100 Replies to “How to Tap the Full Potential of Relaxation | Podcast With Ryan Holiday”

    2:30 – What is the book about?
    4:00 – Everything is slow
    5:25 – Football analogy/judgment
    7:50 – Why is this book good for people
    9:00 – Text platform
    11:45 – The reason I write books
    14:15 – How to achieve “stillness” without meditating
    14:40 – I don't like seeing things
    18:50 – The most important things to have are hobbies
    20:50 – Ryan has a gift
    23:15 – Caller question on professional gaming
    25:15 – Why do people fear judgment
    27:20 – Anger has never been a solution
    28:40 – Caller Question on audiobook

    Reply here with a timestamp of your favorite moment or quote… Winners will get a shoutout at the end of the week!

  2. For me, being busy and having all these loud thoughts in my head every second of the day is alot like those messy wires at the back of our computers. Unorganized, don't know what connects to what. Even thinking about solutions to my problems was slow and messy. Meditation & stillness untangles those wires for me. Once those wires are cleared, the answer to things I was thinking about come so fast, it was like the answers were always there. Except they were buried under those wires or loud thoughts.

  3. Ryan’s capacity to maintain an even keel and manage to keep the podcast interesting is commendable … Gary – please – stop trying to win the interview … it’s not a competition…

  4. What a collaboration!!!! Amazing that these 2 greats are are bouncing ideas and improvising . Love the debate about nature and Ryan's iPad watch. So so funny and entertaining. Thank you for this!

  5. Geez, I started to be interested in the book … and then I see the "un-stillness" of Gary lol. I won't read that book ! Being active is way more entertaining than stillness 🙂

  6. The part where you said you forever feel about him differently had me cheesin so hard but feeling so uncomfortable at the same time 😂

  7. I'm still stuck on creating enough content. I can't even do 1 a day right now! Anyways…I am listening and gonna hit the steps to change things for me. Thanks Gary

  8. Gary.. for all the love and respect I have for you and your work… garyveehatesmountains.com is the most genius shit I ever seen 😂

  9. I feel like I've just lost 10iq points. There was barely one cohesive conversation here. I can't believe so many people are interested in such a cest pool of unrelated untoughtful ideas

  10. The more I hear of Gary I realize I just wasn't intrigued with the same things because I didn't have the same goals, now I am aspiring to build my own future instead of being content where I was. It's a change of course and one that I am incredibly excited for. The key is actually do something that puts you in your personal zone, whatever it is that gets your blood moving and your brain hits a flow state. For Gary it's sales or building things, for some people it's being at peace in the world through meditation, for others it's being a gamer/athlete/nature/communication/etc… Tap into what makes you happy and figure out a way to do it.

  11. Garyvee has created his own podcast which he really OWNS it 😂👍👍love ya Garyvee💪😂👏🙏👍

  12. I dont wanna tell any of yall how to live your life, but get that stoicism in ya head. Read all of Ryan's work and then some. ❤️

  13. More of this! I think a lot of the people who follow you are intellectually inclined in some aspect and crave this kind of content that is applicable and compatible with the other content of yours and others that we consume.

  14. I like that you used the title Full Potential in this post. 🙂 Gary love that you live your philosophies , truth is the key. https://youtu.be/KsjwgnUchME

  15. Little more low key and just natural flow with no real agenda in the conversation. Quality Gary Vee banter as always 🙂

  16. I get so distracted listening to audiobooks I just can’t do it. I love an actual book, I will read with a hi lighter and pen to make notes in the margins

  17. Hahah Gary I watched this video till like 10th minute yesterday eve, then I went to bed, had a dream about that *I went for a walk with you*, woke up in the morning and watched the rest during breakfast and BOOM 14:28 "walking is boring as f**k" 😀

  18. I am not sure why you invite people on your podcast or your shows? Not one of your guest can’t finish a whole sentance before you intrerupt them. You say you “listen” . No, Gary, you are not listening. You like hearing yourself. Ffs , let the guest speak, even if your mind goes faster than theirs. we get you, we know what you are about, but, literally it’s so hard to get any new content or ideas from you or your guests. Let the guest talk, please and thank you. ( I have been following you for about 4 years ) .

  19. Dudes, I’m taking mental notes here. At times my mind is all over the place, consistently taking mass action yet frustrated with the minimal results. Ugh! I really need to mentally step back and zero in on those little pockets that I need to run through.

