1. There are 2 options express train and regional train.
    Express train costs 14 euros and takes 31 minutes to Termini whereas regional train costs 8 euros and takes 47 minutes to final station Tirbutina.

    Therefore it depends on where you are gonna stay in Rome to choose the best option. Normally tourists choose to stay near Termini so Express train seems a better choice.

    Enjoy your Rome holiday

  2. any video guide for taking regional trains to other part of italy or other european countries at termini station?

  3. This video is really good … But CHEAPER option is to take a shuttle BUS which will cost only 6 Euros per person. Bus takes around 1 hour to reach the termini.

  4. I am taking the train from the airport to the cruise port in Civitavecchia, is this train you mention from the video one I can take that will get me to the cruise port?
    Thank you so much for sharing these clips.

  5. Can i get the tickets for the FL1 train to Tiburtina from Fiumicino airport as I will need to stop at Tiburtina and get the metro to Policlinico?

  6. From the Fiumicino airport , Is there bus to tiburtina ? I know there s hundreds to Termini but I m not sure about to Tiburtina , We are staying near Bologna Stn in this Oct. Thanks

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