Introducing Our Autumn/Holiday 2019 Digital Catalog!

Hi, it’s Jen from Shabby Fabrics. It’s
that time again! Our newest digital catalog is available, and we wanted you
to know all about it. If this is a new concept to you—my favorite part
about digital catalogs is, they’re shoppable! So as you’re flipping through
the pages, when you find a project you love, just click on that. You’ll jump
straight to the website and be able to learn more about the product and
probably see additional images as well. You’ll be able to add that to the cart,
which makes the shopping experience so fun! In addition to that, we’ve recorded a lot of videos that we’re also featuring throughout the catalog. If you want to watch that video just go ahead and click that, and you’ll be able to watch the
video to learn more about the product, or maybe to learn how to use a new tool, or maybe a new ruler. So I always love to—you know something I may be thinking about, but want to learn more about, be able to watch a video to make me feel
confident about my buying decision. So be sure to click on those video links as
well. Social media—jump into the fun! Boy, we’ve got so much going on in social
media. We also have clickable links for all of the social media platforms, so if you’ve been thinking about joining the fun on Facebook, click that. You’ll jump right to Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, now that we have so many of our new
Clubs and Block of the Months going, we have exclusive Facebook groups, that when you
join a Block of the Month you’re part of that exclusive group, where you’ll be having additional videos to support you throughout the program. And you’ll have a neat community you can exchange pictures with, build friendships, and be able to
just share ideas. So there’s a lot going on in the social media world, and you
don’t want to miss out! So we’ve included a little bit of instruction. If you’re
completely new to the digital catalog, it’ll help you navigate, and teach you
how to maximize your ability to use a digital catalog. So enjoy that! And by the way, if you haven’t already joined the e-newsletter, be sure to do that. We reach out to you twice a week to show you our newest products, and of course,
tell you about upcoming sales! So enjoy the catalog, and I’ll see you next time. To view our brand-new catalog, visit Right here at the
top of the screen, you can see the cover of the catalog, and that’s where you
click. As you can see, this takes you directly to the digital catalog, and now
you can browse through all our beautiful products. We’ve made it easy for you to
navigate! Turn the page by simply clicking on the right arrow, like this, or
the left arrow to go back. When you find a kit or a fabric collection you love,
just click anywhere on that item. Now you’re right back on our website, where
you can learn more about the product and add it to your cart. After adding items
to your cart, you can now continue browsing the
catalog simply by clicking on this tab at the top. When you are ready, you can view your cart, sign in, and check out as you normally do. [ Strumming outro ]

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