HELICOPTER PARENTS // The Sims 4: Mega Famous Celebrity Bowler #2

Hi everybody, it’s Kayla and welcome back to Speed Build Sunday Hi everybody, it’s Kayla and welcome back to the Mega Famous Celebrity Bowler let’s play. Now today, my friends, Tommy Oakes here, he’s having a hard time. And basically he- he’s fighting his enemies right now. I told you last week about these people that he knows that he absolutely despises… Uh… The Rock and Rollers, his- his enemy team, led by Lenny. He despises that guy, also Beth is part of it- Where’s the other one? She’s over here too- *this* one. We don’t even know her. *Hate* her! Josie… Let’s kill her. I mean, well, not kill her, just…… You know what I mean. Also, he’s now got a bad reputation because he has so many enemies. I was sitting here, like, fighting him, and then got this bad reputation thing. “When attempting to make new friends with new sims, there’s a chance they’ll have already heard of Tommy’s disreputable actions, thus starting the relationship off on the wrong foot” Which is perfect because now everybody already hates Tommy! The poor guy really can’t win, huh. but, yeah, I really hate Lenny. He’s not my favorite person. Wait- wait, hang on. I can mock an uncool adult? I’m gonna do that, I think that’s funny also and then I wanna maybe… see the thing is Tommy isn’t that aggressive or really that cool of a guy, like he would never throw a drink or shove this person. like he would just be like “you’re old” like he would never actually fight him, obviously because he would get beat up. *But* he will just sit here and be mean to him new quirk emotion bomb. Tommy is find- Wait, hang on “Tommy is finding it difficult to process his negative emotions in a healthy manner. feelings of anger or sadness quickly become Overwhelming and always result in an overdramatic emotional meltdown.” Oh my god. I have never related to anything more in my life. Well, Tommy now has an emotion bomb fame quirk? That’s fun. ooh did i just-? Oh, his dad just made some money. That’s good. We weren’t… we didn’t need the money But I mean if you want to come home from work, I guess that’d be fine too. Here Just come use the bath- is there no toi-…? There’s no toilet in that bathroom. Who am I? The Sims team? What-? How did I mess that up so badly? Sorry, that was actually shade towards Get Famous. If you missed it, There’s no toilets in many of the bathrooms in Del Sol Valley. So, haha. Nice work, Kayla, funny funny. I was gonna have him order food, but I guess he grabbed a BLT. You do what you need to do, Tommy, you just- you eat your BLT in peace over here. Poor kid. Aw, there’s some friends here. Wait… Tommy doesn’t have any friends… Maybe I should work on that a little bit. Also now that we have… Uh… (laughing) …UI cheats and MC Command Center back, I could fix the relationships the way I wanted them to be, because I wanted him to, like, hate Charles but have like a bit of romance there and with UI cheats I can do that. So, he hates Charles, but there’s like a secret crush. Okay. Also, I got some comments that were like Kayla. He should have Charles and Tommy date and I was like Uh huh (laughs) That’s the plan. I just thought it was funny that people were like, “Kayla here’s an idea” and I was like “hmm an original idea that I hadn’t thought of before… Thank you.” There’s like a pretty big squad around here too. Should I say hi to them? It looks like Tommy won. (le gasp) It’s singles night at the bar! Oh and Tommy’s really upset, okay. (nervous laughter) Hmm… Maybe now’s a bad time for singles night, actually. Tommy is like crying. Here. Okay. Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy…Tommy It’s a Saturday night. We’re gonna go home… Okay. Aw, he used to live here, but then I moved him into Del Sol Valley. He used to live, like, right next to the bowling alley and then he got moved and forced into Del Sol Valley where he has to live with his family and be a star even though he just wants to be a bowler. I don’t think Tommy wants to be famous. I think he just wants to bowl and he’s just being forced into the spotlight, which is terrible. But, also that’s how it started. But now he kind of like thrives on that Fame but like deep down does Tommy want this? I don’t think so. Here. You know what Tommy, are you…? Don’t just- what are you gonna do? Oh, he’s asking his dad for advice. (sad Kayak noises) That’s actually kind of sad. Ooh textmergency “I texted someone but they didn’t text back and it’s been like an hour Should I text them again?” Mmm, his dad’s gonna tell him “Yes”. Guys, Can I just give you