Livingston Library Video Tour

Hi! I’m so glad you could join me today. Welcome
to Shorter University’s Livingston Library. I’m Madalene, a student worker here, and today,
you’ll be going on a tour of the library. Our hours are located on the sign in front
of our building, on the Scholar webpage, and we’re on Facebook, as well. Let’s go inside!
Hi, I’m Mark, and I’m a student worker here at the circulation desk, and this is where everything happens. Here, you can bring
your student ID to check out books, music scores, CDs, DVDs, and headphones. Also, this
is where you would come to reserve a study room, pay a fine, return materials, or ask
questions like ‘How do I use the online catalog?’ or ‘Where do I find a certain book?’ Also,
this is where you would come to pick up interlibrary loans and other books held on reserve by professors.
Also, you can add credit to your printing balance from here. Now, back to you, Madalene.
Thanks, Mark! The copier is located right here on the Main Floor of the library, and
students are given $15.00 each semester on their student ID accounts for photo copies
or prints. Each print is $.03 per page. Copy money leftover at the end of each semester
will roll over to the next. To use the copier, all you need to do is log on with your student
ID and password like you would on any computer on campus. The copier has the ability to fax,
scan items to your email, or on to a flash drive. All three floors of the library are
accessible via the elevator or multiple stairwells. There’s two designated areas in the library
for computer use anytime the library is open. One is on the main floor of the library and
the other is in basement computer lab, which will be shown later on in the tour. There’s
WiFi in the library for your use, on any of your electronic devices. Now that you’ve heard
about the copier and the circulation desk, let’s continue on our tour. We have a student
work area with a stapler, a hole punch, a paper cutter, scissors, and a shredder, all
on this wall for your convenience. We have physical copies of the periodicals that the
library subscribes to, all in an area in alphabetical order. Also, throughout the library, you’ll
find comfortable areas to relax, get with a group, with friends that study, study individually,
or just hangout with friends. This is the bottom floor of the new library, called the
Nelson and Trudy Price Learning Center. It was built about four years ago, before the
2012-2013 school year, and in the new library we have the Starbucks, where Miss Debbie is
our daytime barista. She makes wonderful coffees, lattes, iced drinks, and things like that,
and you pay for it with your student ID or your debit card or cash. We also have a lot
of couches here in the very back of the library and in front of the fire place, where students
come and hangout and get on their laptops on the library WiFi. Also on the shelves, we
have reference books that are a continuation from the collection on the old side. As you
can see upstairs, we have a vast collection of juvenile materials, which is very beneficial
for early childhood and elementary school majors, and to my left is the Nelson Price
collection, donated by Nelson Price himself from his own personal library, and these books
you’re allowed to use, but not allowed to check out from the library. On this side of
the library, you’ll find our collection of fiction, as well as general information, psychology,
philosophy, language, literature, and religion. Also, on this side of the library are located
the Hardeman and Sumner Rooms, which are used for large study groups, meetings, and also
classrooms during the semester, and if you want to reserve one of these classrooms, all
you have to do is talk to the librarian at the circulation desk. In this back room, you
can also find books on Music, Art, Architecture, and Sports and Recreation. This is an all-inclusive
library where you can find books, periodicals, vinyl recordings, and scores on Vocal, Instrumental,
Opera, and Musicals. To aid in studying, we have private study rooms and carrels which
students can use when looking for a quiet place to study. Hi, my name is Tyler, and
this is the bottom of the Price Learning Center in the library. An important information to
know about this area is that if there is ever severe weather or a tornado here on campus,
this would be the area you come to seek shelter. Besides that, this is a great area for studying.
We have the books of medicine and science for nursing and science majors; we also have
the Price Learning Center classroom, that has 24 computers, that is great for classes
and study halls. We also have the archives, that has the rich history of our school, located
down here. We are now in the computer lab down in the basement. Here we have the color
printing, that is $.15 per page. You can also print in black and white. Another thing to
know about this area is that we have the IT department. They are able to help you with
some computer problems and, as long as you’re an enrolled student at Shorter University,
you can get Microsoft office for free. As you can see behind me, we have books of history
and social sciences. And know, if you ever have any problems, you can come to the circulation
desk upstairs and we can help. Thank you for watching our virtual tour. I hope you enjoyed
it! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Bye!

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