Jennifer Aniston’s First Text During Her Plane Scare Was from Ellen

Hello. Hello, honey. It’s good to see you. It’s good to see you. I didn’t get here as
fast as you wanted me to, but I am here now. Well here’s the
thing, we’re supposed to start the show
at a certain time, but every single day
we start the show usually about an hour early. Well here’s the
thing, when you get a schedule for hair
and makeup and you live about 40 minutes away– That’s your problem. You mean I should just
relocate to Burbank? You should be closer,
yes, like Toluca Lake. I should just live
in Toluca Lake. I’d like that. So when you call, I will jump. Yeah. No, I thought you were just– Just hanging out just waiting
to get to the Ellen Show? Right, that’s what I thought. No, I’m nervous, I’m
thinking about things. I’m getting all gussied
up for you guys. Listen, don’t even. [APPLAUSE] I don’t know what she
does with her money, but this is what she looks
like without anything on. You just naturally
are beautiful. [APPLAUSE] Burn your money. I just burn my money. Just burn your money to give
it to somebody to– they’re taking your beauty away. I heard that I just had a
million dollar body makeover. Did you read that? No, you got a
million dollar body– Apparently, I had a
million dollar makeover. Wow. So there you go. And it cost a million dollars. Yeah. That’s amazing, so the
whole body was done. You just sort of lift it all,
and then tie it, and snip it, and throw it out. You lift it, and
tie it, and snip it? I don’t know. Wow. Yeah, it is unbelievable. We talk about this all the time. They just make up whatever
they want to make up. It’s quite entertaining,
though, isn’t it? I throw those away whenever I
go into any kind of doctor’s office. Where you got your makeover? Where I got my make over. Or anywhere and if I find– I won’t throw those away. You’re not going
to throw this away. I just I just saw
this the other day. [APPLAUSE] Come on. You know how you just lounge
on a chair in the ocean? You just sort of do that. Where was this? Where did you take this picture? I was in the ocean,
in the Pacific Ocean. And it was just floating? Just floating. And I just was like, I’m
going to swim out to that and have some deep thoughts. And that’s what happened. Well you look fantastic. [APPLAUSE] Now you enjoy being naked. You take your– I love it! You do. [LAUGHTER] That was intense. I love it! I love it! Well you take very
good care of yourself. And you enjoy doing activities. I love activities. You’re not ashamed of– like when you’re holding
your breasts like that and getting a picture taken? I’m not ashamed of that. No. No one should be. No. [APPLAUSE] Do it now. Do it right now? Do it now. Only if you did it with me. Oh. No, I don’t even
do that by myself. Yes you do. I know you sit there
and you’re just like– I do. Yeah, just waiting for
Portia to come home with– just at the garage. Yes, shifting, wait,
this position isn’t good. Can we talk about– so you
went to Mexico a while back and had a very bad experience. And I know you’re
not a good flier. Oh, yes. It was for my birthday, right. It was your birthday
extravaganza. Yeah, I was surprised. They were taking you to Mexico. Yeah. I didn’t know where I
was going, to be honest. And it was supposed
to be so low-key. So low-key. I hear from someone,
Jen’s plane is in trouble, they had an emergency landing. So I texted you right away. Well you were
actually– what happened was when we were in flight,
it was very turbulent. Everyone else is
calm as a cucumber, because they’re not
a afraid of flying. And it’s really bumpy and
it’s sort of on a tilt. So it’s about an hour and a
half of white knuckling it, and then the
stewardess says to me, the pilot would
like to talk to you. And I said, I don’t want
to talk to the pilot. I sent one of my
very calm friends to go talk to the pilot. And then came back to find
out that we have actually turned around and we’re going
back to California because we think we’ve lost a wheel. And I was like, oh well
we’ve got seven more, right? And then everybody on the
plane started panicking. Everyone who I look to for
comfort and like, we’re OK, right? Has got tears streaming
down their faces, are texting their children,
their partners, their loved ones. And I was like,
oh who do I text? Bing! And then, because you can
get texts up in the air, you’re the first person
that was like, are you OK? And I was like, Ellen, I do
have someone who loves me. [LAUGHTER] I’m kidding. But [LAUGHTER] I mean,
I’m not, I love you. You were very concerned. [LAUGHTER] But I couldn’t believe
how calm I became and everyone else was– and then everybody’s
phone it’s like– so there goes the under the
radar secret trip to Mexico. And then, yeah, we landed. And I sent you that picture
of like, ambulances, fire trucks, because we had
and we had to fly around for like six hours– To dump the fuel. –to dump the fuel. Which still wasn’t
occurring to me, this might be because if we
land badly, it will explode. And so it just shows you how
irrational fear of flying is when there’s things that you
really shouldn’t be afraid of. And then when there’s
actually something you should be afraid of, you’re not. You weren’t. But then everybody–
then you have to get– so that flight
took you, because you had to go all the way back. Then you fly to Mexico again. Well we had to, just
that was the plan. So we just decided to
follow through with it. Yeah. So there was drinking going on. Well in order to get back
on the other plane, well everyone’s like, how could
you get back on another plane? I was like, listen
we’ve had to fly around for six hours dumping fuel,
we all got pretty hammered. Because who knew what the
end this was going to be. So let’s go out with a– you know, well some tequila. Exactly, nothing
wrong with that. All right, we’re
going to take a break. And I’m glad that you’re OK. And I’m sorry that I called
you to get you here early. That’s OK. But you look beautiful. Thank you. And I’m happy you’re here. I love you. I’m happy I’m here as always. We’ll be back.

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