Mario Kart Defi9tive

I’m gonna hypothetically make a Mario Kart game Not just any old Mario Kart game But one that I can look at and go “Dang! Who’s the handsome developer that made this masterpiece?” To which I would hear my own voice respond “Dang, that was me who made that masterpiece” So let’s run under the assumption that I was appointed director of this game And I have a budget that isn’t infinite So for example… I can’t add all 136 courses from past Mario Karts into one title because that would be unreasonable from a development I’d instead have to narrow it down to what the best courses are This way the game won’t have any fluff and it’ll retain its own unique vision Let’s get started Graphics are the levels of pixelated detail found in a game The higher the resolution and level of detail, the better the graphics It’s something we can measure objectively Art style is how a game chooses to display the world through things like body proportions, colors, shading, and lighting It’s something that’s completely up to one’s tastes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has the best graphics out of any Mario Kart Its resolution is 1080p HD and it runs at a smooth 60 frames per second However, its art style falls flat Yes it’s clean and unrealistic, but that’s precisely what’s wrong It borders too much on real life, and that takes away from the charming, cartoony aesthetic that Mario is known for Compare it to that of Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Which fully captures what Mario’s world is about through its use of vibrant colors that contrast one another and manage to pop out at you Tons of environmental set pieces have faces which is a long-running theme of the Mario franchise And you really get the sense that this fictional world is alive and thriving Whereas with Deluxe, you get the sense that Mario and gang were just pulled into our world Which makes it lose that fictional flair For the new title, I’ll take on Double Dash’s art style and brandish it with 1080p resolution and the ability to run at 60 frames per second I also need to make sure that the character models have a higher polygon count so they look smooth around the edges instead of flat and blocky A problem that’s noticeable when you run games like Double Dash and Mario Kart Wii at high settings Now it’s time to craft the roster Deluxe will be the base for this section. I’ll only cut the characters I legitimately feel the game would be better without Tanooki Mario and Cat Peach are out of here, their concepts don’t appeal to me And it doesn’t help that Super Mario 3D World left a bad taste in my mouth Metal Mario and Pink Gold Peach work because they complete a trifecta You can play as Mario or Peach as a lightweight, mediumweight, or heavyweight character Dry Bowser’s cool too since he’s been in tons of games and is an awesome idea for what Bowser would look like in Dry Bones form I’m cutting every character that isn’t from the Mario universe This is Mario Kart, not Nintendo Kart If that’s gonna be done, it needs to be done right with a bunch of characters from other franchises being represented by their own courses and items None of this wishy-washy garbage Let’s add back some characters from past titles that were unfairly cut Birdo, Diddy Kong, Koopa Paratroopa, and Petey Piranha No Funky Kong or R.O.B. because they aren’t really a part of the Mario universe Even though Diddy’s from the Donkey Kong series He works because he’s been in so many tiles with other Mario characters Now for some new additions Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey, not the form he takes as Mario’s hat, but what he looks like naturally Dimentio from the Paper Mario series, a 3D model would suffice, his tricks would include switching between his 2D and 3D form Fawful from the Mario & Luigi series Hammer Bro, he’d have three skins total: Hammer Bro, Boomerang Bro, and Fire Bro King Bob-omb from Super Mario 64, this would be pretty sick actually Magikoopa or Kamek if you prefer He’d have a bunch of different colored skins like Shy Guy, Yoshi, and Toad Pauline Toadsworth Professor E. Gadd Nokis and Piantas, they’d also have their own different colored skins, and… F.L.U.D.D. from Super Mario Sunshine, yeah you heard me right He’s able to move a little on his own in that game so drop him in a kart and he’ll be good to go. I don’t care how ridiculous that looks it’d be awesome That caps off our roster at a solid 50 For smaller details Toad will have a Captain Toad skin and King Boo will have a skin that resembles his Luigi’s Mansion design Also, Mario’s voice from Deluxe sounds way too high-pitched listen to this WEEHEEEEEEEEEE WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO WAHOOOOO Now listen to this WOOHOOOOOOOOO 😀 WAHOOOO :DD YAHOOOOO :DDD It is so much better Lastly, when choosing your character, you won’t see them in a vehicle They’ll be completely separate and standing on their own like in Double Dash and Wii I’m including customizable karts, bikes, and ATVs to accommodate for a variety of play styles and looks Remember when I talked about Deluxe’s art
