Halloween Horror Nights RIP Tour Guide goes on RIP Experience for the FIRST TIME at USS HHN9

Dejiki: Traveloka Xperience… outside (the park) Susie: Yes I want to try also Dejiki: You want to try also? Susie: I want to try Traveloka crew: Hi Hi, I got featured again ah haha Dejiki: Feature feature, lai lai What you all win? SN: $30 and $10 (vouchers) Susie: Umbrella here have or not? Umbrella Traveloka crew: ah have, in front ah I dunno maybe you can buy, or either you… Susie: No buy lah I want to win nah! Traveloka crew: That’s why! Traveloka crew: Win cannot, if you want to get the umbrella you must redeem it from the – you know the Traveloka app you buy tickets then you can get the umbrella Susie: ok nevermind I’ll go inside and scream inside scream got higher chance, there I saw you that night also Traveloka crew: Yeah I remember, I remember Susie: Yes, yes Traveloka crew: Bring all the guests Traveloka crew: Bring all the guests ah, very good I like, I like, I love it Susie: What’s that? Dejiki: Huh this one only got sports towel, this one TM: Which one just now you take? the one facing the globe TM: oh no wonder i picked the same one ok lah got what other things ah Traveloka crew: You can get up to $30 voucher TM: Oh so that’s the best one already Susie: I haven’t tried yet, what’s the highest? Traveloka crew: $30 (voucher) Susie: k i’m going to try SN: $30 there there there Susie: She said here Where’s the $30 ones? You tell me? Traveloka crew: *laughs* ahh… Susie: You must tell me, tell me, I won’t tell people there ah Bye bye! *walks away* Dejiki: but this one – no wonder this one so long queue! because got $30 voucher, cause people now know.. [tumbling noises inside] Susie: What is this????? Traveloka crew: Must find ball.. Dejiki: Hahaha what is that? Susie: Why got cup one? Traveloka crew: $10 Susie: Yay $10!! $10 buy ice cream is it? Traveloka crew: $10 buy ice cream you can buy anything you want boss! Traveloka crew: Thank you! TM: Is it the same? Yeah it’s the same code Dejiki: OMG, so the best prize here is the sports towel. Hahaha Guide: Here you go Susie I hope it’s not too tight, there you go! Susie: Ok very good excellent. Good job Is it exactly one finger? Yes, one finger. excellent, good perfect one finger [Departing the VIP Reception to enter the park] [Anyway this vlog is filmed quite spontaneously so there will be a lot of random moments] Susie: *laughing* Oh wah you got fan base already! Dejiki: Wow your fans! Susie: Wah got fan base already, WOW! Now our guide is bringing us to Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor for our dinner So Afdhal are you excited? Guide: I am! Susie: You’re excited? Guide: I’m more stressed but I think I’m doing fine Susie: You’re excited being my guide? Guide: I am actually, yes Susie: Oh fantastic, yes, ok Dejiki: I’m back here at Universal Studios Singapore for my second RIP Experience a very special one ’cause someone’s going for the RIP Experience for the first time in 9 years Our guide is bringing us to Loui’s for the pre-event dinner Susie: Rashid where are you going? Rashid: I’m going back… bye! Susie: You’re going back, bye!! Guide: Ok guys, so right now this is where you’ll be having your RIP ala carte dinner so after this you guys will be given RIP viewing for the scaremony Susie: I just met some of my regulars so I just said hello to them, chit chat with them they said they requested for me but then suddenly see me i’m actually on tour too, so I already chit-chatted with them very loyal customers wah just now at Hollywood so funny at Hollywood was so funny, Hollywood I was videoing him, he’s videoing me is it Then all of you videoing me its so funny hahaha People got ring light, I also got ring light [Time to head outside] TM: 3, 2, 1, goooooooo ok Susie: Can you tag me please TM: Is it blur? Undertaker: Welcome to Halloween Horror Nights 9! [The night has begun!] Dejiki: Wow, people are running in all directions! Guide: My name is Afdhal, ok and I need you guys to remember my name it is very important because in case you guys get lost right let’s hope it doesn’t happen but just in case you guys get lost you need to find someone wearing the same badge as me and just let them know you are on RIP Tour okay, and that your guide’s name is…? Dejiki: Afdhal! Guide: Afdhal, ok that’s right! ok so you guys go that? Our