Kyoto Japan Apartment Tour ⛩️ Remote Year Apartment Tour

So what is going on YouTube! I’m in Kyoto
Japan! I just got here a couple days ago and I figured I’d give you a tour of my
apartment here. My apartment is right in the heart of the city and I’ve really
been enjoying taking in all the sights and eating all the sushi. I
couldn’t have asked for a better place to live. So I mentioned this before I
travel with Remote Year, so my place is included in the cost of my monthly fee
for Remote Year. But if you were to try to find a similar apartment here it’s
actually pretty expensive on Airbnb you’re talking between thirteen hundred
and three thousand dollars nomads list says you can find a one-bedroom here for
around $700 but I haven’t been able to find that so if you know how to find a
cheap place in Kyoto let me know I live in a studio apartment here I’m not
sharing this month so if you share accommodations you might be able to find
a little bit more affordable place so I’m actually coming up on my ability now
I live in this pretty cool little alley here I’ll show you here real quick and
then I live up in this building with all the colorful doors it’s called cheese Oh
solitaire what’s really cool about the city is it’s super safe like a bunch of
my friends rented bikes oh right here and nobody locks their bike up here you
just don’t have to worry about it getting stolen there’s no elevator here
but it’s easy to find your floor because the doors are all really colorful and I
know that my doors are orange so I’m on the third floor I’d say here’s my orange door I
mentioned this before I prefer studios so even though this place is really
small I actually kind of like that and so when you come in the door there’s
this little kind of like carved out area and that’s because in Japan you do not
walk around your apartment with your shoes on so my landlord actually gave me
these slippers but they’re way too small for me so I just have to walk around
barefooted all right so pretty much see my whole
apartment here in Japan they recycle so I have a bunch of trash bins have this
cool stand up mirror and then we have the
kitchen over here I’ve said this before I don’t cook so there’s not much of a
kitchen here there is a stove but again I don’t cook I eat out and I’m in the
perfect place for eating out because the food here is great it’s like a little
Hotel style frigerator which is perfect for me the only thing I put in here is
coffee soda and tea I’m actually starting to really get into green tea
especially the I tio in I really like it and I think I’m gonna switch from soda
over to green tea so if you think that’s a good idea comment below so over here
is my bathroom it’s really small but it is what it is kind of cool my place
actually came with conditioner shampoo and body wash I’m a minimalist traveler
I travel with only one backpack so usually I buy that stuff when I get into
the country so here I didn’t have to do that one of the really cool things about
Japan are the amazing toilets they have I don’t know why the rest of the world
does not adopt Japanese toilets they are phenomenal the seat is also warm which
is pretty awesome alright so again this is going to be a short tour so I have
this little TV stand here I haven’t used it yet I’m not sure if I have any
channels but at some point I will and then I have this little desk area so I
can work I think 30 and a wake up is playing right now so that’s what I do
all my video editing it’s perfect for me and then over here have my little small
bed I would prefer a little bigger bed but this one works it
actually was pushed up against the wall and I originally got here and I moved it
this way long ways it just works better for me and then a lot of places in Japan
don’t have closet so I’m pretty fortunate I have a decent sized closet
and finally we’ve got this outdoor area I’ve got a nice view of the alley if I
can get this screen door open yeah not a great view not as good as my view in
Chiang Mai but it’ll work also something that is so important to me a washer it’s
not as humid here as it was in Chiang Mai and Vietnam so my clothes actually
dry really really quick which is nice all right so that’s my apartment here in
Kyoto Japan I plan on making a bunch of travel videos doing all kinds of really
cool things here in Kyoto so if you enjoy that kind of content make sure you
subscribe below thanks for watching

10 Replies to “Kyoto Japan Apartment Tour ⛩️ Remote Year Apartment Tour”

  1. I really dig small apartments, preferably a studio. What about you? Do you need a bigger place or are you ok with a small place?

  2. Do a video about 7/11 in Japan. Those vids get lots of views! And share with us your favorite Japan Convenience store food finds

  3. Perfect, all you need! Looking forward to travel videos. Definitely drop the soda. You’ve mentioned you are health conscious, surprising to hear you drink soda. No soda is like step one to better health, easy to do.

  4. Thanks!
    Have you been to the big house already? I was staying there and I loved it. It hosts 9 people and it reminded me of the time I was a student. Same feeling! Check it out!

  5. Cutting off soda is the best & replace with green tea (absolutely less/0 sugar content is healthier)
    Coffee is great especially to consume it black (not those 3&1 mixture) Family are spread out in Japan & love the foodie & tech too .Keep exploring & Keep sharing🌍👍👌👣Arigatōgozaimashita

  6. Great little place! That’s actually kind of big for a studio in Japan. I’m excited to see more of your Japan experience. Ito En is our favorite too! They sell it by the case at Costco.

  7. Thanks for this video. I prefer a larger space to live in probably because that is all I am used to. I like the idea of having different rooms for different purposes, so I don't care for open floor plan living, even in a large house.

    I haven't had a soda in many years, so I think giving them up is a good thing and replacing it with green tea sounds very healthful. Out of all the places you have been so far, do you think you could live by yourself(without a group to travel with) in any of them? I am looking forward to seeing all the food you get to eat!

  8. I couldn’t see what was on the wall for the toilet. What are the cool things about the toilets there? You mentioned the heated seats. Nice.

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