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European CEO: Charlotte Pedersen is CEO of
Luxaviation Helicopters; the first global helicopter management company for VVIPs. Luxaviation Group has been delivering business
aviation services for 10 years, but this new helicopter division means they can now deliver a complete private aviation service from pickup to final destination. Charlotte, why now for Luxaviation Helicopters? What’s driven the demand and enabled the potential
for this service? Charlotte Pedersen: Well, I would say there’s
always been a demand for helicopter transport – whether it’s been for transporting workers
to oil and gas platforms, medical reasons, for search and rescue, and also for VIP helicopters. Our group, we are a global service provider
for people who need jets or helicopters for transport, for ownership. It’s a type of client where comfort and time
matters. So, I can give you an example. If you here in London need to go to New York,
the flight itself takes maybe five hours. But the time you use from your home address
until you sit in the aircraft might be three hours; and the same between the New York airport
and your end destination – also three hours. If you take a helicopter, you can reduce those
three hours to 20 minutes. So that’s why you need a helicopter. European CEO: How does Luxaviation Helicopters
interact with your business jets? Talk me through a typical customer experience. Charlotte Pedersen: A typical client experience
would be that the client needs to go from A to B; whether it’s a private garden
to an airport, or maybe a private yacht. Our most important task is to make life easy
for our clients. So, all it takes is a phone call or an email. We analyse the best option for the client – it can be a jet between the airports,
it can be a helicopter at the end destination. Or maybe even a full helicopter flight. Further to that, we take care of everything
around it. We ensure that there is limo transport if
that is needed. That there’s catering on board. We can take care of the dog – we have dog
menus! We take care of the children. We can also take care of special moments – prepare
the flight for a honeymoon, for whatever the request is. It’s a dedicated service down to the specific
needs and wishes of the client. And we want every trip to be above the client’s
expectations. European CEO: In order to achieve that high
level of service – let’s go behind the scenes a little – how much work is going on? Charlotte Pedersen: A lot of work! For the customer of course, it’s a phone call,
and that’s it. But behind the scenes there’s a lot of preparation,
a lot of documentation that needs to be ready. Maintenance needs to be performed, machines
need to be checked. We need to have regulations in place, we need
to have manuals, procedures, training. Work according to the local regulations, regional
regulations, with regard to not only aviation but maritime regulations – because we sometimes
fly to yachts. And because of all that, we have employed
the most professional of the professionals. They are all aviation managers, looking 10
steps ahead, to ensure that everything is taken care of, and that we’ll have a happy
client. European CEO: Is anybody else offering this
comprehensive service? Charlotte Pedersen: Yes, I’m sure there are
other really good operators, but there are not that many. And the reason for that is, it’s a rather
complicated operation. To transport a helicopter – let’s say – from
the UK to the Caribbean. You can’t fly, of course! So you need to put the helicopter basically
in a box and get it there. And for that purpose you need technicians,
you need approvals, you need the right transport machines to transport the helicopter. And this is what we are experts in. European CEO: What else does the future hold
for business aviation? Charlotte Pedersen: I believe the future is
very bright – both for business aviation in general, but especially for my helicopter
area. First of all, all the manufacturers are predicting
that VIP helicopter deliveries will go up as much as 30 percent over the next five years. Ultra-high-net-worth individuals are also
expected to grow by approximately 30 percent over the next five years. And the next generation of ultra-high net
worths – they are self-made. And with this, that you are self-made, comes
a wish to enjoy. You have worked hard for this; now it’s time
to benefit while you can. For the helicopter area this is good news,
because helicopters mean freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. So helicopters are very attractive for this
generation of the new ultra-high-net-worths. European CEO: Charlotte Pedersen, thank you
very much. Charlotte Pedersen: Thank you. Thanks for watching. Find out more at Click through for more videos about business
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