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  1. I was at your point a year ago, I was motivated to learn but I didn't know much of anything. haha i practiced and practiced…now im one of the best dancers in my city 🙂
    If the passion for dancing is there, nothing is going to stop you from greatness.

  2. u r the best Matt.. don't think about the Haters… all people watching ur vids are amazed by ur simple but extraordinary teaching.. 2 thumbs Up..

  3. Hey Matt! you are an amazing dancer and I really really appreciate the time you put into making this videos. Thank you so much! You are a huge inspiration! xoxo

  4. He is making this look far easier than it really is lol. Still a really good tutorial though. Not too dumbed down and not too complicated.

  5. Im only going left, but I'm learning. Lol. It's actuallly kind of fun! I wanted to learn this from watching Teach Me How To Glide from hoiitsroi 🙂 haha

  6. tatz bcoz hes so awesome!!!
    one of the rare ones in the world who could perform every part of hip hop perfectly!!!

  7. Ive watched your tutorial again tonight, and I got the basic principle of gliding you've shown in this tutorial. Thanks a lot Matt for your tutorial. 😀

  8. It sucks so much to have to practice and try to master these kind of gliding moves when you have a floor at home that won't slide for shit.

  9. hey Matt!! i hav a Q. im good at the moonwalk and im trying to get the glide down, a prob im having is tht my shoes stick to the floor a lot. even with my moonwalk tht iv done lik a billion times, they sometimes stick and it messes up the illusion, can u give me some advice or tips on how to help my situation?

  10. "Pssht, that first step is easy. I got it committed to muscle memory in no time. Time to glide like a pro– Oh gawd, I can't."

    Now, at least. But I can get there. 😛 Learning from this videos has been fun. Thank you for taking the time to make them.

  11. Gee.. I don't think I can do it~
    No.. not yet! Because I'm to embarassed to try this in front of my family x)
    Silly me xD

  12. you need better shoes.
    or better place.

    or maybe you are sticking your feet to the ground hard..
    don't even put much power in your feet that has no weight on it.

    i hope i helped.

  13. Woowwwww, finally I found these tutorials that are very important for me to do more and more actions in practicing a dance. I can't wait to master well and fast to give a great performance, thank you so much for your great video. All are the best for you.

  14. Yey! i can do the first step…I always do that when i‘m bored or something… 😀 thank you!! 😀

  15. Really one of the best explanations and examples I have found so far. Have to watch this about a thousand more times, but one day I'll get it! thank you!

  16. Being someone who is extremely new to dance, as in, I've only danced a few days in my life, one thing I've found to be particularly helpful in learning this move is to really LIFT your toe and heel, like, lift it up off the ground. Really think about each movement and what muscles you're using to get the desired affect.

  17. starting at :26 you says to "go up on your left toe and right heel" but you actually go on the right toe and left heel. it's all backwards from there on, but otherwise great tutorial

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