Kittens Almost Didn’t Recognize The Mother Cat After Her Clinic Visit!

Bu 5 yavrunun annesi kısa süre önce
kısırlaştırıldı. Ama anneyi aynı gün klinikten geri getirdiğimde
yavrular ona çok ilginç bir tepki gösterdiler. Annelerini tanımamış gibiydiler.
(Klinik kokusundan dolayı) Anne şimdi birazcık kımıldayacak
ve tüm yavrular sırtlarını kabartacak. Yavrular rahatsız etmesin diye anneyi
o akşam kafese koydum. Ama çok da gerek yokmuş
çünkü yavrular kafesin yanına bile yaklaşmadılar. Ertesi sabah Yavrular artık kafesten de anneden de
korkmuyorlardı. Şimdi anneyle beraber uyku zamanı!

100 Replies to “Kittens Almost Didn’t Recognize The Mother Cat After Her Clinic Visit!”

  1. Reason kittens didn't recognize mom is because mom smelled like anesthesia and the operating room.
    @Walter Santi How is mom's fractured leg/hip?

  2. Couldn't you have a waited a few more weeks before having this mother cat operated on while she's raising her kittens? Was it really so absolutely necessary that she have this operation this red hot minute? Obviously, the kittens were disturbed and the mother cat has her hands full already with the kittens. Ridiculous! i"m sure it could of waited a few more weeks. Maybe you just thought it would be fun to see how upset the kittens would be. Obviously, you knew the kittens were going to react to this, otherwise you would not have had the camera ready to go. Disgusting.

  3. I would be scared too if someone who looked like my mommy had a deep voice like a man and was actually not my mommy. That’s how the kittens feel. Poor things.

  4. So cute but why leave the mother cat overnight in a cage? They would of eventually realized it was her if she was given a chance to be let out of the cage. Mother cat was probably very eager to get back to her young. Their sense of smell is unforgettable.

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  6. A Precious Meow Meow Family ! Mamma has some killing beautiful eyes .suddenly she also looks like she has black eye liner makes her look prettier ! 😉😻🐈❤❤

  7. So this it due to her having a over powering vet and unfamiliar smell that masked the mommas that's why ^^ hope that's ok to put here.

  8. Not weird at all. The mother smells different since she’s been at the vet.
    This happens to me when I got my cats spayed, they didn’t recognize each other afterwards.

  9. very cute 🙂 though I'm amazed at how soon you let the mama cat out after surgery.
    I think here in Pakistan (or maybe only our family vet) we're probably a little more cautious or extra careful – we let the vet keep the girl kitty till at least for a week after surgery (if the cat owner is already experienced, only then we consider it okay to let them take her back home on the same day otherwise a stay at the vet for a night minimum). I've many rescues/disabled cats apart from my own, so I prefer the vet taking care of the girl for a week and then after bringing her home, I keep her in a separate room for a couple more days so she can relax and recuperate, stitches get okay and all. though I'm more chilled out with the cat boys after surgery, bringing them home the same day. but a week of rest for them also nonetheless.

    p.s. is that a bandage on her wound? and in the last frame one kitten is actually feeding? wow! brave mama!

  10. Weird, my boyfriend does voluntary work for cat shelter which is a non profit organisation in here that gets stray kittens in house with volunteers to take care of them until they're big enough for castration or sterilisation and then people can adopt them.

    We have dogs and of the 3 nests we've had this year none avoided or hissed at the dogs lol.

  11. All good, sir, and, m sure u must be aware it's necessary to give lactating mother time apart but, u let her feed the kittens…..the kittens are big enough to get some other source of milk and, the mother should have been allowed to heal! 😐😐

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