Life Flight helicopter ambulance

we’ve changed helicopters reached pretty much from catalog com one of the things that’s really
important is to try and maintain the safety of all per flight team your
patience uh… the aircraft went from twenty years ago
has a fraction uh… things like five detective leading lives for a uh… life is a usual will both inside the university in outside
wants it benefits forest the ability to deliver a
critical care therapies in transport anywhere
industries in obviously beyond uh… i think he speaks well for the medical
school as well as obviously for the hospital american concerns flight in innocent of this election and you can usually firewood fallows warren post-graduate training here or attended
but for the vast majority it’s a senior level merchandise residence for
a flight physicians prisons we’ve had a residency here uh… being a front physician and serving on my fight has been part of
the based curriculum everybody does it uh… packet we pretty frank with um…
residence in the client coming out of medical school that is in the don’t want to fly orchid
flight some people can’t he probably shouldn’t apply here because
everybody flies what we do is in their second and third year when they find
most in the third year reporting them out beyond the confines of this campuses formal hospital in they’re treating the sickest patients
that are out there on people are called to be transformed
by lifelike when the kidney transforming other means either they need a very high
level team or the very fast and owns which is
helicopters so waking them make uh… critical decisions as far as the care
inappropriate uh… therapies for each patient in the
environment where they really don’t have as much as
saving as they do more than one zero here they can turn to intending inside what do you think of this thing you can
make those decisions on their own uh… beginning very experienced flight
nurses who have done this for many years man’s you know their safety net com i think it’s important for them uh… products and services and half truman’s my self confidence in his or her ability to make decisions in
a timely always court timely manner and be able to convey confidence issuers
also the patient and the other health care providers i think in that respect lifelike using
her unique perspective were the only once in a similar cincy uh… doing well that actually sentences certainly you’ve

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