  20. Gary: Creates podcast to have guests on to provide a different perspective.
    Also Gary: cuts guests off every sentence, ends up talking more than guests.

    I love Gary man. Idk why it's so funny but I'm like cooking in the kitchen while listening to this play from my room and I keep hearing the guy get cut off but I couldn't see his face, I just imagined him fuming the whole time.

  21. Too bad you can't let the guy finish his thoughts about that Pats comeback. I really wanted to hear what he had to say about that silent moment when they were down that far in the Super Bowl and came back. Sorry you can't handle the Patriots being so awesome, Gary. I would love to see you interview Tom Brady. You might even learn something. He is a lot like you. Take that. 🙂 Oh…Patriots 5-0. Nice. I love you Gary, but I love NEP too. "I'm so tired of judgement" is what you say. Yet you hate the Pats so much. Ha! If we in New England, had any feelings we would be hurt. Great Podcast, Gary. Oh also…nature is good…you are missing out. Other than that…I love watching your stuff…especially those yard sales…you should come up to New England and do some yard sales. Hee hee. We love you up here, really. We love watching your head explode about New England too (with the few feelings we do have). It's really entertaining. Have an awesome day.

  22. @garyVee if your thing is kindness within human interactions, how come you're so deep into capitalism, when people interact with more kindness in non hierarchic type of society (aka (real)democracy (where everyone gets to decide how they live together), … people in ecovillages and so on

  23. Gary my dad makes music for you his name is AwareNess. He’s not popular, But his music sounds like it’s made for your YouTube channel

  24. I really Love the way Gary took the little box from Ryan's hand! That was so funny to me it makes me laugh.! Love Gary.

  25. The fact that Gary doesn't like "seeing things" is FREAKIN WEIRD… He lost me on that one. What kind of world is this guy living in?

  26. GAB, MINDS, BITCHUTE, these are the fastest growing platforms in 2019. GVee posts all this good stuff, pushes all the wrong platforms… Check them out

  27. Haha now that I think of it, GaryVee is him and the guy being interviewed is the Counselor. GaryVee gets to take all his thoughts out lmao

  28. When I saw the title, I thought maybe Gary V. was venturing into ASMR. Then I realized I've had too many drinks. :p Some things cannot happen – they defy the laws of the universe.

  29. I don't remember exactly the guy name who took part in the Gary audio podcast. He gave good advice that you need to have 2-3 hobbies in order to reload your mind.

    Pay attention there ))

  30. 23:02 Gary Vee calls you on a podcast, which you put in your phone number for, and you sound no more excited than if your neighbor just called about the trash cans again. And you plug some other douchebag. What is wrong with you dicks? Seriously.

  31. As a musician I can so relate to this. I feel this stillness no matter how large the audience is, how intense the music is or how vulnerable the moment is.

  32. TB💪and Patriots are #1🤷‍♂️😜
    Gray V you are a winner get on the winning team.. 🤣😂
    Nah just having fun with you I love what you are doing Gary thanks bud

  33. it's crazy how gary's content is so related to my thoughts
    like believe or not i was just thinking about this topic while
    i was trying to calm down those thought's in my head.

  34. I like watching nature i think of watching sports the same way you think of watching nature i get nothing out of watching sports but thats jot to say we cant both like our own things i gues everyone has their own way to boil down but i do also like watchin people do people things

  35. Huge Gary fan here but watching this hurts …. a lot. Especially in the context of the topic / guest / book presented. Gary, you really need to learn to listen, let your guests finish their thoughts. don't compete with their train of thoughts. Reminds me of the episode when Seth Godin was on which was then the pinnacle of cringe…

  36. It's so funny. I thought I shit my pants today. Like I was almost sure of it. But it was a near miss. Thank goodness.

  37. I don't know why but I don't like Gary at all!!! Just like he doesn't like nature but likes lie down on his bad and impatient ect. That way I don't like him at all and he occupy the space of others and doesn't let others speak just tipical of the people that like to stay at house with their uncouncesness at their comfort zone. He needs to get healed first and then he can write books and do interview and shows.
    Not judging but sayin the truth, anyway no one is perfect but being at this level :shit fuck shit fuck shit fuck I dont feel comfortable and welcoming hearing this interview that's all lol. Heal yourself and adjust your vocabulary then you can write a book and do a show.
    Without any offense thank you anyway because there were some stuff useful too like positive things…

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