some advice? It depends on who the person you’re talking to is but, like, if you, like, said “Hey” an hour ago And they didn’t reply don’t- don’t do that again. But if you ask them like an important question like “Hey, what was the homework?” and they didn’t reply, then be like “Hello! The homework!”, but if you’re just like trying to chat and they didn’t reply, don’t text them again. Ah geez, oh my god, these people giving you bad advice and ruining Tommy’s life. Anyway, that was advice with Simsie! Ahh… haha… yikes… You know, the kid has some homework. I might have him do that. Drama Club. Ooh. Oooh. I think I might have Tommy get in this. “Join Drama Club. As a Drama Club member, you perform in local place and eventually hone those fine acting skills. Crying on demand is useful in plays, as well as getting out of things” Mm-hmm can confirm. “Impress your classmates and parents with your ability to become virtually anyone. Just make sure you don’t do anything embarrassing on stage, because those memories will last a lifetime” Boom We’re in. Here, I’m gonna have him practice acting for a little bit. So here’s the deal, right? Tommy… … is being forced into this Drama Club by his parents. Because, again, all Tommy wants to do is bowl, but his mom is like “No no Tommy. You need to be a celebrity!” and so she’s pushing everything she possibly can to make him famous. Why are you going to bed at 9 p.m? No, no. Practice Acting Acquired the acting skill. Acquired the acting skill!? “Tommy’s new skill in acting allows him to practice acting in the mirror or with the microphone”, It looks like. Okay… Poor Tommy is being forced to run lines in a mirror by himself. He doesn’t want this or deserve this. Oh boy, oh my- Oh my god! This is not something I ever wanted to see! Why does he look like that!? Oh my god, speaking of first person. I posted a video- Ooh. I posted a video on Thanksgiving… where I-I made- I don’t even want to call it a machinima because it is not. I did not put effort into that video. I was on stream like joking around in first person and then I was like wait what if I like my sim self day-in-the-life on Thanksgiving and I just like played with first-person camera for like a sim day and then cut it into like a 13 minute video and Put it on YouTube. I did. I just put wii music on it It took me like 30 minutes to make but I put it up and it’s so dumb, but I’ll link it down below It’s called friendsgiving a sims 4 story so stupid Okay, you’re making me sick Tommy, I can’t deal with this anymore. Alright buddy buddy buddy buddy buddy, are you done acting yet 50% how much acting do you need to do I’ll make him stay up all night and finish this i feel like his mom is. that’s why he’s in his mom’s bathrooms because she wants to hear him acting like he’s being forced to act all night until he gets ready. He needs to be prepared for his first club tomorrow Well, not quite tomorrow, but you know on Monday, he’s got to be ready. Okay? Oh, he’s complete. Okay, Tommy, I’m sorry Ooh, yikes go to sleep buddy. I feel kind of bad. I’m ruining this kid’s life this is why Tommy turns out so awful is because his parents were like Helicopter parenting and using him for everything his whole life. Why are you up? Does she wake up at 5:00 a.m She wakes up at 5:00 a.m. Every morning. Oh my god, she wakes up waiting, huh? She wakes up and does yoga at 5:00 a.m. Every morning I just decided that that’s what she does that feels So fitting to me like to go out in the front yard and do yoga at 5:00 a.m Like that’s how I’m trying to be. Okay. Do yoga routine do a mind concentrating yoga routine in her bowling outfit. Oh my god. This is just Do you think she believes that if she like Tries to concentrate her mind while wearing a bowling Uniform it like puts out energy into the world to make Tommy better at bowling and wait. Hang on Sorry, Teddy found some food in this trash. Can it still seems edible ish? Do you are you you ate out of the trash? Eat rummage salad? Oh my god. What a freak Oh, I hate it I hate it these people really are something huh I bet she makes Tommy do it with her sometimes but obviously he’s not up right now He’s a little bit busy not doing yoga, but I’ll get an extra mat. So her and Tommy can do yoga together eventually Well, I think that’s so fun the like I love the idea of Tommy and his mom doing yoga at 5:00 a.m On a Sunday, like I just that seemed so pleasant to me also as soon as you’re done You should come make some breakfast for oh, she flopped make some breakfast for Tommy because he deserves a real meal He stayed up until 1:00 