Hyperloop One did Propulsion Open Air Test for the Super Speed Transportation System

Hyperloop, the
supersonic transport system proposed by Elon
Musk, has taken a small step towards reality with the first public test of a prototype
propulsion system. A company named “Hyperloop One” which was
previously known as “Hyperloop Technologies” successfully did an open-air propulsion test
in the Nevada desert. With the Hyperloop, passengers could travel
from Los Angeles to San Francisco in under 30 minutes, radically transforming the speed
and safety of passenger mass transit. During the Nevada test, a bare-metal sled
— not a tube — rocketed down a track, with the sled elevated slightly by magnetic
levitation technology. It accelerated at 2 g-force before hitting a patch of sand 100
yards down the line. It is the rough equivalent of accelerating
from 0 to 53 miles per hour in one second. The total test was just two seconds. But,
according to Hyperloop One’s founders it was enough to show that technology similar to
that used in high-speed maglev trains could be deployed more cheaply, without the steep
cost of high-tech trains and rails. Hyperloop One recently received over $80 million
dollars in a second round of funding and also launched the Hyperloop One Global Challenge,
a competition among individuals, companies and governments to be the first to host a
hyperloop network. Hyperloop One hopes to be moving cargo as
soon as 2019 and predicts it will be ready for passengers by 2021.

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  1. Ho-hum! Just another NWO Corp Elite coverup, uncovered. I guess we were not suppose to know this, but if we could travel down below earth's surface two miles, we would already know this has existed for years & paid for by the US Black budget (which spends 500 Billion a year) on underground US SUBVERSIVE projects, (tax dollars they never report on) according to the late Phil Schneider. The ones underground travel at
    Mock 2. Didn't anyone ever figure out why we were so deeply (20 Trillion) in debt?

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