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Located in a narrow water inlet that separates
Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a city rooted in the most influential corners of history. Few cities can boast of having a past like
theirs. An ancient city once known as Byzantium, then
Constantinople, Istanbul was once the capital of three great empires: the Roman empire of
the East, the Byzantine Empire, and the Ottoman Empire. Places like Saint Sophia, the Blue Mosque,
and the Grand Bazaar are legacies from that era. But, folks… wait just a second… because
all that is in the… past. Nowadays, Istanbul is a lively city that hosts
more than 15 million inhabitants. The largest city in all of Europe. And an important economic enclave. 1 out of every 3 dollars of Turkey’s GDP is
generated here. And even though it barely hosts a fifth of
the country’s entire population, the Turkish government gets about half of all its tax
revenue from Istanbul. So we’re talking about Turkey’s true economic
engine. A growing financial, logistical, commercial,
and of course… touristic hub. Istanbul attracts 13.4 million foreign visitors
in 2018. Daily Sabah) However, folks, in recent years, Istanbul
has begun to be well-known for a different kind of tourism. A very, very special tourism model. As special as it is controversial. Have you ever heard of medical tourism? Listen up. (A HIGH-FLYING TOUR) Every year, hundreds of millions of people
travel abroad to experience a new culture and enjoy the sun, the beach, the mountains,
or famous art and architecture. However, folks, another type of unconventional
but highly coveted tourism has recently gained popularity: medical tourism. That is, traveling to another country to visit
its monuments, beaches and, in passing, fixing anything they may need fixed. “They usually come for three days. We offer them shopping or skiing tours, they
get well and have a short vacation,” said Kazim Devranoglu, the medical head of Dunyagoz
Group) And folks, I can already tell you that for
many governments, starting with Turkey’s, this is a priority. Of course… At this point we need to answer two questions
that many of you may be asking. The first is… why go to another country
in search of medical treatment? Well… this has three very, very clear answers. The first… is the price. Of course, if you have to get a medical procedure
that isn’t covered by your health insurance… price matters…. a lot. For example, some interventions and treatments
are much cheaper in Istanbul than they are in the United States. And when I say cheaper I mean much cheaper. 50, 60, 70 and even more than 80% cheaper. The second reason has to do with waiting lists. Yes, you may be covered by your health insurance
or social security, but… what about waiting lists? In public health systems such as those found
in Spain or the United Kingdom, it’s very common to have waiting lists… which are
quite long. [Which means you have to wait a long time
for your turn.] But of course, what happens if you can’t
or don’t want to wait? Then you need to find something on your own. And in that scenario, the big international
medical centers… don’t really have waiting lists, or they’re much shorter. The waiting time for a knee surgery in a Western
Country is 18 moths, but is only two weeks at most in Turkey. Emre A. Kodan, Chairman of the Istanbul International
Health Tourism Association.) Check out how the number of British medical
tourists has grown: And the third reason is quality. Yes, yes, you heard that right. When a place specializes in a particular treatment
and has many patients, it tends to be better. Surely you all know about Houston’s Texas
Medical Center, which serves about 10 million patients every year, and is one of the leading
medical centers on the planet. In the end, these places have so many patients
and so many resources that not only are they very good at their job, they also become engines
of medical research and innovation. But we said that we had two questions. We already answered the first one. So what’s the second? The other question is, why, exactly, is this
such an important activity for a country? Why would a government want to promote this
type of activity? Become a kind of International Health Care
Center. What could that bring to a country? Well, folks… Think about it. Along with the traditional jobs that tourism
creates, for example in the hotel industry – waiters or cooks – medical tourism helps
create a lot of highly qualified and well-paid jobs: Doctors, surgeons, nurses, laboratory personnel,
medical device suppliers, etc., etc. Due to the billing levels and the type of
