Just In: Sen. Okorocha On Insecurity In Nigeria Airports

commendable but mr. president I would think that a nation that is faced with excellent danger of insecurity should think of the wisest course of action not of convention and long debates I think our challenge here is that we are not holding anybody accountable we're here treating the symptoms are not a disease we may have suggested cameras style model and if that be the case what effort have we met – traced back to the day this happened and who was on duty and who was in charge and if one made to stake was possibility it will serve as a deterrent for further actions you may blame camera but if you put the best of the camera acts it requires a human being who is willing to take less volatile to manage the camera I said this because the ugly situation we'll find ourselves now who must act quickly to address it is not only in fact the era of insecurities and bloodletting everywhere but leaders are refusing to take responsibility why say this and I will suggest mr. preserve synergy that the federal government has to be commended on their effort to rescue the people concern of bringing them back home I think that's need for them to move a step more to find out what happened the wise action to be taken would have been to find out who was the manager on duty that day and where the officers on duty and make them to take responsibility when this is done next time an officer in charge beat a governor beat a senator bid who must ensure that the proper job is done only to protect himself and his job you some of the airport staff who live there work to surround me to help you to carry your luggage and in doing that they will abandon the primary responsibility of the airport we have to also help them to do their work and also for us to submit ourselves to scrutiny so with ourselves to the security at the airport if we won this job to be done and done in such a manner that my Dennis who gets the benefit of the people working at the airport mr. president there must be dignity of level – ah there should be an awareness for dignity of level some people when they get to the airport that much even if they cannot lie down confirm themself in salaries are generally rather many of them will confine themselves to Vegas when you see them beginning would believe that that person is even level 2 or level 14 or level 16

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  1. Even as a governor, he couldn't raised such issues for years because he had alot og security. But as an ordinary senator without much security which prompted him to clamour for such. Selfiish politicians.

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