Ivy College of Business Holiday Video 2018

Happy holidays. Happy holidays and have a
wonderful new year. Happy new year Gerdin. Feliz Navidad. Happy holidays from two supply chain students waiting for a holly jolly new year. [laughter]
Happy holidays. Merry Christmas from the
Debbie and Jerry Ivy College of Business. Hey Ivy friends, happy holidays and have a great break. [laughter] Happy holidays. Happy holidays from the MIS Club. Happy
holidays all the way from Hunt Street,
Ivy College of Business. It’s not really
snowing inside my house, I just edited it in post-production Alright. One, two, three.
Happy holidays. I’m Jack Wilgenbusch, I’m a sophomore
here at Iowa State just wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and happy
holidays. Milo and I are wishing you a very happy holidays and a happy new year from the College of Business. [laughter] Happy holidays from Collegiate Women in Business [cheers]

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  1. Happy holidays to all of you as well! As a graduate of the MBA program, this brought a smile to my face. Keep up the great work and enjoy the holidays!

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