activity generated, medical tourism is like the Rolex of tourism. And on top of that, it doesn’t have the
problem of seasonality, unlike holiday tourism, which tends to concentrate within just a few
months, usually during the summer. And it’s precisely these reasons that have
prompted the Turkish government to place great hope in medical tourism. A lot of hope… And a lot of money, in the form of incentives:
fewer taxes, financing, aid, etc., etc. “I believe the city hospitals will become
the focal points of health tourism. We are setting up special units in the city
hospitals to specifically serve foreign patients,” Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca) And, you know what? In a way, it makes a lot of sense. Allow me to explain. If Turkey is already a touristic power—
it has hotels, infrastructure, all kinds of services, a lot of cultural attractions, and
places like Istanbul are only 2 or 3 hours by plane from the main cities of Europe and
the East— Why not take advantage? Well, folks… so it was said and done. Turkey attracted nearly 1 million health tourists
in 2018, industry official says: Daily Sabah) And as I mentioned, this type of tourism leaves
much more money in a country’s pockets… than pure holiday tourism. In 2018, medical tourists left more than 2
billion dollars in Turkey. Thus, Turkey is already the third-largest
market in the world in terms of medical and health tourism. It stands only behind the United States and
South Korea. Folks, medical tourism in Turkey has multiplied
by more than 10 in the last decade. Just in 2008, they welcomed 75,000 people. In other words, the industry is skyrocketing. Turkey’s medical tourism industry boosts
visitor numbers. When Turkey’s traditional tourism industry
dried up, the country turned to its medical sector to attract a new wave of visitors. Business Destinations) Of course, all this is just the beginning
of what the government expects. The goal is generate 5 times as much income
from medical tourism five times by 2023, greatly exceeding the 10 billion dollar barrier. And, some within the government and the private
sector are even more ambitious. Their goal is 20 billion dollars. A huge business that also gives the country
a large foreign currency inflow. Dental care, dentistry, cosmetic surgery,
fertility treatment, cardiovascular interventions, transplants, oncological treatments… Turkey – and particularly Istanbul – wants
to become a world leader in international medical tourism. And in one way or another, this will be very
good for all of us. Why? Listen up. (THE CLUSTER) Folks, Istanbul is quickly becoming the world
leader in several medical specialties: from ophthalmology to knee care and hair transplants. In some of these fields, it’s already number
1 on the entire planet. And it’s that way because of price… and
innovation. Yes, you heard that right. It has to do with a logical and well-known
market process: Cluster creation. Allow me to explain. This happens when a site specializes in an
activity and many competitors engage in the same activity. This causes everything in the area to somehow
begin to revolve around that industry: the number of suppliers that compete with each
other multiplies; public administrations begin to facilitate things for this increasingly
influential industry; universities work with these companies, etc., etc. That, folks, creates a more dynamic ecosystem
and multiplies its innovation capacity. In other words, so to speak, Istanbul is becoming
the Silicon Valley of cataracts and hair transplants. For whomever may want them. All this may sound like a joke… But it isn’t. The city of Bosphorus already has hundreds
– you heard that right, hundreds – of clinics that specialize in this type of activity. In many cases, we’re talking about very
new clinics with very advanced treatments. And it’s estimated that by 2025, these types
of interventions will move tens and tens of billions worldwide. Anyway, I think we can now understand news
like this better: The global medical tourism market size is
expected to reach USD 179.6 billion by 2026, according to a new report by Grand View Research,
Inc., registering a 21.9% CAGR during the forecast period. Grand View Research) So I really hope you enjoyed this video, please
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  1. By the way, this entire industry is insanely corrupt in Turkey. It may serve very well for tourists, but it is based expoiting every little bit of healthcare system. All of the hospitals are owned by men close to Erdoğan(Which is another way of him being a shareholder).