first stop right, we are going to be going for the 8PM Skin & Bones show so we’ll be heading over to Pantages now Everyone follow me alright? Let’s go! Susie: We’re going where again? Guide: Pantages Dejiki: Every RIP Experience Tour Guide has a different strategy to clear all the houses haunted houses, zones and shows so for this – for tonight we are going to Skin & Bones first How’s the experience so far? as a guest? Susie: Oh it’s wonderful! So i’ll just leave it to the guide to plan for the night Everybody have different style right so, let’s enjoy the show Guide: Right now we’re going to head into the show and after the show I managed to secure a private audience for you guys with the Undertaker himself So after the show, you guys just stay seated in your seats I will come and get you guys after the crowd dissipates so you guys just relax in your seats, I’ll come get you guys, ok? Bones: Scary huh? Skin: We’ve also setup what you’ll experience in the haunted houses! Whoohoohoo hoo I’m so excited! Susie: What happen is that, for raining right, haunted houses is fine Just afraid that the scare zones that the scare actor won’t come out we have to wait out for them so when we walk in the scare zone, we are the scare actor itself *laughing* [Arrival of the Undertaker] Dejiki: So this version of the Undertaker is exclusive for RIP Experience guests in the Dead End you can only meet the version of him wearing the hood and not the top hat Plus the Dead End venue is really hard to take photos, cause it’s so dark Finally out of Pantages and we’re going to haunted houses as part of our RIP experience Guide: This is the first time Halloween Horror Nights has collaborated with the Thai horror film directors of Shutter and 4Bia Paween Purijitpanya and Parkpoom Wongpoom So right now we are gonna enter… Curse of The Naga that’s right! So now we’re all tourists, and we’re just touring Thailand walking to the talads , or the night markets and then we’re gonna be magically transported into jungles of Thailand Maybe you’re gonna meet the Naga herself in the village, which is cursed all right, we’re gonna go in, so everyone just follow my light wand ok? Alright guys the path is gonna be kinda of narrow, so follow me and stay single file ok and it’s slippery right now cause it’s wet so follow me ok? so right now this is where you’re gonna feel like royalty do you see all those people queuing in the rain? Susie: Royalty? Can I be princess? Guide: Can, I’m gonna call you Queen Susie ok? Susie: a Queen Susie, alright! Dejiki: Wah QUEEN ah Susie: Queen Susie alright! Guide: Prince Nicholas, ok Dejiki: *LOLLL* Guide: So right now you guys are gonna go in and you see them all we’ll do is we’re gonna saunter in ahead and we’re just gonna get into the house alright? Susie: Alright, ok Guide: Everyone ready? Make sure you stick to your left ok? Susie: Ok, somebody uh.. they just jump queue… Dejiki: *laughing* Is this safe?? (the other tour group walking along the right side) Susie: Lucky we take picture already You see my you see my this part – no more skin! hahaha Guide: (…) Death Trap. And Savage, he’s the leader, he’s also there So right now we’re gonna go in and enjoy the scare zone and we’re gonna walk to our next house, ok? So I’ll be leading you guys through the scare zones so you guys can take pictures and everything so just make sure you follow me ok? Everyone easy? Alright let’s move out Dejiki: In the rain, I think they can parade to Sci-Fi, and then at the EVAC side, U-Turn and come back LOLLL Susie: Yeah, probably they do that [Check out the link in comments for the Death Fest LIVE show video] Dejiki: Whoa even more people tonight Guide: Everyone gather over here so right now I’m going to borrow one of Susie’s moves and I’m gonna stand up here so you all can hear me and see me ok? Susie: Yes I can see you now Guide: ok so right now we are going to enter Hell Block 9 where every single night prisoners scream and wail in agony and fear You guys know why? No one? it’s because the warden who’s inside there – can you see him on top there? That’s right Susie: The warden is not around Guide: He’s inside there (in the tower) Susie: Oh. ok Guide: They say right, that if you go into Hell Block 9 there is no way you are coming back out again, except in a body bag so right now all of you have committed a crime – murder, assault, burglary so right now you’re all sentenced to Hell Block 9… Susie: The body bag can be PRADA? Guide: Can, it’s up to the warden, you can ask him, ok? So now we’re going into Hell Block 9 and see if you can come back alive and in one piece, everyone ready? [after Hell Block 9] Have you guys ever heard of the legend of the village of Nagoro? Dejiki: Yes. Guide: You have what about the rest of you guys? Have any of you been to Japan? Okay I can tell you guys right now that this is not like any of the experience that you have seen The village of Nagoro, the entire village right they were slaughtered and murdered by a doll possessed by the spirit of Yumi, that’s right and now inside those dolls are the spirits of those people they’re still alive but they can’t breath, they can’t move imagine what can of life they’re living right now so right now we are going to go to the village of Nagoro and we are going to go through and see if we can come out alive in one piece and without becoming one of these hand stitched life-size dolls all right? are you ready? [After this we went to The Chalet Hauntings] You guys heard of a case right when five teenagers disappeared? No? Ok so actually right five teenagers disappeared and its actually quite recent and there was a nationwide manhunt looking for them their parents, the police, nobody could find them so they’ve given up, its sad to say so what we are going to do this Halloween right, we are going to go back to where it all began the chalet where it all began and we are going to uncover all the dark secrets and all the vengeful spirits that haunt these hallowed grounds Have you guys had any chalet horror experiences before? anyone? why is it just me for all of these things ah? ok so everyone just follow me alright Susie: Did you all book deluxe room or not? You all book deluxe room? Dejiki: Yeah book the whole chalet already, book the whole building! Susie: Yeah deluxe room deluxe room [HHN8 vlogs featured some roaming express pass boy]
Dejiki: ’cause it was a boy! [HHN8 vlogs featured some roaming express pass boy]
Susie: oh last time was a boy Dejiki: Yeah now this one is an Express Pass lady Express pass lady! Susie: Express pass lady, yes! You guys want to come buy express?? 70 minutes, 90 minutes, 60
minutes, 80 minutes, and 90 minutes! come on guys Dejiki: I see a lot of people have bought already [there’s a line waiting to enter Express line] Where’s our guide? Oh ok here here Susie: oh sorry! [lol we were causing a mini commotion with our tour group right behind us] Guide: okay guys so Chalet Hauntings, how was it? You guys enjoyed it? So before you guys said you didn’t have any chalet horror stories, right? Well now you guys have one you can share with all your friends Ask them to book RIP Experience ok? Dejiki: LOL Guide: So our last house is coming up, and before that we have one scare zone Just to let you guys know right now there are no scare actors inside the scare zone because of the weather The Undertaker doesn’t like the rain so he asked all his henchmen to go back to the underworld ok? Susie: Hahaha Good job. Hahaha Guide: So let’s go on to Dead End, the dead zone first alright Susie: Undertaker don’t like raining Guide: Right now we are gonna head into Dead End, the Undertaker’s realm ok? so right now that is where all his followers normally perform their macabre funeral rites right but right now they have all stopped it because of the rain and like I said the Undertaker does not like rain so we’re still gonna walk through we’re gonna go at a slow pace guys you want to take pictures, you can let me know we’ll stop to take pictures and we can move on alright so I’ll be leading you guys follow me follow the light wand and you know, everyone got it? Understood? Alright let’s go! Susie: Ehh must take picture at the coffin! But always long queue ah! See the queue now, it’s very long Yeah later later, no!! there’s two coffins here to choose [the scare zone’s usual creepy ambient music wasn’t working] [This is the Undertaker (ZONE ver.)] Guide: surprisingly I was more scary than the scare actors inside for one person Susie: she screamed right? Guide: she screamed, she ran, I said I’m sorry from the distance and she still ran and I feel very hurt but I’m also very happy about that because my makeup somehow works then so right now they’re