am doing your dumb acting stuff. So you better help him at least with something now she’s all focused. Good work team. All right quick come serve some breakfast. I want some omelets make omelettes That sounds awful. Okay, eggs are terrifying I don’t want anything to do with that. The sunrise is so late in del Sol Valley I guess it is just cloudy today, but it seems so dark and it’s 8 a.m Yeesh no, no, no, no, no don’t eat yogurt your mom made you omelets, Tommy. I’m gonna lose my mind (deep breath) Sorry, okay, it’s fine. Everything’s fine Aw look at the little family breakfast and everything. awww Also, Tommy always looks so angry like without fail Every single time. He just always looks so mad. He’s almost up and ready to go But I think as soon as he’s done getting ready Oh my god, my sims and their messes as soon as he’s done getting ready I think I might send Tommy out to the bowling alley again. I think it’s time for some team practice some Team-building wait no, let’s go team build somewhere We’re gonna take his little team- Is he taking a selfie right now? I’m sorry. You get out of the shower. And you’re like, look at me. I’m so cool and attractive looking Tommy………….. Tommy: uh huh Kayla: “Uh-huh” he says Okay, we’re gonna take his team to the park and we’re gonna make them team build a little bit Obviously not this Park because that one is sad and sucks, but we’ll take them to like mmm Maybe oasis Springs. I bet it’s like nice outside like I bet it’s hot outside and like probably decent to visit Right? bring Eddie and Isa Yikes We’re trying our best here, my friends good morning team. How are all of you Let’s show off our outfit to her and maybe try and talk to them a little bit. I want them to like him I know he’s so unlikable But like I want also I wish that you were wearing pink you could match we could all match. Hang on Give them a pink hot weather outfit I like the idea of Tommy being like no, we have a color scheme and we have to stick to it Like I just I think that he’s that type. Okay. What kind of soft pink are we working with here? Maybe mmm Maybe not that one. Uh, how about a pink polo that works that fits the color scheme I Think that’s fine. As long as it fits Tommy’s color scheme. We should be good also I don’t really care what he wears to be honest. I just want him to match. We need like a vibe Oh, this isn’t where I wanted to be. I Was playing with Tommy oakes bring me back to where I belong. I don’t care about Addison and Teddy Who do you think I am? All right team. We’re back. Look at us. We look so good Oh, I want to get a squad pic. Hang on this is so dumb I think Tommy just got a text from From Charles Gilmour because I wouldn’t be surprised if he did look at how quickly he replied. Oh wait Money phone oh My god, as if you have that much money kid I hate him. I hate Tommy Oaks but I also love him so I shouldn’t talk but My god, I have barely ever used this swingset feature and like I feel like this is the just the definition of Tommy Oaks He’s just like carefree living his life swinging on the swings. Like he’s just having his best time. Wait. Oh, I Love to swing. Oh my god. I kind of hate it in first person makes me kind of sick but like look at this Um, oh my god. Oh my god get me off. Geez. Why? Is it impossible to get a cute picture of Sims on swings? What if I just want my Sims to look cute while swinging? Like you can’t even tell what this is Oh How about that thumbnail? Okay. I don’t know where the team is But we’re we’re going to the Dust Bowl our Park time is fine. It’s time to bowl We got to get practicing because there’s a tournament coming up and if we don’t beat Lenny and the rock-and-rollers I’m gonna be upset. So just thought you guys should know get prepared my friends invite to bowl a five frame game Come on, guys. We got this. Did you mess up? Did you just flop Eddy if you mess up I can’t have you on the team I’m so upset. I feel so stressed right now. I can’t have people like this surrounding me I need people that support me and that do well Okay, he did better that time. We’re fine. Okay, sweetie What’s up with that that’s not a strike And she looks proud of herself – He’s texting Charles Gilmour again, buddy. You can’t be doing this. Oh Oh Okay. where am I? Okay Tommy Oakes has become recognized as a rising star He’s earned two more Fame points that he can use to purchase fame perks in addition he can now sign his autograph or choose to pose for pictures for other Sims a Great venue for such activities is a celebrity meet and greet event Which he can now host by selecting plan a social