    The government gives ''Patient guarentee'' to many of these facilities. Meaning if they don't reach a target amount of revenue, the government pays the gap, so it doesn't make the apparent revenue at all.

    I say again, it looks successful, but is managed horribly. City hospitals are huge, massive. And not very functional, they're quite expensive in comparison to the normal Turkish healthcare system of the past. And a lot of land is given to them just freely, government support them financially, they're not free-market as you'd expect, and very damaging to the system in so many ways too.

  2. Albania one country with close ties to turkey opens dental clinics claiming that they had studied in Istanbul. I didn't get it at first but now I know more than I should

  3. turkish doctors so nice and you not need very much money .you have best nose job 1000 american dollars : 5500 turkish money enough for nose job .


    india is one of the world leaders too
    Why India is becoming the Finest Medical Tourism Destination

  5. This man having accent like he is jeleous of Turkish goverment.Bro make vedio , which one can understand well without taking favour of USA

  6. This man don't tell you reality , india has highest qualified doctors and so low operational value in this earth , world.India having better healthcare system because of they are exporter of the medical machines , and cancers are treated here , if not done by medical doctors then the ayurvedic natural doctors will treat your cancer in 6 months.Because of highest level of cancer can't be treated by medical doctors and they say no for this.
    And peoples are getting 100% illness in india becausenof they are taking gurntee in lower money.
    Better than turkey.I got colonal cancer , I almost tried all doctors in california.Then I moved to the India and I lost faith in medica doctors , so I directly talked with Ayurvedic doctors and they corrected my grade 2 level cancer in 5 months and in his ashram.And then they relieved me from ashram and I went to the California with those natural medications .And my grade 1 disappeared after another 4 or 5 months.They charged me only 800-100$ s for house and medical treatment accommodation and they are giving all pure , like pure milk from cow just made in evidence of my naked eye.They are using some leafs for treating colonel cancer , I donno but they advice me book that having all secrets, and told me if you read this 10,000pages book which was in Sanskrit .You won't get any ceases and will live up to 100years.
    You know I visited Turkish doctors and they are feeding just chemicals , no more good skills.I just wasted money into Turkish doctors.Thereafter I visited Indian doctors.Before Turkish doctors looted already lots of money and still cancer can't be cured and then I went to the Indian doctors. And my all over experience is good with ayurvedic doctors.They are kind and they don't say for operation , if it was ñ5

  7. The term "Byzantine empire" was coined in 1555 by a stupid German historian, a good century after the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire. The only notable differences between the two Roman Empires are based in regional culture and politics… which were there regardless of the partition of the Empire. Constantine's move cemented Roman power and culture as the standard in eastern Mediterrean Sea. Instead of continuing to have the Western Roman Empire on life support, feeding off the Eastern Roman Empire and dragging it in its downfall, the E.R.E. retained its wealth and prosperity much longer, and even attempted to revive the whole Empire on multiple occasions. It basically lived on a whole extra millenium. Could call that a pro gamer move from Constantine 😉

  8. Believe me foreighners Turkish doctors are best, In western countries doctors see 40 patients within a day,in Turkey doctors see 400 patients.Their education is very hard.When you compare Europe i can assure that Turkish doctors better.

  9. my dad went to turkey in 1998 to transplant hairs and to this day he never had issues with his transplant and enjoys his hairs. Say about Turkey what you want but they really do quality implants though

  10. Why did you use a picture of an Arab man representing a video about Istanbul? It's not a Middle Eastern city, the creator of this video is bathing in his ignorance. Yikes.

  11. For those of you thinking about going to turkey for a hair Transplant I personally wouldn’t do it!!, you will only have to return to turkey again after a few years it’s a trick not many know. Armenia in the other hand offer a better deal and the hair stays in much much longer but not many know about Armenia bc they do not advertise outside of there regene

  12. I m Origin from Nogai.I live in Turkey. Turkey mostly Population is Islamic. But Turkey Is not Islamic Country. I believe Kokh Tengri(Shamanism). Also Population in Turkey %5 Shamnist and %9Ortodox Christianty.Turkish people Respectfull All Religion. Nogai elinden Sələm Kíde✨👋

  13. As it is already much cheaper than other countries, make sure that you are treated in a good quality place and by a government approved medical doctor😊

    Enjoy your stay!!!

  14. turk here. your info about annual income of health tourism is severely wrong. it was 8.5 billion dollars for 2018, not around 2 billion as you claimed. and we are aiming 10 billion dollars for 2019. you should fix it with an annotation pop up. source

    and that guy on your video isn't Türk and he has a deviated nose, a popular operation tourists prefer in Turkey.

  15. There are very good doctors and hospitals in turkey, However make sure that you investigate before You get engaged in a medical treatment.

