How Stephon Clark Was Killed by Police in His Backyard | NYT – Visual Investigations

Sacramento police released
video of the shooting death of Stephon Clark, who was shot
by police in his backyard. He was unarmed. Here’s what police body camera
and helicopter footage shows. Eight minutes later, officers arrive
at a house in the area. At this point, it’s unclear
where the suspect is. Moments later, the helicopter
alerts the officers that they’ve spotted
an individual. This is 22-year-old
Stephon Clark. They run to Clark’s home. The officers spot Clark. At this moment, Clark moves
toward the officers. “Show me your hands!
Gun, gun, gun!” Then Clark drops to his
hands and knees. They continue to fire. Two minutes and
50 seconds later, the officers try to
communicate with Clark. Five minutes after the last
bullet, they go check on him. There was a cellphone
next to Clark’s body. No guns were found. Officers involved have been
put on paid leave as district and city attorneys investigate.

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  1. After publishing this initial report, we took a closer look. It resulted in a moment-by-moment record of the 23 seconds that led to the police killing Stephon Clark:

  2. Moral of this story is…Don't have anything in your hand, pen (gun), cell phone (gun), keys (gun), cupcake (gun)…apparently everything in the hand becomes a gun when officers get stressed and can't differentiate or process events quickly enough due to lack of consistent under duress training. Going to the range to shoot 50 rounds every six months at a paper target does not count.

  3. He is shot dead on the floor and the cops still continue to arrest the poor guy, its a shame to what god sees, the Sacramento police department should Undergo charges.

  4. i was 13 and had the Lg shine and was walking at night and cops ulled up on me and almost shot me cuz they said it looked like the shine of a crome gun dumbasses

  5. I mean hey it’s dark af out your scared, your adrenaline is pumping your thinking about your wife and kids at home while your chasing a man who has disobeyed an order to stop then turns to comfort you and a cell phone gets mistaken for a weapon, how many of you would have pulled the trigger

  6. That's what it's degenerated to……………………..just robo-response and command and pop pop pop…..then go through the medical system trained commands and other bs. It's all gotten so by the book and by the rules that the police have turned into robotic response firearms platforms with little to no other real job inside a city. Just no hope for this country …..I've worked security and Jails all my life and I have seen it in the last 20 years go from critical thinking and by the book when needed to this added rule book so thick and so long that no one can remember all the rules, regs, do's and dont's so they pick a few simple one's to follow to stay at work and alive and that's what they stick to 100% It causes mistakes and no critical thinking………………….RoboCop basically. ( Stop! gun gun gun pop pop ) next call ( Stop Stop! gun pop pop….!) next call ( Stop hands, gun pop pop )

  7. Real cops would not handle the way these idiots with badges and guns handled it stupid people make me mad they just wanted to shoot someone

  8. Lots of U.s police i saw in youtube is for killing people, assault and breaking the laws not for peace. Maintain your country first

  9. The problem with America is that the chances of someone pulling a gun on a officer is quite high. All these school and police shootings are caused by the free gun laws. I myself love guns, enjoy gun ranges and like the idea of being able to protect myself but you have to wonder if this is really worth it.

  10. What I don't get is that police shoot first and ask questions never like I don't get that but if it's a light skinned person they would ask questions first and shoot never

  11. I just have 1 genuine question, why didn't he just yield to the authorities if he was innocent? They shot because he was running from them, that alludes to possibly being guilty. I'm not saying they didn't have ulterior movies, but it defintely didn't help. You know these white cops are trigger happy looking for ANY reason to shoot you.

  12. "We need to know if your ok" u just shot the man like 5 times would u be ok? This has been going on way to much . Yall cops r rlly blowing me buh if we would have done that to yall ,we would be wrong

  13. *Shoots bout 20 bullets *
    *Shoots Clark *
    "Police" can you hear us
    "Police "Show us your hands
    We need to know if your ok
    (Nah I'm not ok yall just shot me )

  14. After 20 shoot /show me your hands/You want to help him right you already help him with your gun (You what I can't understand about the police?They always scared for their lives but they will not ran for cover always coming looking for a way to killed you and say fear for our lives

  15. So. The dude runs around the neighborhood stealing whatever he wants and all of a sudden he's the victim???

  16. Funny thing was the wife had said in a text to “go along with it” (in jest the lethal drugs he had taken a picture of) but once money’s there she’s crying

  17. ‘’We need to know if your okay!’’….after taking a dozen shots to the body….America…land of the free…to shoot

  18. We need to speak up all us we need to talk to the media I might be only 12 but I have been shot at at the age of 4 and shot at with a BB gun at the age of 11 and I say it’s racist the community needs to know I’ve been dealing with racism since age 4 it needs to stop its ridiculous how the world is like this why can’t we just get along and happy and not worry about this anymore one of me favorite people Dr Martin Luthier King Jr said he had a dream to stop the racism and be free of hate but how manny years later this stuff happens *Shaking my head this is just disappointing and depressing how the world is Like this so let’s speak up tell the community the world to stop, just be chill and get along it’s just sad it’s beyond sad it’s just pathetic

  19. People just read the title and assume that that’s all there is to the story. At least research a little bit more until you hate these officers

  20. Why was he busting windows out of cars? What was he doing? It just seems to me it's easy to not get shot…but then I live in the real world you nyt 's rag…

  21. All of you in the comments are so uninformed. Go read the DA report of what actually happened. He literally pointed his phone at the officers in a shooting position.

  22. In his own backyard? That's effed up. once you run into your backyard it should be like home base; a safe spot. The police should just leave you alone after that. Duh! NYT is so smart.

  23. I don’t know whose more ignorant the constables, or the murder victim. I sure hope YHWY brings these murderers to justice, they are out of control. No wonder he calls the government the beast in the Bible, pure evil. People need to realize anytime the constables come out at night, they need to hide, and run for your life. They will imagine guns, shoot you 100 times, and still demand you to do jump through hoops when you are dying or dead already. Then after all that they will turn off all of the cameras, and plot out how the murder took place, so they all have their story, and paper work all straightened out

  24. I do believe they employ the Mentally Challenged !

    After shooting 7-8-9 times
    They want to know if He’s ok !

    This is amerikkka

  25. I don’t care about what y’all say cuz y’all just downplaying and the police shot him on purpose point blank period

  26. After like the 8th bullet,the pigs🐷🐷In blue can now see his guts but are still bidding for hands 🖐🏿🖐🏿

  27. I’m just gonna say for all the cop hater and black lives matter folk but if he hadn’t been breaking into cars, running from police, and pulling his phone out and walking towards the police telling him to freeze he would not have been shot. He was black big whoop who cares do stupid things get shot white, black, brown, or whatever ethnicity you are if you do what he done you will get shot. Act smarter you live longer

  28. In the this is america music video, one of the lyric said "this is a celly" "that's a tool" was actually referring to this. The tool stands for the gun and the celly stands for the phone, it shows how the cops mistake the man having a gun when he actually had his phone

  29. I LOVE social justice.
    And it was served in this case, glad to see the Officers are back in the street doing their job and keeping law-abiding folks safe.

  30. Awwww maybe the poor little criminal shouldn't have been doing crimes breaking into peoples cars thru indow busting and shouldn't have approached them in a dominant position that's why they mistook your stance as armed if you simply turned back away from officers and put your hands in the air then that would saved your life

  31. I love how the footage was edited. To make it look like cops are bad. Look up donut operator. He explains everything right. This guy was a bad dude.

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