Make Air Travel Easier for Kids

But, there are things that you can do. You can schedule that flight for when your child is normally asleep, if you can, right. At their bedtime. You’re not gonna sleep, but at least they might. Kind of sprawled on top of you. You can plan activities and in the age of screens, for most kids, that’s a great time to use them with no guilt. Yes! Would you like to watch movie after movie after movie? Yes, of course you can! And usually kids do pretty well. But using the coping mechanism of going to a drug, is a pretty lousy teaching tool. And it’s also incumbent upon us on airplanes, to just show respect towards kids. I was on a flight recently, where this young girl was traveling alone from one parent to the next. And when we got on the flight, we noticed she was alone, and a very nice woman had sat next to her and was basically playing the role of caretaker during the flight. And the little girl started talking about her doll and got so excited and started playing a game. And the woman sitting next to her was showing so much patience and was just a saint, an angel. And we were watching this, one row behind, and just talking about how smart this young girl was. But, she was getting really excited playing the game of dolls and the man in front of them, turned around and looked at the woman and said, “Get her to be quiet”. And this is just a nice woman on the flight. It’s not her kid. And luckily, the flight attendant, you know, walked up and said, “Sir, it’s not her child”. But even if it were her child, all she was doing was, she was playing! How about some kindness to other adults? Yeah, I think that’s. So sometimes I feel like us adults show up on the flight, and you expect it to be perfect. Well, here’s the deal, kids are going, on a long flight? They’re kids!
Kids are either gonna be excited or maybe they’ll be upset for a little bit. I don’t understand why adults, we need to throw the tantrums. ‘Cause that’s what often happens. Yeah, for sure. We need to be prepared too. Bring your earplugs and bring stuff to keep yourself amused.
Yeah, and to be fair, you decide to drug yourself, well? I’m just kidding. (laughing) I think, if you’re an adult, and you want a quiet flight– Here, take this antihistamine! Better yet, here’s a Valium. Noise canceling headphones, as an adult on a plane, if you don’t want to really be bothered, they’re ubiquitous out there.
Highly effective. Just get a pair and use them if need be. And Doctor G, you know, as far as flying with kids, a lot of times the problem are their ears. Yes. Either as you’re going through ascent.
I had that as a kid. More common
It’s really as painful when you’re descending.
as an ear infection. But, boy, that can really hit. So, be prepared for that. Have somethings, at least something to drink. If you can get them to chew, to swallow to pop their ears. And lollipops work really well. I remember when flight attendants were allowed to carry lollipops because there’s less choking hazard risk, even for littler kids. And they’re just constantly swallowing, it helps a lot. And remember that you were a kid at some point. And you might not remember it, but I guarantee, we all annoyed a number of people as we were growing up.
Yes, we did. So, be patient.
For sure.

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  1. I think like you said if the kid is not neurotypical maybe a melatonin gummy (under the supervision of a doctor) would be ok for a long flight

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