Flights canceled ahead of Tropical Storm Barry

though some people stayed others are heeding the warning when it comes to tropical storm berry Liza Lucas is at hartsfield-jackson International Airport this morning where the storm is already causing a disruption to travel good morning Liza good morning Christy well the good news is the security checkpoint lines are moving smoothly this morning we're gonna give you a live look right now but we want to be clear the FAA and Airport officials here at hartsfield-jackson they are warning travelers that they are anticipating delays today ahead of tropical storm Barry and we've just learned via Twitter that all delta flights to and from New Orleans Louie I'm strong International Airport have been canceled for today I'm watching other cancellations come in so a lot of eyes on those boards this morning and officials really telling people to watch to the airline updates check the status on your flight and give yourself time more than that extra that two-hour window to make sure ensure that you're not gonna miss your flight now meanwhile volunteers in Georgia are lending a hand to the Gulf Coast as a braces for Barry one of these is our ERV which is ERV emergency response vehicles and what they do is that they can hold food they can serve lunch they can serve dinner we can have our creamy kids and our comfort kits in there to make sure that we help our families with the recovery process after the disaster now more than a dozen disaster workers from the state are already in Louisiana are on their way and more actually Christy are expected to deploy after landfall of course we're gonna keep you posted we're gonna be here this morning at hartsfield-jackson watching those boards this morning stay in touch with the airlines in the meantime I'm gonna send it back to you they are always ready to help out anybody in need let's just hope the storm doesn't do too much damage thanks a lot Liza

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