Fun Holiday Gift Ideas o(^∀^)o

welcome to my gift-giving guide for the tech lovers in your life you can get them these really cute designer USB flash drives and they’re great stocking stuffers this is great to get for that music lover in your life who’s always loving to share good music this Belkin auxilary cable you can attach up to five different headphones and share your music at the same time so I thought this is great to get for that DJ friend of yours who loves sharing good music this is the portable power outlet this is a great portable power charger for your laptop and phone you have the traditional AC outlet and also a USB outlet perfect for your techie friends these may seem like nunchucks but it’s actually an electronic jump rope it’s like a traditional jump rope but without the rope so it’s not really traditional actually I don’t know what this is talk about throwback we have here the Nintendo 3ds retro NES edition and it looks like this it’s gorgeous I highly recommend this for any of your nerdy gamer friends or anyone who is nostalgic of the 80s and 90s so this is the Nintendo 3ds and it has the original NES controller as a cover but it works just like a normal 3ds and you can also get the normal one too we have here the red Nintendo 3ds we have a few good games that you can try out so I have here Animal Crossing new leaf you can make money by furniture deck out your house it’s kind of like a second life it’s really sweet and really fun the Super Smash Brothers for the 3ds we also have here Tomodachi life so this is a really fun one to play my favorite has to be hands down Super Smash Brothers for the Wii U this game is crazy I love it I’ve been playing it with my friends and with Tom and it’s endless entertainment you have so many modes and crazy stages honestly it’s such a fun game I recommend it I love it I’ve been playing it all weekend and it’s just been non-stop fun for the foodie in your life we have here Garrett’s popcorn you think you’ve had popcorn mmm not like dirt this is a best popcorn of ever had in my life this one is pumpkin spice I believe and any of your friends who are movie buffs or they just love a good snacking Garrett’s popcorn here’s a good foodie stocking stuffer Japanese Doritos it’s so delicious boom the best chips I’ve ever had this one is the nacho cheese flavor it doesn’t taste like the normal American nacho cheese I can’t really read Japanese but it tastes like blue cheese this is a great stocking stuffer Japanese doritos nacho flavor alright this one is pretty hilarious pot Eagle and I’m also going to help you guys save money you know how much a country club membership cause this is super cheap compared to that practice your putting while taking a poop you know those cake pops that you see at Starbucks or any bakeries and there are these little cakes in a lollipop form you can instantly make your own at home for all the little princesses in your life who wants to take a stab at baking this is a really fun easy safe way to bake and to make these little cake pops Pacific shaving company makes really nice beautiful safe natural products for all the guys the cool thing about the all-natural shaving cream is that it lasses up to a hundred shaves so you really get a lot of bang out of your buck you can never go wrong with a good candle or diffuser nest fragrances for New York makes beautiful diffusers and candles it smells so good it really smells like lemongrass and ginger it’s crazy honestly candles are no-brainers I mean you get a candle for someone and they can use it for any occasion when in doubt just go for a diffuser or candle this is a great gift to get for someone who wants to have their own little garden but they don’t have the space it’s basically your own little ecosystem garden inside a little sphere and so everything is here that you need you have the plants the seeds the rocks obviously and a little spray bottle where you can spray the plant and take care of it great gift to get if you have a Ryan Gosling fangirl or fanboy in your life this is the perfect gift to get for them this is the Color Me good Ryan Gosling edition yes I am not kidding this is for reals so here are some different pictures and okay this is Ryan Gosling shirtless nice you can even add a few more abs if you want Ryan Gosling with his hipster glasses Ryan Gosling driving I know this is crazy right I mean just when you think you’ve seen everything stuff like this will prove you wrong you can find a lot of beautiful handcrafted necklaces on Etsy this one in particular is great to get for a sister a best friend someone special in your life you can put their initials on it the first letter of their name it’s a simple way to customize a gift for that special someone so for the dads in your life you can get them this really cool DIY beer maker this kit includes a guide to crafting and brewing beer racking cane transfer tubing tubing clamp thermometer funnel malt extract grain hops and yeast this is great to get from Walter White bring your own beer if you want to get a cool bag for someone you got to check these out it’s by jump from paper and they look like little icons that you can see online they look flat and they are flat but the cool thing is that it really works like a bag you can slide all your things in here it’s very well organized I mean obviously you can throw in your laptop your pencils their zippers in here inside pockets and of course you have your strap so you can wear it like a normal bag and it’s flat too I have here a llama mug a sharknado mug and if you’re looking for something magical how can one go wrong with this unicorn mug this is my personal mug though I love this mug oh speaking of unicorn I have behind me just something fun like a gag if you can get for someone would I recommend wearing this outside really depends but this is something really fun and cute to wear at home and there’s built-in mittens you guys know I love a good pair of slippers these Narwhal slippers are the bomb they’re super cute slippers are also a no-brainer to get for someone for the holiday because they’re easy they’re fun and they’re super comfortable so during the holidays you’ll see a lot of brands coming out with holiday collections like this one by Too Faced and we have another one by lorac the royal full face collection it’s beautiful of course it’s velvety and very luxurious looking and it’s a really great value too it’s a hundred and sixty five dollar value for only 40 bucks course shameless plug party life and the life palette mini holiday life New Year’s collection cos lip balm every nail polish brand will come out with a holiday collection and for the moms to be if they are still looking for a way to glam up their nails Zoya polishes are safe to use for pregnant moms and they have this little disclaimer on the back this one is by TC Energy it’s made to fit Bonacci sequins and so it helps reenergize water so that when you drink it not only does it taste better and it tastes smoother but the water molecule is reenergized and so it actually helps heal the body and you have the Flower of Life symbol on the bottom you guys don’t know what the Flower of Life symbol is you can check it out go on google read up about it because it’s a great geometric design and it also has a lot of sacred meetings behind it happy holidays and thank you so much for watching my video all right love you and good luck bye take a look way up high she said

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  1. I really love that jump rope, but I can't find it anywhere in the list. Anyone tell me where to buy one? thx 🙂

  2. I have the cartoon bag. It doesn't hold much but it holds all the important stuff you usually have in a purse. It's fun.

  3. I would totally get those narwhal slippers for my friend because everyone in are group of friends has and animal nickname mines is midget cat (obviously 😅) and her's is narwhal

  4. I recommend Etsy. Not because I have a shop. But because there is a huge variety of crafty things. From notebooks to rag dolls… I mean really.
    Oh and my shop is called Mirrored Sky Creations. Please check it out. It would really help my family if you did. Thank you!

  5. "You can never go wrong with a candle or diffuser!" Unless… unless the person is allergic to it or has reactions to unnatural scents.

  6. She looks so sad here. Everything she says looks forced. The pain she’s been through. I hope she finds peace and happiness wherever she is. ❤️

  7. Why are people hating? If she is sponsored it’s ok. If you was asked to advertise something would you say no? I don’t think so. It’s her way of earning money lol

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