HAGS Sosnowiec

HAGS was founded in Sweden in 1948 when
playgrounds looked a bit like this. They wanted to make the best outdoor play
equipment for children like me, so they started working with the best designers
and invented some really cool stuff. Like UniPlay, the first modular system, a
smaller version called UniMini for my little brother and Agito which is
climbing walls, slides, balance bars and climbing nets. Today, HAGS is a global
brand and an important part of the PlayPower group, but they still wanted to
create the best fun for all of us which is why they’ve built a huge new factory
in Sosnowiec Poland. It only took them seven months and now there are over 150
people working on a site that measures sixty six thousand six hundred and
thirty nine square meters, that’s big! Of course being grown-ups they want to keep
us safe, which is why they have lots of quality
and safety procedures in place, as well as being a certified company according
to ISO 9001, all of HAGS’ play equipment, fitness products for all adults and
multi-use games areas have been adapted to meet the European safety standards.
The German Technischer Überwachungsverein or TUV for short, has the most
extensive and advanced testing and approval procedures in the world. HAGS
meet these standards which means my mum knows I’m always safe when I play on
their equipment. They make sure all of their products won’t harm the
environment too. HAGS has a computerised wood cutting machine that reduces waste
and saves 100 pine and birch trees every year and they’ve switched to solvent
free powder coating finishing to reduce the impact of steel production on the
environment, that’s why they can offer market-leading guarantees on the
materials they use. When HAGS products have passed safety tests and quality
control they’re ready to be distributed to 73 countries all over the world. HAGS
new factory in Poland can produce more play equipment to higher standards than
ever before, which means more fun, excitement, adventure and play for all
generations. HAGS, inspiring all generations.

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