Largest Religious Building in The World, Angkor Wat Cambodia (worth visit?)

good morning guys from Siem Reap in
Cambodia time is about 4 a.m. what are we doing up yeah my eyes are like crying
yeah the thing is we’re going to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat which is which is
the world’s biggest religious building Oh crazy yeah it’s huge and we’re taking
you with us to the sunrise let’s go guys now because this temple is so huge we
have rented a tuk-tuk driver for the whole day and that is around five to
six hours rental for his services and I think we’re paying around $25 for that
for one day and then the tickets into Angkor Wat is pretty expensive I mean
one day at the temple just watching everything all the monuments is around
37 dollars per person so this day will leave us without the cost of food we’re
around $100 so consider that before going to Ankor Wat but this is one thing
that you don’t want to miss and actually we don’t want to miss our tuk-tuk driver
so who we have to head out so when you’re going to this temple or I think
any temple you should cover the knees and cover the shoulders so we’re good to go so our tuk tuk driver is already here and we have breakfast also let’s go so this seems to be the place where
we’re buying our tickets as you can see we’re not alone she apparently we’re not the only one
that want to see the Sun Rise look at this we got like a second passport this
beautiful guy beautiful girl that’s good so we are here now and Angkor Wat is
just behind me you can almost see like the Sun rising up because all the
beautiful colors already so nice this is our tour guide Ren who is going to talk
about history and tell us more about Angkor Wat which is super nice the sunrise has been incredible and
apparently it took them 37 years to build this one crazy right yeah after
getting a history lesson about this place we’re now going to enter into
Ankor Wat which had a name before Waran Vishnu Luglio something like
that so when you enter Angkor Wat you will
see four big ponds where people used to purify themselves before like going into
war or before visiting the king and these four ponds which element was
water fire earth and wind here so right now we’re standing inside of
their Angkor Wat and behind us we’re having the center of this entire complex
where Hindu people come to meditate to get more power from the gods so this is basically the cosmic world’s center So people are coming here to ask for the blessing from wiseman you see this is the way to ask for the blessing from wisemen they will keep us in good luck or long life or prosperity something like that good health something like that So now you are blessed honey yeah now I’m blessed feeling good So the lady’s get this red band around the left arm and the the guys on the right they come to cut the head of them down to sell to the museum sell to the black market sell to Thailand or Vietnam so you will
also see every country every Museum around the world also have the statute
also have the statue of the Buddah’s head in every where and those come from Cambodia or
the southeast asia yeah this about money business so that’s why they don’t
have any heads that’s terrible breaking the law the world and here the well yeah the three world’s the heaven the world and the hell this is telling you about the
god of judgment yeah he’s the god of judgment his name
Dharmaraja he judge all the spirit after die so all spirit after die will go to
meet him and be judge whether you can go to the heaven or go to the hell or you
can stay at the same world this depending on what they did in the past
good they will go to the better place they did bad they will go to the worst world that is the god of the judgement Dharmaraja so
because this man here and a woman I can’t really see her face was not loyal
they were burned here so quite a stories yeah all of this wall that you can see
behind us has some story graved into it and it’s a really long wall as you can
see and it has to be something with like hell heaven and real life so crazy I
mean this is hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years old so this is about the karma about karma what they sow they will reap yeah what they sow they will reap the same thing so
this stories comes actually down to Karma so what they have done they will
experience themself or they will get as a punishment
there was a story that a man barbecued and animal so he got barbecued as well
well it was his time of judgment you guys turned vegan yeah so to go up here to
see the big statue you have to go up some pretty steep steps so Angkor Wat was built in the 12th
century by the Hindus and in the sixteenth century it became a Buddhist
temple and actually behind me here we have a Buddha statue or a Buddhist statue or and before it was actually a Vishnu Statute some people call it the echo chamber or
the Hall of echo because it makes the sound of echo but when we speak when we sound
when we clap the hands no echo at all until we hit a chest hit the chest we
will hear the sound of echo boom boom so that you can ask the blessing from the god so when you stand against the wall and hit your chest you will hear the
echo like boom boom but if you clap your hands there is no I
