Holiday Scoliosis Exercises – Ellie Ham

Hi I’m Eleanor Ham, I’m 19 years old and I
came to Scoliosis SOS two years ago. I think I’m quite
good at doing my exercises at home because I have the equipment to, however, when I
come on holiday I think I really struggle. So, I’ve done a video to go
through what I do on holiday to help people who might be struggling like I do. So, the equipment I’ve brought from
home is two bean bags and a thera-band. Okay, so I’ve found a little area where I can lie down. With the two beanbags that I brought on holiday, I’m going to put them where they should be in accordance to our sideline with the pole. and then I’ve also found a bag of risotto that can help me because I need a little extra beanbag. With the thera-band, I’m going to wrap it around my feet, like I would in fits legs. So, that would kinda do two at a time. Then I have found a broom to help and can act as the pole. So, take a rotational breath in. Shoulder back and hold for six. Breathe in. So, first of all, you do your corrections and then you do your fits arms. Deep rotational breath. Hold for six. For the next video, I’m going to do
muscular cylinder. I’m using a ledge, however, you could use a table or chair or
anything like that. So, for the next one, I’m going to do P
and F in prone and all you need this one is your thera-band and one of these
just to go under your ribs or wherever you put it. So you do a rotational breath in. Shoulder back. And knee down. Just going to finish off with some spinal mobility. So, first of all I’m going to do happy cat, sad cat. And then I’m going to thread the needle. And then swap sides. So, I hope you enjoyed my 5-minute little
video on my holiday exercises. Things like hanging you can do on a door,
you can do your stretches and swimming’s really good too., thank you.

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