IEC Working Holiday Visa 2020 – a guide to Canada from start to finish

What’s up guys? my name is Laura I’m from Italy but I’m talking to you from Canada Where I leave and work since 3 years ago and how did everything start? Thanks to the Working-Holiday Visa So if you want this to become your reality and not your dream anymore Keep watching this video, if I did it you can do it too let’s go Ehy guys, today I’m gonna teach you everything you need to know to apply for the Working-Holiday Visa In 10 easy steps You will learn what to do from the beginning to the end of the application but also what to do once you arrive in Canada and if you’re too afraid to do it alone we can tell you also how we can help you step by step We help thousands of international students Come to Canada every year so I’m positive at the end of this video you will know what to do but if you have any additional question please comment below and we’ll be happy to answer to your questions Now before we start don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell button to receive updated information on how to come to Canada that’s it let’s get to it! 1 What is the Working-Holiday Visa? The Working-Holiday Visa is an open work permit you can obtain if you are from one of the eligible countries It’s a bilateral agreement which means that for example if Canada invites a thousands people from Italy to apply each year for an open work permit to work in Canada Italy will do the same with 1000 Canadians Depending on where you are from is a little bit easier or a little bit more complicated to obtain the working-holiday visa Why? cause for example Australians have unlimited invitations per year while for example Italy has just 1000 invitation per year so of course is gonna be easier for Australians to obtain the working-holiday than for Italians if you are lucky enough to obtain the working-holiday though you’re gonna have complete freedom it’s gonna be amazing! because you are gonna be able to work anywhere in Canada all over Canada no restrictions, for any kind of employer besides the sex trades and you will be able to study for less than 6 months if you do want to study for more than 6 months you will need a study permit and that’s a different story and you can watch the video about it here 2 Who can apply? In order for you to be able to apply for the working-holiday visa your Country of Citizenship must have that bilateral agreement we were talking about in point 1 so let’s get to the point how can you check if you’re elegible for the working-holiday visa? I will leave you a link down below that gets you directly to the government website just scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and select your Country of Citizenship if you’re eligible for one or more IEC categories you will be able to see it on the drop down menu that will pop up next but don’t go away yet because we’re getting to the juice of it so each Country has its own requirements when it comes to documentation and eligibility but most of Countries have these 4 rules at the moment of application you must be a Citizen of the Country you are applying from have a valid passport for the entire duration of your stay in Canada be between the age of 18 to 35 years old 35 years old included and be able to pay your fees online bonus tip depending on your Country of residence you may have some residence restrictions or other restrictions if you have the residence restrictions please check that before applying or you are gonna go through the whole process just to then get refused for example you are from Italy you apply from Australia you will get refused there are people, exceptions that got approved anyways but the rule says you must be a resident of your own country when you apply and if you don’t do that you’re gonna go through the entire process to then get refused so that’s why I wanted to tell you 3 How does it work? ok! Everything is correct you have all the eligibility requirements you’re within the age range your passport is valid now what once the pool for the following year of your country opens you will be able to see how many people get invited from your country that year and you will know that you’re now able to apply to insert yourself into the pool Once the pool opens of course if your Country has limited invitations the sooner you apply, the better it is invitations are completely random that means you will not be ahead of other people just because you have more work experience or your education level is higher the invitations are completely random they are not based on merits to insert yourself into the pool is completely free you’re gonna have to answer a series of basic information like passport information, your name, your date of birth afterwards once you complete the whole form you will see a screen that says congratulations you’re officially in the pool so that will let you know that you are officially in the working-holiday pool Congratulations! now what? Now you wait you don’t know how long is gonna take for the government to invite you and you don’t know if you’re gonna get invited for sure you can get drawn one week after you apply six months after you apply or never but don’t worry you can apply until you are 35 years of age and after that there are other ways to come to Canada but not through the working-holiday anymore 4 What do you need to apply? ok let’s get to the juice of it which documents you’re gonna be asked if you acutally get invited to apply first of all before getting to the documents I want you to know a very important rule you cannot apply for the working-holiday visa unless you get an invitation to apply what does that mean that means that until you receive an email that says you have a new message on your account you get to your account and you have a letter saying congratulations you are invited to apply for the working-holiday visa you cannot apply for it so make sure first of all you get invited if you do get invited you will have 10 days to accept or decline the invitation once you accept the invitation you will have 20 days to provide all of the documentation needed the documentation required is gonna be on your specific profile you’re gonna have a list of all documentation you need to provide again, there are specific documents from Country to Country but these are the documents every Country will be asked for Canadian resume I’m gonna leave in description below a link of a program that I really really like it’s a website that tells you step by step how to create your Canadian resume I personally used