How to Land a Helicopter on Water in GTA Online

hey there this is HoestOnline with another GTA online video i was gonna make a second part of my Buzzard instructions on how to fly a Buzzard attack chopper and then this happened and also I discovered something really cool which I’m going to share with you today ok so in today’s GTA online video we’re gonna float helicopters, we’re going to land them on water and we’re going to try and test it and see what works and what doesn’t work because it does work as you will see here i gotta give some props for this to my friends sib and froggman who have let me known that this was possible and I never even knew but they thought it was just for the helicopter on your yacht but that invited me to start testing it and how that worked out? you’ll find out in today’s video so keep watching so on that last bit we were doing a piracy prevention and I was an associate I’m a CEO now I’m on my own GTA online yacht taking my own helicopter which is the same make-and-model this is a Buckingham SuperVolito and with no VIP work or any activity going on i’m going to try the same thing and see if my helicopter will float on water as well and look at that it does but just as before i’m close to my yacht which makes me wonder what happens if I’m not close to my yacht and that’s what you’ll see next ok so i’m taking my helicopter the one from my yacht and i’m flying it away from it and I’m trying to float on water anywhere else basically so I’m not in the vicinity of my yacht anymore look at this beaut….. this game is really beautiful GTA online it’s a couple years old but it’s beautiful right I’m trying to land this helicopter here on the water see what happens still floats still floats my helicopter can land on water in GTA online so taking the helicopter to LSIA or the airport see what happens next will float no it won’t mystery solved not yet i want to know more about this stay tuned ok we had some more testing to do this is a buzzard attack chopper i called it in via Pegasus right behind my own private yacht and it floats as you can see not touching anything and it floats but as soon as you pull the left trigger which normally let you descend you sink see that? so it floats but don’t try to descend you’ll sink okay now my theory is you can float a buzzard maybe other helicopters, SuperVolito obviously basically the lighter helicopter will float that’s my idea look you can even turn them around while floating, see that it works and i’m not near my yacht so clearing the light helicopter statement up this is a cargobob which is the transport helicopter in GTA online much used for stealing cars and stuff but obviously this is a heavy helicopter and trying to land this gently onto the water look it floats it’s not me i didn’t slam it into the water i tried to land it gently like i did with the Buzzard and the SuperVolito for the cargobob it doesn’t work cargobob is too heavy or at least that’s my theory and that’s why it won’t float so to wrap it up I’m flying this Buzzard out to the open sea as you can see on the mini-map I’m past the shallow waters this is just the open ocean as far as GTA online concerns and it works here as well and I think that was for this was pretty cool i never knew this maybe you did I didn’t anyway so if you didn’t notice already give it a try with your own helicopter and let me know how it goes with which helicopter and on what what place what general area anyways I’m gonna wrap this video up for today thank you so much for watching I hope you’ve got you’ve learned something up this is a is new to you as it is to me that subscribe to the channel for daily GTA online content and i’ll see you guys next time

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  1. on xb360 nothing but the cargo bob could float. i didnt know my buzzard can float. now i'll stop trolling the city with my buzzard, its time to take to the sea

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