How to Apply for Bajaj Finserv EMI Card?

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44 Replies to “How to Apply for Bajaj Finserv EMI Card?”

  1. I went to Reliance Digital today, which is one of you partner stores, I went with all the documents , but then the bajaj guy told that For availing the EMI card, I need to purchase something first then the card will be issued, if that was the case then it should have been mentioned clearly.
    Anyways since I was looking for a Digital camera , so I thought of purchasing Nikon D3400 and then apply for card, but the cost of camera was around 8k more than that of Amazon or flipkart, So now If anyone has to get an EMI card , they will have to purchase goods at much higher cost from bajaj partner stores, isn't this a kind of mini scam.please clarify

  2. I went a shop today for buying a phone.I have not any emi card.I have to register a fresh account in bajaj finance.When the shopkeeper registering my account she said that the account is already registered and something cdm error but I said that the account is not registered in anywhere.I am very disappointed with bajaj finance.Please tell me why my account is not registering.

  3. kindly provide services at 854105 or 854301 my area pin code…however or tell me how can I take a card on where ??

  4. hai bajaj recently i got a bajaj emi card with 42000 limit so when i decide to buy a mobile in store he told me your card is inactive when my card is active pls help me

  5. Sir i have purched the product on may 2017 and now its dec..till now i hav not recvd my card sir can u check whats the problem my number 8097964503

  6. How can I use your digital card for online shopping. My digital card has prepared in bajaj wallet app but the expiry date and vcc code is not provided there. Please help me

  7. Dear sir, 

                    Today i want to make a order on emi basis, but order not done . I receive  a msg that my card is blocked.

    There is no missuse of my card 

    so kindly request to you please reactivate my card

    Custmer id- 25196773

    Mob- 7376808743

    Email- [email protected]

    Acc sbi- 20164175135

    branch name- engineering collage chauraha aliganj, lucknow

    addres- es-1, sec-A, house num- 653

    Aliganj lucknow

  8. I have applied for emi card 2wewk before through online and i have paid 412rs as joing fee still i didn't get the response from their side and not replying the email also.

  9. Allready i use emi card recently one check bounce payment are cleared pls request in My Emi card no:2030405506156869 activated. Ph;9491764680

  10. Ur uploading a video like this but when we visit the store they are asking us to purchase the product first above 12k and then they will issue the card it seems

  11. I am planning to buy a helmet in emi and the shop accepts bajaj emi card… So i can get a new card at the time of purchase from tat shop ..!!
    How will i get the card

  12. Once I had visited their partner showroom in Bangalore, we wanted to buy a TV costing 66k, we asked them for Bajaj finserv emi card but they refused because my father is a police! We have taken home loans, car loans, gold loans etc. Why deny this one?

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