it when it was my turn to create a Canadian resume and it was really useful the Canadian resume is a curriculum vitae for some of us for example in Europe but it has different requirements for example for Italy in your resume or curriculum vitae they ask you to show a picture of yourself while in Canada you do not put a picture of yourself on your resume so be careful and make sure is a Canadian resume and not a resume from your own country second they’re gonna ask you a scanned copy of your passport of all pages with a stamp or with your information, personal information third you will be asked a photo of yourself it needs to meet all the requirements that the passport picture needs to meet so you can have that as an example and then they are gonna ask you some basic family information of course there are some other documents that you will be asked depending on your Country but each one has specific documents I want to talk to you more in details about 3 specific documents though police certificate in most cases, you will be asked to provide police certificates for every country you’ve lived for more than 6 months since the age of 18 In this case, you need to know that if your police certificates are not already in English or in French originally you will need a certified translation of these documents in English or French I do not recommend you to apply for those police certificates before you get the invitation. Why? the police certificates cannot be older than 6 months when you apply so before you apply for the police certificates I recommend you to get the invitation another important part is the biometrics you might receive a letter which is called biometric request letter if you do receive this letter you will receive it after you apply and you have paid your fees usually 24 to 48 hours after you apply if you do receive this letter it means you will have to go and give your fingerprints and photo to the closest VAC centre VAC means Visa Application Centre it’s an office where they’re gonna ask you to give your fingerprints and picture you have 30 days to give your fingerprints so you get your letter your passport you go to a VAC Centre you show the letter you show the passport they get your fingerprints and photo and you will be fine for 10 years after you’ve given your biometrics so if you already applied for other visas that require your fingerprints you do not need to do it again for the working-holiday visa but if you never had to give your fingerprints at a VAC centre for Canada before then you will need to do it for the working-holiday and you will not be asked to do it again for the next 10 years medical exams some countries or some specific jobs like working with kids or elderly require the medical exams but do not give medical exams until the government asks you for them if you need to give medical exams you also will recieve a letter like for the biometrics and it will tell you what to do so my recommendation at the end of the day is do not apply for any document until you get an invitation to apply and you see your personal list of required documents if the government wants more information don’t worry they will ask you 5 important information for your application this is very important you guys there are some information that you will be asked during the application that needs to be 100% clear for example you’re gonna be asked to provide the last 10 years of your work history do not skip any month your work history needs to be smooth even if you were unemployed you need to tell them from when to when month and year if you do not do that and you just apply as is skipping months or not being clear on where were you what were you doing during that specific time they will send your request letter after you apply and you will need to explain that anyways so make sure in your 10 years work history you do not skip anything or any month but it’s also very important not to invent any job do not invent volunteer or any kind of work that you didn’t actually do because they might ask you for more information now or in a future application and if you do not actually have any documentation to prove that you actually did work there it might be a problem I have a question for you is it scary to think about applying on your own? is this a lot of information and you feel like, overwhelmed? well, stay until the end if that’s your case stay until the end even if that’s not your case cause we have a lot to go through we’re gonna talk about how much it costs a lot more information for when you get to Canada and what to do at the border but If it is scary for you stay until the end and you will see that we can help you with that if you don’t want to go through it alone 6 cost now you have all documentation needed and you’re whitin the 20 days and you’re ready to apply, amazing! now what? Now it’s time to pay you will be asked to pay if you’re not going through any immigration consultant or anything if you’re doing it by yourself you will be asked to pay 150 dollar participation fee plus, if applicable 100 dollars open work permit holder fee plus 85 dollars biometric fees you’re officially done with the process but now when are you gonna be able to buy your ticket and go?! well, there are a few steps left so stay with me for number 7 the letter of acceptance the waiting time before you receive an answer may take long but be patient you will receive an answer no matter what but you must be aware that it might take up to 56 days before you receive an answer and also you must be aware that the answer might not be already the approval or refusal it might just be a request of updated information or more information or more documentation after that, the two possible outcomes are 1 your application is refused and you will be explained why in a letter on your account two your application is approved congratulations! and you will see on your account your POE letter POE stands for Port Of Entry and that is the letter you will need to print and bring with you at the border to get your open work permit activated but stay with me we’re gonna talk about the list of required documents in a few minutes Now you are officially ready to buy your ticket how exciting is that! 8 getting ready to go now you have your flight ticket you have your POE letter you have your passport, but what other documentation you need in order to fly to Canada and in order to activate your work permit once you’re at the border First of all, you will need to show to the flight attendant at your departure your passport your POE letter and