  16. I am Turkish but our health system is much better and quality than America. The system in the United States has very cumbersome Most so Turkey is getting treatment. The same thing exists in the European Union. We are in a very good position in health. Many quality Turkish doctors live in the United States of them one Mr. dr. Oz is one of the many quality doctors that Turkey is taught. is among the best doctor in america.

    Note: The newly built city hospitals in Turkey is above the world standards.

  17. Ben dış yaptırmaya geldim Avrupada çok pahalı durumum yetmediği için. Babamda Kanser tedavisi için geldi Avrupada haplar bile fayda etmedi kanser tedavisi çok kötü. Türkiye ye gelince tedavi için daha iyi oldum dedi ama yeterli değil tam yenemedi kanseri

  18. Lütfen bizi Avrupa da sağlık konusunda yanliz bırakıyorlar iyi doktor yok yardım etmiyorlar o yüzden Türkiye'ye geliyoruz siz bizi yanliz bırakmayın sağlık konusunda

  19. A root canal in Australia costs between $1200-1500 PER tooth.
    I had 2 bridges, 4 root canals & 2 implants for that in Istanbul!. Mydent clinic thank you!

  20. if you are interested hair transplant This guys doing amazing job. "Emphair Hair Transplantation Premium Istanbul Clinic"

  21. yes I'm medical is good in Turkey but there is a downside. That did not believe in giving pain medicine here in Turkey Opa Lloyd's are not available. They give you something almost like an aspirin for pain control even after surgery. They gave me one medication supposed to knock me out for 12 hours it work for 1 hour. If you check online pens Linux for managing pain or only available in the largest hospitals and not available to all areas. Therefore if you have like cancer and then and need pain management, you have to relocate to the larger cities if you live in smaller areas. I'm an American who lived here 15 years so I know what I'm speaking about

  22. But on the plus side the quality of the medical care is excellent if your Turkish isn't this very very cheap but top quality my mother-in-law had a back operation it cost nothing I had the same operation America cost $200,000 and she walks a lot better than I do now so the medical doctors are very conscientious and very good

  23. My cousin went to Turkey in 2003. He needed five root canals. That time he was living in New York. And it was going to cost him $7500 ($1500 for each root canal)

    So he went to Turkey, stayed there two weeks, got all the treatments he was needed, had a great two weeks vacation in Istanbul. And it all cost him $2500 including round trip ticket

  24. You showed just a few well known classic touristic elements in Istanbul while talking about health tourism. It would be better to demonstrate the health facilities where all these medical tourists go. And Istanbul has plenty of them, public and private, in modern buildings best equipped and staffed. 

    You mentioned city hospitals but didn't show any, (25 planned in different cities, 10 already in operation).,364146/about-us.html
    In your next video you definitely should present the Ankara Bilkent City Hospital one of the biggest in Europa with

    General Hospital Building: 562 beds 
    Heart and Vascular Hospital Building: 441 beds 
    Neurology Hospital Building: 506 beds 
    Pediatry Hospital Building: 599 beds 
    Maternity Hospital Building: 542 beds 
    Oncology Hospital Building: 588 beds 
    Main Hospital Building: 72 beds 
    Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital Building: 300 beds 
    High Security Forensic Phychiatric Hospital Building: 100 beds 
    Medical Observation Clinic: 100 beds 
    Total Closed Area: 1.312.358 m² 
    Total Land Area: 674.000 m² 
    Number of Operating Rooms: 131 
    Number of Policlinic and Support Rooms: 904 + 259 
    Intensive Care Units: 696 beds 
    Dialysis Center: 38 beds
    Chemotheraphy Centre: 127 beds 
    Laboratory: 7.400 m² 
    Iodine Treatment Service: 10 beds 
    PTR Centre: 65 treatment cabin 
    Imaging Services Area: 17.500 m² 
    Sterilization Services Area: 9.200 m² 
    Carpark Capacity: 6.918 
    Laundry Area: 1.600 m² 
    Dining Hall Area: 2.500 m²)

  25. I am a turkish. I ve got red hair, green eyes and pale skin. Why do foreigners always show a middle easter person as a turkish? I hope you know that when you travel istanbul almost 70% of people you see in touristic or central areas are not even turkish because of the refugees coming from eastern countries. (Sultanahmet, taksim, ortakoy, besiktas)

  26. Really fun, how Simon looks depressed when the US gets fucked by any international policy lol
    The US is gonna loose a lot of money with this medical tourism!

