Firewatch Day 34 Audio Tour Commentary

Hi, this is Ben again. And I’m Gabe. I did production and office management on
Firewatch. Gabe: This is Day 34 and Ben, how long did
it take you before you actually saw this day? Ben: Well, since I’m a good person, I never
actually made the choice to steal that food, and did not see it until after we shipped. Gabe: So I definitely did, I played through
every day hundreds of times. Ben: Uh, you did a better job than me, Gabe. I–really, I didn’t see it until we were submitting
the first patch for PS4, when you ac- you chose this path. And I was like, “What? There’s content here that I’ve never seen?” Gabe: That’s my job, Ben, to show you content
you’ve never seen. Ben: Alright. Hopefully in the next game, I get to see the
whole thing before it goes out. Gabe: As long as there’s no moral choices
in it, you will. Ben: Yeah, that’s fair.

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  1. Thanks! I was meticulously going through a second play with audio commentary, happened to grab all the supplies (first time I didn't, so trying other options), had no idea Day 34 was skipped if I hadn't… and still missed this audio because the day lasts only 20 seconds! So annoying. Bonus: I actually started the audio, but I guess it didn't register before day ended. SMH. Thanks again for this upload.

    Things to fix in Firewatch: 1. THIS. 1.A. SAVE and AUTOSAVE system. 2. Huge permanent AUDIO TRACK button on free roam (even with UI off).

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