training the next-generation of red-nosed killers, ok? And we are going in there to get our degrees I already graduated with my bachelor degree in the art of strangling and other methods of devious murder ok? so right i’m your senior we’re all gonna go in, gonna get your degree and come out is that what you think is gonna happen? Guest: I hope so Guide: You hope so? okay right now- Susie: I want to get degree Guide: okay everyone who wants a degree in killing right leave my tour right now and don’t come back i don’t want to talk to you already ok i’m kidding ok! Make sure you turn off your lanyards, the glowstick, you guys know what to do right, all right We’ll just wait for… Dejiki: Susie left already.. [HHN9 second weekend update: Lights and effects added to house exterior props] Guide: I have graduated, you all have failed right… so we have all also finished 5 haunted houses and 2 scare zones and the shows So, is there anything else that you guys want to do? I know some of you want to go on the attractions, ride the rides you guys have any idea which attractions you guys want to go to? [We managed to revisit 4 houses again with VIP access] First of all, I want to thank you guys for being such amazing guests tonight Thank you first of all, and you know you guys are really attentive and made my tour a whole lot more easy Guests: Yayyy!! Susie: Thank you Afdhal Guide: Also a special shout out to Susie for keeping me calm a little bit Susie: Of course! of course our lovely trainee Guide: And I was, but you know, I calmed down so thank you so much Once again thank you so much for coming with me for this tour Your guide Afdhal, and I am signing off! Susie: You know the pink colour ball, the eyeball? Also can deflate The only thing cannot deflate is like the emoji, the ghost, and the hams… and the hamster this Joel is trying to win the emoji Still on point right? Dejiki: Nobody’s responding TM: Yes Susie: Thank you TM: I cannot even see, its on the other side lol Susie: Transfer? Manually I did it! No, it’s not a transfer guys, it’s makeup Hahahaha it’s not a transfer! Signing off!! Dejiki: I thought signing in! Susie: Signing in to go where? Now we are going to haunted houses via the… Express.. Unlimited Express which is sold anywhere in the park outside at booth So funny!!!! [after this we all went to all 5 haunted houses again, using Express] [at Twisted Clown University] Dejiki: Susie, missing your original job? Susie: No!!!! Hahahaha Going by express this time! because at the end of the tour, so we use our unlimited express wristband Dejiki: Too dark to see hahaha Susie: Ok fine cut! There’s nobody here in the queue anymore (at Chalet Hauntings) Where is everybody? Susie: OMG I am going in alone! Dejiki: Yeah you’re going in alone! Susie: We’re going into Spirit Dolls by ourselves! There’s no queue! Attraction Operations crew: Yeah just go in Susie: Wow, the experience will be very very different Absolutely no queue Dejiki: Wow, that’ll be quite scary [If you feel that the houses have no kick you should go in ALONE when there’s NO QUEUE] so it’s almost 1:00AM and there’s barely anyone in the queue already Susie: This is already how many times you are going? How many times? 4th time? Dejiki: Lost count already Susie: 4th time, 4th time (at Hell Block 9) so it’s very worth it, Unlimited Express after the tour Dejiki: Bananas left alone Susie: They are guarding the entrance of the Curse of the Naga This is the first time for me walking the express lane Dejiki: So we’re finally at our last house and I think I’m losing my voice already, so this vlog may not have a proper ending Susie: So you’re gonna vlog it? Dejiki: I don’t know In the end, we managed to dash back to Hell Block 9 at 1:29PM just as the park sweep was about to start The sound effect you are hearing now is for the RIOT taking place within If this riot siren is in effect, you can’t enter Hell Block 9. But if you’re inside when it’s happening…… Also the people in the background are from Traveloka booth seen in the start of the vlog lol That’s all for this RIP Experience! Thank you for watching!

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  1. Was this a peak or off peak night? For off peak night, there should be plenty of time to revisit houses with RIP access, right?

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