Get to Know the Groovy Cast of the SUMMER National Tour

(music) – The first national tour of the popular Broadway musical “Summer:
The Donna Summer Musical,” is hitting the road
this fall and heading to over 20 cities across the country. We’re here at the show’s rehearsal studio in New York City to meet the cast and
get a sneak peak at this disco-loving tuner. ♪ Hard for the money ♪ ♪ Hard for the money ♪ ♪ So hard for it honey ♪ ♪ Hard for it honey ♪ ♪ She works hard for the money ♪ ♪ So you better treat her right ♪ – Well first and foremost, it’s so much fun, the show is set up very
much like a concert with a little bit of
like memory thrown in. So firstly you’re just gonna
have a really fun time, but you’re also gonna get
to experience parts of Donna’s life that a lot
of us never knew about. And so you get to kinda see different pieces of her, different things that she went through that weren’t always publicized and kind of hear her side of the story. – I think they’ll be surprised at how much music there is, and how many hits she had. I think they’re also gonna be wowed by the female cast, not that the males
aren’t doing a great job, but we have a really strong company and it’s just gonna really
come through on stage. – What blows my mind about the music is definitely the arrangements, and how we’ve adapted it to be on stage with everybody dancing. Everything is just
magical, it’s fantastic, it’s larger that life, it’s everything that I
could wish to be a part of, and I’m very excited about it. – People have had an
unbelievably exuberant reaction to this show, all through La Jolla,
all through Broadway, and I can’t wait to be in
Los Angeles or Seattle, or Cleveland, to see that happen. – What I want audiences to
feel at the end of this show is to be inspired by Donna Summer’s life, by her music, I want them
to also enjoy the evening, and really I want them to dance. – I think all kinds of
audiences can see this show because I think by watching
what Donna had to go through to become Donna Summer, I think she can inspire a lot of people, both old and young, whatever race, from wherever country, from whatever, it’s for
everybody, she really is. (music)

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