Korea’s KF-X Fighter Stealth 5th generation Aircraft Program

South Korea’s 5th generation KF-X fighter
program Korea Aerospace Industries and Indonesia have
reached an agreement for the development of their next generation KF-X or IF-X fighter
aircraft program. The agreement was signed by South Korea’s
only aircraft manufacturer and the Indonesian Ministry of Defense. Also included in the
deal was Indonesian contractor PT Dirgantara Indonesia. PTDI will send 100 engineers to
South Korea in May to participate in the aircraft’s structural development. Under the agreement,
Indonesia will initially front one percent of the bill, with its contribution set to
increase to above two percent after 2017, according to Yonhap News Agency.
Indonesia will fund 20 percent of the $7.2 billion program, which aims to replace Indonesia
aging fleet of F-4 and F-5 aircraft. Indonesia will procure two squadrons of the aircraft.
“Successful development of the KF-X will expand bilateral ties between South Korea and Indonesia
in the areas of national defense and economic cooperation,” KAI president Ha Sung-yong said
in a statement. The KF-X aircraft, referred to as the IF-X in Indonesia, will be designed
to be a twin-engine 5th generation multirole fighter. Under the procurement plan, South
Korea ordered 120 planes, and hopes to sell a further 600 planes to other countries, while
Indonesia will receive 50. Program management on Wednesday for development
of the KF-X fighter aircraft. “The opening of the joint KF-X program will
not only help the two countries exchange views on pending issues during the KF-X project
but also allow them to effectively fine-tune differences,” Jung Kwang-sun, director general
for the KF-X Program Group at the DAPA, said in a statement.
DAPA is South Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Agency.
Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration, The radar to be developed for an indigenously
made fighter KF-X Program will be Active Electronically Scanned Array radar. AESA radar’s signals
are spread out across a band of frequencies and are difficult to detect, adding a degree
of stealth to the platform using it. Further negotiations between Hanwha Thales
and the military will now take place and a contracted is expected to be awarded in June
for AESA radar’s, the report said. “The technological capacities and cost efficiency
were the two main categories in selecting the priority negotiation partner, along with
security and cooperation with small and medium enterprises,” said a military official and
he added. Development of the fighter is currently in
the preliminary design phase. A prototype of the jet is expected to take to the air
in 2021 or 2022. The fighter is expected to be completed by
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11 Replies to “Korea’s KF-X Fighter Stealth 5th generation Aircraft Program”


  2. I suggest Lockheed-Martin will involved with the design. This would allow South Korea to build a near F-22 to customers who want them, whereas the F-22 cannot be sold abroad. This could be a partnership which will grow in importance in the future.

  3. If Korea makes a fighter plane, it will not have to be made about 200 machines. Unlike other countries, fighter aircraft maintenance method is special. In Korea, fighter aircraft maintenance method in Korea is called cannibal improvement which procures parts from moving fighter aircraft. Probably the expectation that you can move normally after 10 years will be around 10%.

  4. This is a very wonderful type of stealth combat aircraft. I hope that in the future, my beloved country could some how request a belateral talks for a possible procurement of this type of aerial arsenal from South Korea.

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