1. Hydra is just better. It’s more agile, has stronger rudders, and has vtol mode so you can take it anywhere

  2. I love lazer its more fun and looks better. But Hydra is more useful, you can call it at pegasus and it will spawn on helipads

  3. The Hydra is better because its half the price of the Laser and it has more features that makes the Hydra better than the Laser like more top speed and hover mode. Maybe the acceleration is less than the Laser but its not that big of a deal

    Edit: thanks for the heart

  4. The easy way to get a laser is play the missing fair game or replay it then get to Fort zancudo and either steal a tank, titan, lazer

  5. i choice hydra because hydra and lazer almost have same features but hydra can hover and price is lower than lazer. (Edit : also hydra's max speed more than lazer)

  6. I’m new at gta online ( lvl 20 ) , but I have found a strategy to “ rent” a laser or titan etc. by calling Lester and select cops turn blind eye with the cost of 5000$ , then you have 3 minutes to leave the no fly zone and then you can have fun with your military vehicle ( or just buy the cheapest hangar and instead of “ rent “ but I haven’t tried bc I don’t have money for hangar 😡😭

  7. For me there is not a better one or a worse one, each plane has its purpose as well as the Lazer is an interceptor, (in the case of the hydra I do not have it so clear) I think the hydra would be an escort / bomber, as I said everyone has his role in combat that gives advantages or disadvantages to each other

  8. i spent nearly my 50 percent GTA time in flying jets, ground attacks and dogfighting and what i observed after 4-6 months
    1. Lazer Explosive cannon has more range but Hydra's cannon can do more damage and covers more area when you press R1 and L1 while doing ground attacks
    2. Lazer is more stable in air than Hydra and better acceleration but Hydra has more top speed.
    3. Turning in dogfight depends on flying skills, both have good turning but Hydra can be slower down its speed in dogfight easily as we can switch it into flight mode.
    4. If u want jet for ground attacks, go for Lazer as it has long range cannon so you really dont need to bring your your jet toooo close the roads. Hydra is heavier and short range cannon so we have to bring it down and it crashes on hitting street lights, poles or buildings.
    5. Pyro is best dogfighter in GTA , if you know how to fly it.
    6. Molotok can kill players on roads with missiles because it is stable enough to aim down and continious missiles.
    7. B 11 Strikeforce is better if you want to blow a lazer but it cannot evade missiles from opressor as lazer do.
    So, Pyro for dogfight, Lazer for greifing a lobby, Hydra for griefing and for some missions, its VTOL mode

    If you don't have enough money to buy a lazer, just go for Hydra. Its worth buy and i think Lazer is overpriced in GTA. What you want to do with Lazer, Hydra will not make you sad to do same. Flying good with Hydra will make you very good with Lazer.

  9. Para velocidad es mejor el caza pero para combate es mejor el hydra ya que tiene 2 modos y es más fácil de despegar si te están atacando

  10. I didn't read all the comments but I notice something that most people don't seem to know….the lazers Canon has a longer range than the Hydra does. I picked up on this after a while. This means you don't have to go dangerously low to get a kill. It also seems that the lazers flies faster at very low altitude than the Hydra, which again is a plus for avoiding the inevitable homing missiles coming at you.

  11. You can get a hangar in fort zancudo, get the cheapest one. So when u steal the lazer u only get 2 stars which is easy af to escape and dont even need to waste time calling lester. You also can spawn at the fort zancudo base as u have a hangae there, so basically u save 5.5mil and just have the lazer completely to ur self and easy af to get and you can get it when ever,anytim you need to.

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