go so we’re going to try it right now you are in the echo chamber this we call the blessing so the blessing hall people like coming here to ask the blessing from the god yeah so the blessing hall it’s amazing that the people come inside when they speak when they sound when they clap their hands no echo at all yes no echo no
echo yeah no echo you sound you sound you sound this is the way that we ask the blessing from the god is to hit your chest to hit your chest times so you’ll get the sound of echo it’s powerful it is the sound of echo this is amazing yeah hear the sound that’s why the people call int the hall of echo or the echo chamber it makes the sound of echo blessing of god originally Angkor Wat looked something like this and as you can see there’s 12 different towers but
the towers some of the towers were actually cut of by Thai people
because they wanted to build a temple in their country and actually the twelve
towers symbolize the 12 months that we’re having in a year which is pretty
awesome so the towers that you see in the
backdrop here those were the towers that Thai people
like this tour guide told us we’re cutting off to take to their own country
to build a temple out of so inside of the temple you’re only able to see five
of these towers actually so the temple that is seeing behind us here was
actually built by two hundred fifty thousand men and over six thousand
elephants that were building this temple for about thirty seven years yeah and it
was built out of sand and sandstone and some other like rock or stone that I
don’t remember the name and this is actually the most well kept at temple
because it had water around it so we’ve made it more stable than the other
temples around there yeah this was a pretty rugged a temple right yeah we’ll
tell you more about our experience here in Angkor Wat when we get to our stay
with some aircon so now that we have had a really nice shower and some aircon we can tell you about our experience in Angkor Wat yeah the whole day started
with a beautiful sunrise before a head of that we went with our tuk tuk driver to buy a ticket and then ended up at Angkor Wat around five o’clock am so
super early in the morning but it was crowded it was a lot of people there
waiting for the Sun rise and it was beautiful so if you’re ever going
to Angkor Wat make sure to be there around five o’clock because the Sun rises
pretty quickly so if you really want to be there snap a few photos maybe filming
the entire scenery do that around 5 a.m. something like that because the Sun
rises around 5:30 so after that we went in with the tour guide we actually
rented a tour guide on a spot he came he approached us and told us that tour for
Angkor Wat for around 3 hours cost you around $20 and then I will tell you a
lot of stories and oh boy we heard a lot of stories ancient stories but all the
stories had like a purpose a meaning to teach you something I remember this one
story that was I don’t remember the story but the meaning of it was to teach you that
you shouldn’t judge the book by its cover and it was really nice actually to
hear this ancient stories and he was also super good photographer yeah wow what a pictures we got here you have to check them out on our Instagram so it was really worth the money yeah it was and I mean it was a lot of stories about snakes and Dragons and hell and
the heaven and so on but as you said it has some purpose a life lesson for us
humans today as well even though it was like hundreds and
hundreds of years ago but other than that I hope you enjoyed watching this
video as much as we enjoyed Angkor Wat you have to go to Angkor Wat if you haven’t
been yet amazing in all the mysteries around how its built and the position
and everything yeah something about Draco search it up
on Google yeah the astronomy and yeah just incredible one of the seven
wonders of the world and we had a chance to visit that that’s totally yes so grateful for that yeah so grateful and if you like what we’re doing on this channel give this
video a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel other than that see you in the
next one bye guys

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  1. Yeah it is worthy to visit it I was there 2 years ago for few hours was my last day I could not see everything, yeah that’s right is expensive but for Khamer is free entry🙂

  2. You only got one-day pass???? Why??? We went to Siem Reap a month ago and stayed 4 nights – bought a 3-day pass and saw all the temples. It was amazing! We had a Tuk Tuk driver who showed us the small circle of temples the first day (17 usd) next day he showed us the the large circle of temples (20 usd) and the last day we want back to Angkor Wat to revisit the Temple and then revisit our favorite Temples : Preah Khan Temple and Angkor Thom Temple before heading to the airport.(FUN FACT: one-day pass is 37 usd just like the 37 years it took to build Angkor Wat)

  3. how about #borobudurtemple and #prambanantemple in java island, indonesia..??.this temple number one largest temple building in the word. this temple got charter the word heritage site of UNESCO.

  4. Just found out your channel Jesper & Vanessa ☺️ great vlog guys and wish we will do full time like you guys! And definitely cambodia is one of the country in our list 😊

  5. Wow what a dream place you
    guys visit 🤩 Looks incredible and the people seems so friendly!

    Hope you really enjoyed that trip, I think it will be a beautiful memory! ☺❤

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