Is there also a Leeuwarden Free Tour in English?

Is there also a Leeuwarden Free Tour in English? Yes, there definitely is. Every Saturday at 12 p.m.
– And why should I join you? Because taking a guided tour is the best way to discover this quaint city. And what are you going to show me? – I’m gonna show you street art, cute shops and art galleries. I’m gonna show you some hidden spots that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to find. I’m going to tell you loads of humorous stories relating to Leeuwarden’s history. For example: What happened when we tried to build the biggest church tower of the Netherlands? I’ll tell you why our local painter was buried in st. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Why she was executed by the French for espionage in World War One. How Queen Elisabeth and King Philippe of Spain are somehow related to Leeuwarden. And I’ll show you where this famous graphic artist was born. And how long does the tour last?
– Our tours take about one and a half hours. And how much does it cost? – It’s a Free Tour so at the end of the tour you can decide to pay us whatever you think the tour was worth. Is it still any good? – Well, because we’re dependent on your satisfaction for our pay grade We’ll do our utmost best to keep you satisfied and give you a good tour. And if you don’t believe us, check out TripAdvisor. Because we’ve been the best rated tour in Leeuwarden for the past five years! Okay. So where do you start?
– We start at the olderhoofsterkerkhof square. The square in front of the Oldehove tower, the leaning tower. We will be waiting for you next to the
entrance of Obe, close to the mural of Maria Louise Every Saturday at 12 p.m. we offer a Leeuwarden Free Tour in English. Oh, and by the way, if you want an English tour on any other day, you can also book a private tour.

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