  27. Salaries are so low for the Turkish staff, working hours are much longer than what would be acceptable in European countires, of course the prices you pay for medical tourism are so low. Beyond Mecca, its the McDonalds of hair implants lol (I worked as a translator for one of the hair transplant hospitals, our clinic in Istanbul averaged between 9 to 14 patients for hair transplants per day, no joke).

  28. Why the fuck are those idiots always use arabic music in the background for TURKISH video’s?!?! And cover page photo is not a Turk but a arab, Turks loik different than arabs. Turks are not arabs, simon you dump fuck

  29. The guy in the picture is not a Turk, maybe an Indian or another but not a Turk. But really not important, you can put an Asian person 's picture too with short of knowledge . You always mix Turk' s with other nationalities, we got used to that.

  30. There are more types of medical treatments than what has been mentioned on this video in Turkey. 
    IVF treatments are one of the advanced in the world. They have very strong research hospitals where your problems can be diagnosed quickly and efficiently. No need to listen to IVF clinics elsewhere. In Turkey, professors with a very large medical teams involve well planned processes and procedures. This provides a very high quality and good results.

  31. Don’t give credit news form Daily Sabah. Yes it is correct medical tourism Turkey is growing. You can receive high level of healthcare only well known corporate hospitals. They’re definitely not Public City hospitals as Minister of Health states that. So, be careful where you will go for treatment.

  32. An earthquake just happened in here/ Istanbul and youtube decided to recommend me this video. Lol

    Turkish private hospitals provides great healthcare but I cannot say the same thing for the public hospitals. The many citizens of Turkey can’t go to the highly qualified private hospitals. But for the tourists outside of Turkey the medical care has an affordable price and it has a good quality.

  33. i making this year hair transplant in istanbul. airplane ticket for to and back from münich germany, 1 week hotel (50 meter to hospital), with hair trans 3500 piece of hairs, airport tansfere with shuttlebus and back for 1300€ total, Is cheap, so simple.

  34. Turkey isn't primarily in europe, its mainly part of Anatolian peninsula in Western Asia with a smaller portion on the Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe.

  35. I have also visited Turkey for medical reasons, i have had severe chest pains and recurrent acne on my scalp which led to hair loss. I live in the UK and have been to the G.P and hospital a few times, while i love the NHS, i didn't leave with the peace of mind and a solution which worked. We decided to visit Turkey as a family and enjoyed ourselves while there we enquired a local top-class hospital, they quoted £110 for me to have blood tests, scans on my chest and a range of other services. It was ridiculiously cheap so we decided to get a full family check up for 3, for a grand total of only £450. The hospital was clean, the staff friendly, the equipment recent and high-tech, the doctors were skilled and very knowledgeable. I left with peace of mind knowing nothing was wrong with my body in any obvious way. All the tests were done over 4-5 hours and results given the following day with consultations. What impressed me most is there is universal health care there as well, and the hospital i used was a public hospital. It was leagues and strides better than the old rundown hospitals in the UK.

  36. You want everyone to become Atheist?like turks? Muslims Please never go to Istanbul, where young people are Atheist and are forcin' everyone to do so

  37. Can someone recommend me a very good doctor in Turkey for general health. A place where i can visit everytime I go Turkey like a gp
    Also a good dentist please

  38. I want to be a doctor, I am a programmer.
    I cannot be a doctor
    because the bar to study medicine in israel is highly competetive while the pay curve is somewhat worse that for a programmer.

    people actually care more about say, having hair than using apps.

  39. This was example of paid advertisement of substandard cheap medicine. Medical tourism in Turkish hospitals-casinos where you can loose big, or sometimes win. Good luck dear VisualPoliticEN to keep your Turkish doctor responsible in a case of complication. You can google my name, its real.

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