our bed. I got these plaid
pillows and this pumpkin pillow from Target and they’re so cute! And then at
the end of the bed I have this gold chenille throw that I got from the
thrift store. I really love it… so cute! And then of course we have our little
wine barrel mirror, our laundry basket, a little bench, TV… and then this is
actually one of my favorite spots in our bedroom. This mirror setup and I have
some little photos from my friend Greer’s wedding up there. And then this cute
little plant stand which is (you guessed it!) another DIY! Nothing too autumny in
our bathroom. The guest bathroom has some little autumn touches in it. We put this
little paper pumpkin that Matt painted on the back of the toilet, and then over
here we have a little pumpkin candle and this Hello fall sign and this little
pumpkin that I painted that says boo and then it has a spider on it. Very much
inspired by Lucas the spider. Sorry about the fan noise. I don’t know why it does
that. It’s motion activated at like the worst
times. The bulk of our autumn decor though is out here in the living and
dining area. I love the way everything in here looks. It turned out so cute! This is
one of my favorite little spaces in the apartment. We’ve got this cute cat pillow
cover and a mustard colored velvet pillow, and then over here on our record
stand I found these cute little Mickey Mouse lights at the thrift store. And
then again thrift store fall foliage up here, and a little sign that says
“trick-or-treat” and a little pumpkin. And then down here are some real pumpkins,
which, I got the really pretty pastel ones and I’ve never had them before and
I’m obsessed with them! Clearly got lots of plants still, just kind of everywhere.
For our Media Console we decked it out in a lot of spider webs and we have this
little string of bat garland that we made out of black construction paper and
this little sign that says “boo,” which is from the
target dollar section last year… two years ago? Obviously more plants. This is
the living room from the other angle. So you can see we have this little setup
here. We have a couple of fall candles out and we have this cute glass
jack-o’-lantern with some spiderwebs and copper string lights in him. I should
turn him on. That’s what he looks like when he’s turned on. Very cute! Another
thrift store find. Then on this other couch we have this autumn leaves embroidered
pillow from Target that I’m obsessed with. So cute. And then this is one of my
all-time favorite thrift store finds: it’s this vintage Halloween blanket! This
was $2.00 at the thrift store which was nuts! And it has little pumpkins and cats
and it says “Happy Halloween” and there are witches on it.
And I don’t know ,my parents had these kinds of blankets like for Christmas
growing up but I’d never seen a Halloween one so it’s like so nostalgic
and so cute! Then over here we have our big old blanket basket with all of our
fall blankets in it because I need a good blanket in the fall. It gets chilly!
And some more pumpkins over here next to our little cabinet. So this is our little
cabinet area. I switched out the summer straw hats for felt like fall/winter
hats which I think is really cute. And then on here we have a little letter
board and I made a little ghost out of letters and it says “boo” at the
bottom. I saw that on Pinterest and thought it was so cute. And then some
like wheatgrass in this honey jar and another little pumpkin. You can get
turned on too. There we go! That’s better! The bunny girls have destroyed this
cabinet. Haven’t you, Penelope? You destroyed the cabinet huh? Yeah you did!
She’s like, “What are you doing? Who are you talking to? Weirdo…”
Then across from this little area we have our dining table which is one of my
favorite things that we own. It’s eight feet long and it’s actually from our
wedding. This was the table that the bridesmaids and groomsmen sat at which I
thought was really really cool when we had the opportunity to buy it.
This is the little centerpiece that I’ve created. These pumpkins light up but
sadly they need an outlet so they can’t light up here. We have lots of LED
candles and it’s basically just a lot of different pumpkin things all in one
place, but I really like the way that it turned out. I think it’s really cute. And
of course this candle stand that I thrifted in my “Thrifting Autumn Hone Decor” video which is so cool. Hi Poppy girl! You’re feeling much better,
huh? Thank you guys so much. Everybody who was so concerned about Poppy when we had
to take her to the emergency vet. She’s feeling much better.
The antibiotics are really working so we’ve got two healthy girls! And we couldn’t
