Fuel for the Tour: Calories, Kilometres & Races

the carbohydrate mix is very important if you want to maximize your performance and you want to get as much energy as possible to your muscle so if you take longer the glucose you can absorb only 60 grams an hour if you combine then you have to see to max combinations of glucose and fructose you can absorb up to 90 grams an hour which helps you to perform better but in the end it’s also better for your mother because it’s just more energy available you don’t have to go as deep in the beginning as you need with less or just 60,000 hours o sometimes glucose too much glucose can upset the stomach or you know be be hard to digest so you want a mix of sugars to try to optimize the you know the the uptake in the body it is really if you are trained if your stomach is trained to handle those 90 grams an hour you are really far away from your competitors if they only take in 60 grams because fatigue is delayed and you can really perform at your best what we usually do is we really take specific training sessions and make sure that they is that the drink gets their good in a race so they get used to it they train their cut on the bike and then know then when they go into race that the cut is really working that it is really accepting all the sugar that comes in in one hour so you don’t even need to think of or worry about all the food be taken and you know I did this in training it will work in the race well but when you look at the race day of those professional it’s one thing people always forget is they eat a lot of energy of course on the bike already but then during the bike ride and the sleep you have a lot of time to eat so really the quality of the food is important what you get into your body because we need a lot of calories and you just want to give the best calories the best quality so really focus on high quality foods and not really very cheap easy available product so if if it’s a long race say like five to six hours you’d start out with maybe some more solid foods the bars and you know maybe maybe even a protein bar just to just to kind of give you a full feeling in the beginning and then as the race progresses and gets more intense closer to the final you would switch to the energy drinks and the and the gels more for high sugar higher glycemic index and to kind of keep your stomach clear but keep the fuel

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  1. I wonder how is a typical daily menu of a Tdf racer. From breakfast to dinner. Too much carbohydrates? From white or whole pasta or rice?

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