Holiday Pancake Art Challenge with Kenni! FAB or FAIL?

– I’m gonna roll my sleeves up. (upbeat music) That is the creepiest
thing I’ve ever seen. (upbeat music) Hello, guys. The holidays are upon us, and, for the holidays,
I have Kenni back here. Because, if you remember, we’ve previously had a
pancake art challenge. It was a big battle. And she won. So, we’re having a rematch this time. You know, maybe I’ll
win, maybe she’ll win. – Maybe she’ll have better luck this time. – Yeah (laughs). Hurtful. – (laughs) – But we are doing a
holiday theme this time, so, we’ve got all this Christmas, New Year, Hanukkah, everything. So, we are super excited for this, but before we get on to the video, make sure to subscribe to my channel, by clicking on the red button right here. Let’s now get on to that rematch. (upbeat Christmas music) I’m gonna roll my sleeves up. Get it ready. Ready, set, go. (upbeat Christmas music) – Oh, my colors are bleeding in. (upbeat Christmas music) How are you already done? – ‘Cause I didn’t do my bow … – Oh. – till the end. – (laughs) – Mines like really tall. Yours is cute and petite though, it looks like a real candy cane. – But my bows crusty. (mumbles) – Oh don’t tear. That’d be bad. – I tore it every time last time. – You want me to help you? – Yes. – Wait. – One, two, three. – We didn’t break it wow. It’s a little bit… That’ looks really good. – The candy cane looks good. The bow looks like eyes of frog. It looks like a frog
peaking out from behind it. – Dude, I always make mine big. I always tear it. – One, two, three. (daunting music) Your bow looks good. – This is fixable. – Yeah, but your bow looks good. – The bow does look pretty good though. – The bow looks really good. – I do have to say, once
I fix it, it’ll look good. – (in unison) Three, two, one. – Boom. I told you it ripped, but
I told you I could fix it. See. – I forgot the bow. – It looks like a butterfly
carrying a candy cane. So, it works. But, Paisley is gonna be
judging all these at the end, as a collective. So, we’ll have all mine on one side and all hers on one side, but she won’t know whose is who, and then she’ll pick a side. So, yes, I’m excited. Let’s go on to the next round. (electric guitar playing) – That’s pretty easy. I think I can do this. (upbeat music) – You’re looks so spread
out and mines all like … (laughs) – It literally looks like a Who village. Is that what it’s called? Cause they always talk
have their trees tilting. I’m not kidding. – I feel like my colors are
going to bleed together. – Yeah, I feel like mine are too, because my ornaments
weren’t really cooked. You’re stars gonna fall. I can try to help, but I
don’t know if I can do it. – Okay, we’re gonna flip. One, two three. (shrieking) – Fix it. It’s okay. It works. – Oh, oh, oh, I am the pancake master. Boom. That’s how you make a pancake. – That ones good. – That is how you make a pancake. I’m back and better than ever, baby. Okay, Christmas tree finale. You ready? – (in unison) Three, two, one. – Yes. Yes. I am so proud. They look good. – It looks good but … – That pancake right there would have been the winner of our last round. I feel we’re improving a lot. – Oh yeah. – I’m so excited. I feel like I can accomplish anything now. I made pancake art. – And it’s fun. – We are definitely getting better though. (guitar playing) – (in unison) Oh no. – Okay. – Okay, this is going to be interesting. – I can do this. I can do this. This is hard. – This is very hard. This is the hardest one – This is a hard one. This is only, what, the third round? That means they’re gonna get harder. Oh no. We’re doomed. We thought we were so good. Oh yeah, yours is … I heard that crisp. I need to get a little more on it. Maybe I’ll try using this one too. – It looks good. – The yellow nose kind
of ruins it a little bit. – Yeah, it’s very vibrant. – It looks kinda good,
but the hats really large. – Mine looks like a corn on the cob, on its face, add a nose. – Snowman reveal. Boom. We are professional pancake makers now. – I think this one looks good. – I think they both look good. Next round here we come. (guitar music) – (in unison) Oh, it’s so cute. – Okay. I feel like we’re not going