forget about the bunnies of course with decor, could we Penelope? So they’ve got
this little Halloween cat scratcher house and then I also got them (this is
full of bunny hair) but this little candy corn toy. It’s a squeaker toy but they
don’t squeak it. Then very lastly we have the kitchen, which of course is why we
rented this apartment because it’s such a gorgeous kitchen. Over here we have
this big glass jug which is filled with every wine cork from every bottle of
wine that’s been opened in our apartment since we got married which is really fun.
We’ve got a couple of candles here and a dish full of candy corn because you gotta. Candy corn is my guilty pleasure. It’s really bad. We’ve got a few little
Halloween towels here. So this one’s orange has little black
cats on it, and this one’ says “spooky” and it’s got another cat on it. We have a few
more little candles and ceramic pumpkins. This one actually doesn’t have anything
in it, which I should fix. And then over here we always keep our olive oil and
balsamic vinegar over here, and usually I keep a coffee creamer here too but since
I’ve been using my pumpkin pie sweet cream recipe (which is over on my blog if
you want to see it) that has to be refrigerated so instead I
thought this little poison jug here. It doesn’t I can’t hold anything. It’s just
for decoration, but I still thought it was really cute. And if you’re ready for
yet another DIY, I did DIY this paper roller which is supposed to look like a Rettel
Roller and I really liked the way it turned out! It was like
five dollars the whole project! And that is in my Pinterest inspired fall DIYs
video, which I’ll put a card up for again. And then over here we have our open
shelving that we built. So all the way up here we have another little letter board.
It says “trick or treat yo’self” cuz Parks and Rec. And then this little guy. I really
should have turned all this stuff on before I started filming. But he’s so
cute! We got him at an apple picking farm in California. And then down here we have
a ceramic pumpkin, this little sign that says “let’s stay home” and then we have of
course more spiderwebs and more of that bat garland. It’s so easy to make and it’s
so much fun. tThen very very lastly at our coffee station (which is pretty dirty) I
have this little hallmark plush ghost and then some pumpkin tea. This is
actually almost empty. I think I only have one left, so I need to go get some
more. That’s it! That’s it for our apartment tour! Besides the guest bedroom
and our bathroom which aren’t really decorated, that’s all the decorations
will we put up! I hope that you guys enjoyed this video. Please let me know
what your favorite space was in the comments down below cuz I’m interested
to know what you guys think. If you’re not already subscribed, also make sure to
do that so you can stay updated on all future videos! I do a lot of home decor
and like apartment tour things, and hopefully in the next few months we’re
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thumbs up but I’m saying subscribe… I don’t know why. Anyways, I hope you guys
have the best rest of your day and I’ll see you all in my next video! Bye!

15 Replies to “FALL APARTMENT TOUR 2019”

  1. Soo cute!! I loved the entire apartment, but the kitchen was my fave… I just have a thing for kitchen knick knacks. and you've decorated with the cutest stuff!

  2. Ohmygosh I laughed out loud!! Candy corn is sooo good,nobody in my family likes it! I already ate a whole bag by myself this past month 😅😂 I love your kitchen but also your living room area,you did a great job making it cozy!🥰

  3. I'm glad Poppy (Poppi?) is feeling better. You are a good fur mommy!

    If I had to pick one spot, I'd have to say the chair and record player area with the cat pillow…. and also couch with that the blanket. I LOVE that blanket!!!! Okay, that was two. I couldn't decide! 😀

  4. Love it ALL, but that Hallmark ghost really got me when you first showed it on that fall thrift video. It reminds me of the one I have that's an original TY beanie baby. My grandma got it for me when they were popular (did I just show my age lol).

    I had to pair down my decor this year because my 1 year old is walking and gets into ALL THE THINGS. But he definitely enjoys it!

  5. Congratulations on healthy bunnies and healthy plants and being so close to buying a house!!! I love how you can take decor items that normally would look tacky and ugly (like the blanket and the hocus pocus sign) and make them look super classy and chic

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