event via his phone. Well team We really are out here. I want to network. I want to socialize the famous Sims. What if Tommy became a bowling youtuber? Can we make can we make Tommy wait? Can Tommy like actually become a bowling youtuber imagine? Tommy’s out here making making vids stream it. live streaming his bowling tournaments – OH if James. Oh, If Charles Gilmour can get famous on the internet then so can Tommy Oakes? Oh my god. Hang on forget this bowling Sorry guys practice is canceled. I have work to do and this all stems from his deep desire to beat Charles Gilmour. anything Charles Gilmour does Tommy’s like I can do it better and It’s really unhealthy. Okay, I don’t know where to put this thing. So We have a videos, but like does it fit in our house Not really. I mean listen You got to do what you got to do living room setups. Those are really fun. We’re gonna yep. Yep. Yep Also, just go ahead and like honestly Buy the add-on components like we have the money. I wanted to make a cheerful vlog about how famous he is I want him to be like “hi guys. Tommy Oaks here. I’m kind of a big deal”. Hi everybody, its Kayla and welcome back to speed build Sunday. How long are these vlogs get out of the background? This is her trying. Oh my god, they’re trying to get their 5 seconds of fame They’re like standing behind him like oh, oh don’t mind us. we’re just walking through the house. Don’t worry about it Tommy do you think she calls him Thomas? I bet she does Ooh, oh my god Welcome to my channel. Oh I not what if I want to have a heart, but hold on We’ll call it like that or or we should be like what’s a good clickbait title? You know how these like beauty gurus they put like their their name like zoella at the end yeah the start of a new era #bowling #Tommy #oakes, #megafamouscelebritybowler No, no no edit the video come on Rise & grind kid. This will be me in like 20 minutes. I Got the media production skill and everything. I can’t wait. I’m gonna be so famous Tommy might be a bowler but he is a man of many trades and Teddy’s eating trash can food again I hate him. I hate him. Oh my god. Okay, upload the video Let’s go. I’m waiting. Wait a crazy parties going down at the bluffs? Want to go but I want to upload the video okay up. I uploaded the video. We’re going to the bluffs Listen when you get invited by Kimi Kimura to the bluffs you go to the bluffs. Who knows who could be here? it’s pouring down rain and storming we we shouldn’t have come to the bluffs. Why did I come to the bluffs? Tommy’s gonna lose his mind His hair is gonna get ruined hang on let me just Delete this sim. Okay now I get a better screenshot as you all can see Tommy Oaks here is not happy And Dean Gilmore is here. Oh my god. I did not need this right now. Let’s go act tough in front of them This is the worst day of my life Kimmy. Why did you invite me here? You knew full. Well, it was pouring down rain Why on earth would you call us to a dance party? This is not fun And now Dean Gilmore is trying to fight me. as if anything else couldn’t go wrong. I’m going home Oh my god, get me out of here. This is not This is why I tell him he doesn’t go out because when he does that happens lesson learned never again I am never leaving my house again ooh too real… Tommy, I’m so sorry here I bet your mom is like do some yoga relax yourself, you know, and so he’s like oh my god forced to do yoga yet again like the poor kid can’t escape anything his mom is constantly like “Tommy! Tommy do this! Tommy! Tommy do this next! Tommy, can you do the dishes? Tommy!” and just the whole time no matter what he does, his mom is like forcing him to do all these things. I feel terrible. Although, I do think yoga is good for him. I think this will help. He needs to like calm down maybe I should do yoga My mom is gonna watch this and be like “yeah! you should do yoga, Kayla!” i’m not, mom my mom is Addison Oakes? a conspiracy. no, she’s not even close I wish. Actually, no I don’t . No one wishes for that actually. Also, here she is in bed at 9pm because she gets up to do yoga at 5am what a freak, I’m gonna go. make sure to go ahead and leave a like and comment and subscribe and do all those fun youtube things, and in case you guys didn’t know, I post new videos every single day so i will see you all tomorrow bye everybody, oh Tommy! calm down! He’s enraged again! oh because of the lame party. Okay, bye everybody Kayla Voiceover: despite all his flaws Mega Famous Celebrity Bowler Tommy Oakes is still my all time favorite sim of all time wait

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