Helicopter Rhino Chase Scene | JUMANJI Welcome to the Jungle 2017 Movie Clip HD

– Oh, my God!
– It won’t go up! – What?
– What do you mean? The collective is busted. – What?
– It controls the plate up there… …which tilts the rotors
and controls the pitch. It’s how we go up and down. You guys? – That can’t be good.
– No way that’s good news. Albino rhinos! They’re indigenous to Jumanji.
They’re huge, white, scary, and stupid… – …and they eat people.
– No. They’re getting close! My stomach’s starting to bother me a bit. – Go up!
– I can’t go up! I think I had too many margaritas. You guys, what are we gonna do? I’ll fix the helicopter. – Yes!
– Tell me what to do. You gotta connect the flight-control rod
to the mesh plate under the rotors. Flight-control rod, mesh plate,
under the rotors. – Wait, what?
– I’ll be right back. – Spencer, where are you going?!
– Hurry up. – Be careful!
– No, no, just hurry up! All right, just gonna stand on this thingy… …pull myself up towards these
deadly helicopter blades. Okay. There’s the mesh plate. Here’s that rod thingy. – Spencer!
– Speed it up, Alex! Spencer! Hurry! Come on, fix it! – Oh, my God!
– Running out of time, Spencer! – Fix it, please!
– No, no, no. Got it! We made it! You did it!
I thought we were gonna die. – Yes!
– Nice! – Thank you. Thank you, guys.
– You did it. That was scary. What? I dropped the jewel. – What?!
– What?! – You dropped the jewel?!
– I leaned over… …thought I had to puke and I didn’t.
And it came out of my backpack. – We need the freaking jewel!
– I know. That’s the crazy part
because I know we need it. So we’re in a pickle. We’re in a pickle. Alex, turn around.
We gotta go back and get it. Yeah, let’s loop around.
Look for it. Everybody open your eyes. Let’s all look for it as a group. There! I see it! What are they doing? It’s like they’re protecting it or something. How we gonna do this? – I don’t know.
– Well, you gotta go get it, right, buddy? What do you need? Your boomerang? Maybe some scissors? A pipe wrench? Some shoelaces? I’m your valet. Whatever you
need, I can get it for you. Okay? You just say the word. – What?
– I’m sorry, buddy. Sorry for what? No. Turn us around. No! Heel! Heel! Stop! Oh, my God! – No!
– Alex, get ready to roll us… – …to the side.
– What? When I tell you, roll 90
degrees to the right. Now! You pushed me out
the helicopter, jackass!

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