Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330-200 in Economy Class (ex-Air Berlin aircraft) | MH720

Hello Guys, welcome back to my Channel I’m at CGK terminal 3 right now, And i was stayed in Digital Airport Hotel last Night This time i’ll flying to Kuala Lumpur And i’ll trying Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330-200 Now, i’m going to check-in first. And let see how’s the experience ! Ok. I’m done with check in and immigration and I just watching airplanes movement from terminal 3 There’s a lot of international airlines in terminal 3 at this time And finally after my A330-200 flight got canceled before Today i’ll fight with MH’s Airbus A330-200 in economy class And i’m sitting at the back of the aircraft, so i can explore I want to say thank you for my Malaysian Subscribers Because I got a lot subscribers from Malaysia My flight departing from Gate 5, and i’ll walk to my gate There’s rest area available on this Terminal 3 We can actually chill here while waiting for our flight It’s time for me to board to the aircraft I’m moving to other empty seats The turbulance was actually very bad Ok guys, thanks for watching my video Don’t forget to support me by clicking the like button drop some comment and subscribe to my channel πŸ˜€

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  1. Mantap mas! Keren juga cabin 330 nya MH, kelihatan lbh nyaman daripada 738 nya ya. Seren juga ya mas, makan sambil degΒ²an turbulence. Jadi tertatik nyoba 330 nya MH nih, hehe. Ditunggu sangat Vlog VN sama VJ nya ya mas πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜€

  2. jadi inget kemarin naik MH gag mengecewakan kok.. malah saya lbh suka mie sama ikan enak bgt rasanya. jadi pgn terbang kesana lagi deh. sukses trus ka dhani..

  3. I'm one of u fans from Malaysia bang rahmat. keep those great video coming. I loved it. πŸ˜πŸ‘

  4. di terminal utama main terminal juga ada widebody parking dan kerap juga A330 digunakan untuk penerbangan ke Sabah atau Sarawak dari main terminal, jadi di KLIA di mana pesawat parking ditentukan destinasi bukan size nya…cheers

  5. Mas Rahmat.. saya sering ikuti video kamu. Thx for sharing your flight experience..
    *your subscriber frm Msia

  6. Sejak kejadian MH hilang dan tidak ketemu, saya sangat takut utk naik MH. Tapi dipikir ya tidak ada yg bisa menghentikan bencana jika itu sudah ditentukan Allah SWT. Tidak hanya terhadap MH , mgkn terhadap maskapai mana saja. Semoga selamat sampai tujuan.

  7. Akhirnya TayangπŸ™‚
    Udh 3 kali DM lewat IG baru dibales tadi siang:v

    Keren banget mas, Kenapa kok ngerasa ga enak nge vlog di dekat orang? Ada masalah?, Makanan kelihatan nya enakan Mi Dengan Ikan DehπŸ˜‚, sukses dan Semangat Berkarya!

  8. Hana I had the same feeling too, every time when the food started to serve the turbulence kicks in.

  9. Smooth Landing !…..Im Indonesian but i really love and like Malaysia Airlines since i was kid cause MAS always inspiring truly Malaysian Hospitality and MAS is the One World member …..Going Beyond Expectations !! Berjaya selalu Malaysia Airlines my beloved airlines

  10. mungkin bisa ditambahin subtitle bahasa inggris gan jadi viewers dri luar jga bisa ngerti… lumayan tu buat nambah nambah subscriber😁

  11. Halo Abam! Great video as always! Nah sekarang khan sudah khatam all fleets MH Eco Class.. Next mau dwong lihat review Business Suite MH di A350-nya sama Biz class A380-nya MH.. plus yang long haul gitu abam.. yah yah.. πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ»βœˆοΈ kapan collabs lagi nih btw?

  12. Another great review from you mate. I'm glad that you are finally able to try Malaysia Airlines A330-200 in economy. The cabin still looks good for a 12 year old aircraft. The food looks delicious too. What is the best way to travel between CGK and KUL in your opinion? Would you prefer GA, KL, or MH? Safe travels always and look forward to your next video.

  13. Hi Rahmat, I've seen this a/c the other day. We had a great time in CGK. T3 was so big. My only concern is the airconditioning isn't enough. Maybe because of the typical weather in Jakarta. Other than that, it was a pleasant experience. People are friendly, just like in my country. They always smile. Can't wait to visit again soon.

  14. Request untuk ditambah harga penerbangan atau berapa miles untuk ditukarkan, kalau bisa Alhamdulillah bisa tau harga tidak hanya review pesawatnya.

  15. As a Malaysian, I've traveled with MH for quite a few times, service is definitely not as good as back in the days. I really want to try GA though, but the tickets are always too expensive. Have you flown KLM KUL-CGK / CGK-KUL? Since most European carriers barely have any service on flights less than 3 hours, I wonder how's their KUL-CGK service.

  16. Saya malaysia aje tk pernah naik mh hahah nk rasa jugak… Biasa pernebangan dekat aja selalu air asia…one day ke oversea pasti sy akan cuba.. Nk naik yg jumbo terus.. Kekek…

  17. Mantafff Airline Malaysia πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™
    Sudah saye subscribe dan like dan ini Channel saya===>
    abdul haris m nasution 12 bahasa asing πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  18. Sayang sekali maskapai sehebat ini terus merugi dan kemungkinan bakal dijual. Sudah berbilion ringgit dana yang dihabiskan dan banyak usaha pemulihan yang cuba dilakukan. 😭

  19. It's sad knowing what happened to Air Berlin, but at least MH got some good planes from them (on lease). That and the traditionally good MH service mskes this a pleasant experience.

    Thanks for this trip report.

  20. Saya khusus cari A330-200 ini mas karena esok istri flight KUL-CGK dengan armada yang sama. Kalau reccomended, saya mau coba juga.
    Karena selama ini lebih sering dapat narrow body
    Overall, beyond expectations 😊
    Good luck dude πŸ˜‡

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