KFX-IFX stealth fighter jet. Military

Korean Fighter Xperiment or Indonesia Fighter
Xperiment (KFX / IFX), is a fighter aircraft developed by Indonesia together with South
Korea, this aircraft continues to experience progress and is ready to be produced a lot. This 4.5 generation multi role aircraft is
claimed to have the ability to exceed Eurofighter fighter aircraft made in England and F-18
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in the region. Exceeds Eurofighter and F-18. This is a future investment the aircraft, which was developed since
2011, has entered the detailed design stage after the Preliminary Design Review (PDR),
which is the determination of the final configuration of the fighter aircraft. “So everything is clear. If there is a change, it is only a small part. until now there are no obstacles in the
manufacture of these fighter planes. Everything goes according to the stages and
portions of each. Where Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) 80%
while PT Dirgantara Indonesia (DI) 20% in the supply of its components. components made by PT Dirgantara Indonesia
by 20%. namely wings, tail and so on. In fact, Indonesia if it has good qualifications
might be more than 20%. for radar components that are still constrained
by procurement, this is not a problem. Because the KAI plans to find a radar provider
from European countries, such as Italy and the United Kingdom. there is no problem and the assumption that
this fighter will be left behind in terms of technology. “Now we are at the stage of generation
4.5. In 2026, fighter aircraft are already in 5th
generation, and we have taken a technological leap to a higher level, than we have no ability
at all, ” If there are no obstacles, the fighter
aircraft will start producing a lot in 2026, because it has received certification. “So some components will be produced by other
parties, including machinery. and avionics. Our engine uses American-made F414. Navigation is produced by other parties that
are integrated into this aircraft, The Director of Technology and Development
of PT DI Marshal First TNI Gita Amperiawan said, the KFX / IFX fighter is a 4.5-generation
middle-class multirole fighter that is aerodynamically designed and has high maneuverability. This aircraft was designed to replace the
Republic of Korea Air Force’s fleet of the Republic of Korea (ROKAF) and the Indonesian
Air Force. “Some of the advantages possessed by KFX / IFX
fighter aircraft, namely semi-stealth, semi conformal missile launcher, advanced avionics,
and water refueling, Although it was done in conjunction with KAI,
the making of this aircraft was adjusted to the needs of the Indonesian Air Force as a
user. The plan is that the Indonesian Air Force
buys this aircraft for three squadrons or 48 aircraft. “Unlike Korea, for the needs of the Indonesian
Air Force, this aircraft will be equipped with a drag chute or an external parachute
and tank. There are three stages in making this aircraft
namely, the technology development phase or Technology Development Phase for two years
which resulted in the initial configuration of this fighter aircraft. Then the Engineering Manufacturing Development
Phase and the prototype prototyping or prototype were finally mass-produced. in Nawacita mentioned the importance of
independence in making the main tool weapon systems of fighter aircraft. “We have PT Dirgantara Indonesia, we are working
together to make our own combat aircraft. The target is that for 40 to 50 years we won’t
buy a plane in this class. This is a long-term investment that can be
built by the sons and daughters of Indonesia as well as the deterrent effect for other
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