to be able to do this. – Mine is so lopsided. – (laughing) That’s how mine is too. OH man, look how bad mine looks. It looks like something
has a beard or something. – Mine looks like a bear with
chicken legs on top its head. – Okay. Oh no. My antlers are going to fall off. Look the ears already. – Ready go. – I think the antlers are gonna fall. Oh, they didn’t. Oh my gosh, that’s really good. It’s lopsided in a cute way. – Mine is gonna be
lopsided in an ugly way. My antlers look like chicken legs. Did anyone see those awesome skills? (laughing) I’m done. Let’s leave now. – This is our worst round. – For me. – Ready. Set. Go. (laughing) We realized that glare is the key to making your reindeer not look dead. – The eyes look like dead
black eyes or something. – See, I did white in mine this time and then it made it look
a little bit better. – And mine’s just kinda like this, so its … – I don’t know. I don’t like how my white
and black are running together right there. Brown, I mean. Like yours, you did a
line and I chose not to, but then I realized. – I forgot I forgot the nose. – I didn’t realize that. – And look, don’t these
look like chicken legs. – They do. This is probably our worst round so far, so let’s get on to the next round. Hopefully, it’s better than this one. (upbeat music) – I think it’s gonna be easy, but then again I said that last time, so I’m not gonna say that. This is so bad already. – One eye’s bigger than the other. (laughing) – I can’t hold still. – I started laughing
while making the smile. Okay, shhh … shhh … (giggling) I can’t wait ’til we flip that around, so I can see what it looks like. – Did we curse ourselves? We said that its gonna be easy, and it’s never easy. Okay, I’m gonna go for it. – It’s so cute. – It works. It works kind of. It looks pretty good. – Yours is so cute. – It’s not my worst. You’re a master at that now. (laughing) That is the creepiest
thing I’ve ever seen. – Look his eyes bled together. – His smile’s so freaky. – Look at the bow tie, it’s uneven. You know what’s good, my squiggly lines. – (mumbling) Expectation versus reality, right here. So, we said our worst round
was the reindeer, right? – This is definitely my worst round, ever. – This is my worst round too. – Out of both videos. – (in unison) Three, two, one. – Not as proud on this one. Much of that was accidental. It just dropped from the batter as I was making the squigglies. – Yeah, this whole thing
was not accidental. I tried. Tried. – Well, let’s have Paisley pick a winner. Okay Paisley, your ready? Which one do you think looks better. – [Paisley] This one. – [Kamri] That one? Okay. Now this one. Which one do you think looks better. – [Paisley] This one. – [Kamri] Okay. This one? – [Paisley] That one. (giggling) – That was no hesitation. (laughing) – What about this one. – [Paisley] That one. – Okay. Last one, okay? – [Paisley] This one. – Yes. – I got two. – It was three to two. I won you picked mine. – Good job Pais. – Good job. Yay. – I really wanna try one. (giggling) – Thank you guys so much
watching this video. You guys can comment down below, what you would have picked
if you were the judge. Well, I won overall,
but last time Kenni won. So, now it’s one to one, technically. So, we might have to do
another pancake art video. Also comment down below
what season or whatever you want us to do over. It can be Easter. I don’t know what’s another holiday? Valentine’s Day? – Yeah. – That could maybe work. Make sure you also subscribe to my channel by clicking this button right here. And you can check out some
more of my other videos by clicking over here. And we will see you soon. Bye.

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  2. These are my opinions on who won each round (These may not be right, but they're my opinions):
    Round 1 (Candy Cane): Kamri
    Round 2 (Christmas Tree): Kamri
    Round 3 (Snowman): Kenni
    Round 4 (Reindeer): Kamri
    Round 5 (Gingerbread Man): Kamri
    KAMRI WON!!!!!!
    Sorry Kenni…
    Like if you agree!!!

  3. Round 1-Kenni

    Round 2-Kamri

    Round 3-Kamri

    Round 4-Kamri

    Round 5-Kamri


    KAMRI WON!!!!🎉🎈

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