Learn How To Do Helicopter/Leg Swipe in Just 60 Seconds + Tips (in Depth) | Ninjastic Parkour

Meet Vij here from from Ninjastic Parkour
so today I will teach you how to do helicopter in just 60 seconds plus I will give you some
tips at the end of this video having said that let’s move to the steps Step 1 I suggest you to learn a lazy vault before learning a helicopter so in this step
you will have to kick your leg up like you do in a lazy vault but with a jump. it looks something like this Step two
lift your whole body on your hands and try going in a handstand position but don’t do a
handstand on the obstacle this is what I am talking about so practice this a lot as many
struggle here because they don’t practice this step step 3
just twist your hips and place your hands on the obstacle when you are at maximum height
and do like this, it’s okay if you take less height and get the feel of it
Step 4 Now start lifting your hips higher and higher
and you will be able to do very easily Step 5 this step is common in almost every
single stunt that is to land on your balls of your feet as it absorbs all the jerk. Tips time
always look at the obstacle where you are doing the helicopter as if you are doing it
on an obstacle like rail then you might place your hands where you shouldn’t and you may
fall the more you split your legs better it will
look so split it as much as possible don’t bend your knees as as it will look very good if
you do it with straight legs Do upper body exercises as it will help you
a lot to lift your body when you are doing helicopter next Saturday i may not be able
to upload a tutorial for you ok as i am going out for holidays but I will try my best to
upload it don’t hesitate to mail me on [email protected] if you are
still not able to do it thank you for watching this video and don’t forget to support me
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  1. i got your channel from REDDIT and we both have a similar channel, we shoudl help each other out. Already subscribed, and GREAT VIDEOπŸ˜€πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for the helpful tips.The video was great as always. last time doing a backflip I almost broke my head but this time I'm sure I wont injure myself doing this lol.

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