they might also ask you for your ETA number and you do have that ETA stands for Electronic Travel Authorization and it’s in fact an authorization for you to travel to Canada and you will be issued that automatically, you don’t need to do anything through your application for the Working-Holiday so you will find your ETA number on the second page of your POE letter so make sure you print it all and you show it to the flight attendant now the documents you need in order for you to get your open work permit at the border are your passport, as we already said it needs to be valid for the whole duration of your stay in Canada POE letter so your Port of Entry letter that we talked about. You need to have it printed and show it to the officer right away proof of funds it’s very important, you need to be able to prove you have 2500 Canadian Dollars or its equivalency in your own currency and your statements must not be older than 1 week that’s because they want you to be able to support yourself for the first three months in Canada even if you’re not working so you need to prove that to them that’s very important another very important document you need to have it’s your private health insurance for the whole duration of your stay if you do not have that you might not be issued your open work permit or you might only be issued the work permit until the validity of your health insurance so be aware of that you also need to show you have a ticket at the end of your working-holiday to go back home or to have its equivalency in money so that you have enough money to go back to your home country after you’re done so if you don’t have your flight ticket to go back already be sure you have more than 2500CAD like, that plus the cost of the ticket and then you need to have with you a printed version of all of the documents you used to apply so that if they have any additional question all of your documentation is there you’re ready, and if they see you are ready at the border and you have no doubts that everything is clear and smooth and you’re saying the truth everything will go amazing and you will have your open work permit right away but we’re not done yet you have to make sure that your open work permit is correct we made a free checklist you can download in the link in description that will tell you all the documents you need to prepare for the border you can print it you can check it on the computer check that you have everything you need for the border so make sure you download it because it’s really useful but now let’s go to point 9 how it works at the border last but not least the most important step of them all so you’re at the border you gave all of the documentation they’re satisfied you meet all of the requirements and they give you your open work permit!! you got it! great job BUT DO NOT leave the airport until you are 100% sure your open work permit is 100% correct why? if you don’t do that and you have some restrictions that do not apply to you you might have big trouble you might not be able to work for who you want to work you might have restrictions that don’t apply to you so make sure everything in your open work permit is correct before you leave the airport I cannot stress this enough if not you’re gonna have to go through literally hell to re-apply, well you don’t really need to re-apply but but you will need to modify your work permit and it’s gonna be really difficult really long your work permit might already by expired by the time they answer you it’s gonna be really really messy and you don’t want to go through that so don’t leave the officer until you are 100% sure that your open work permit is 100% correct how do you get to know that? I will teach you so first of all you will need to make sure that on your open work permit your name is spelled correctly first name, last name, every name in between you need them to be spelled exactly the same as in your passport if that’s not the case you’re, for example, not gonna be able to activate your SIN number your SIN number is the number you need to be paid and to work legally in Canada so if your open work permit name does not match your passport name exactly you’re gonna be in great trouble very big trouble make sure your name is spelled correctly second of all, you need to make sure that your open work permit is valid until the date you deserve to work in Canada so where it says “valid until” that box, make sure for example, if you are eligible to work in Canada for one year that from today, so the moment you are at the border you have one year and third and most important is that the permit needs to show that you have an open employer and open location which means that you can work in Canada for any employer in any location you want 10 we finally got to the last step! what about after the border? ok! You’re now out of the border you’re in Canada, you got your perfectly correct open work permit you checked that everything is ok and now what? well, get a couple days to rest get your jet leg out of the system if you come from far away but then the first thing you need to do is to activate your SIN number SIN stands for Social Insurance Number that’s the number you will need to legally work in Canada to get paid you will be able thanks to that to open your bank account as a temporary resident you’re gonna be able to find a home to activate your SIM for your telephone and a bunch of other things that are gonna be way easier if you have your SIN number activated so make sure you do that and then…enjoy Canada! that’s all folks! thank you so much for watching this video until the end if you found it useful make sure you hit that like button so I know I should make more and don’t forget to download your ultimate checlist of all documents needed at the border with the working holiday so you make sure you don’t forget any of them also if you found it useful make sure you subscribe for more updates on how to come to Canada and if you really can’t wait for the next video make sure you follow us on social media for daily updates on Facebook and Instagram at UvanU International if you still feel like this is a lot to do by yourself we can help you We have certified immigration consultants that can help you through the whole process and we can have a free consultation with you and explain you everything, how it works with us and what we can do for you so make sure you contact us on social media you comment below or you send us an email and remember, Canada is only one dream away follow that dream

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