style and how I thought its realism didn’t fit in the Mario universe? Well vehicles from the real world REALLY don’t fit in the Mario universe This has gotta be one of my least favorite things Nintendo has ever done Period. It makes me want to puke, not keeping ’em No use having these vehicles in here either if I’ve already cut the characters that they’re meant to represent These karts from Mario Kart DS and Double Dash are great You can tell that whoever worked on them had a vision in mind and just went for it, so they’ll return We still need to decide how many characters will ride on each vehicle, since that could affect how big each vehicle needs to be We could have two per vehicle like Double Dash or one per vehicle like in every other title Two characters on one bike together would look weird, especially when you consider pairings like Bowser and Baby Mario Every vehicle the game would have to be made larger in order to free up space for two characters Double Dash didn’t have this problem because it only allowed certain characters to drive certain vehicles based on how big they were That’s a restriction I don’t want to have So one per vehicle it is Grand Prix Here we’ll have 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, and 200cc Mirror Mode will be replaced with Яeverse Mode Here you’ll race through the courses backwards This way you’ll still receive double the courses, but instead of seeing mirrored versions of them, which isn’t all that exciting You’ll experience a completely new perspective of them that’s a lot more interesting They’re not all naturally designed to allow you to drive through them backwards So they’ll be tweaked to make it possible just for this mode Whether it be by adding boost pads, gliding sections, or a small edit to the course itself Also, you’ll be able to play Яeverse Mode on every single speed as opposed to strictly 150cc It won’t have its own Grand Prix Cup Alrighty, there will be 48 courses total contained by 12 cups, let’s start with our first 8 Now normally, cups are divided by New and Retro courses But since all courses here are gonna be Retro, there’s gonna be a different divide between them Mushroom, Flower, Star, and Special Cups will be known as the Modern Cups They’ll have features from the most recent Mario Karts such as anti-gravity, gliding, and underwater driving Shell, Banana, Leaf, and Lightening Cups will be known as the Classic Cups They won’t have vehicle transformations at all As I decide what courses will be in each cup Keep in mind that cups increase in difficulty so the courses will reflect that Any courses not chosen most likely don’t appeal to me on a conceptual and/or visual level There are plenty of remakes for courses You’ll know which version I prefer based on what footage I use, there may be times where I combine both versions of a course to create an even better one No matter what I do though, I’ll always tag which game the course originated from Lastly try to envision all these courses in the Double Dash art style Mushroom Cup Since these are the first few courses of the Modern Cups, we need to teach players the mechanics that they’re going to be seeing later on So keeping that in mind, we’ll start off with Mario Kart Stadium as to introduce the main mechanic, anti-gravity Followed up at the serene Peach Beach with an added underwater section replacing this part of the course to show off underwater driving Mushroom Gorge can be edited to include blue mushrooms that activate gliding sections Now that we’ve present the three core mechanics players will see We can throw in Toad’s Turnpike, since it has unique obstacles in the form of cars And the usage of anti-gravity along the walls that wasn’t present in Mario Kart Stadium Flower Cup Thwomp Ruins has ancient scenery that inspires wonder, it’d contrasted by the upbeat and wacky Coconut Mall Edited to include anti-gravity walls here and a gliding section here The energy continues into Music Park , which is a fantastic idea that bounces off the walls Wario’s Gold Mine will close it off and it’s great because you’d just expect Wario to have some kind of place like this to himself Star Cup Koopa Cape as a whole rushing river that streamlines off a cliff into a pipe which is awesome In this version, that pipe will be flooded as to allow for an underwater section Electrodrome will spike up the hype in colors just to make players relax when they enter Maple Treeway Which will have an added gliding section here that lasts all the way to the net For a great finish to the cup, we’ll set Mount Wario, a behemoth of a course that’s a fitting end Special Cup Cloudtop Cruise gives off a Super Mario Galaxy vibe, which feels great Pairing that with the ingenious design of Yoshi Circuit makes these two courses a fantastic start to the cup Bowser’s Castle has an enormous molten Bowser that punches the roads as its main set piece It’s probably the coolest thing I’ve seen in any Mario game And what better way to end it off than at Rainbow Road? Mario Kart 8 had it down for this cup We just substituted Bone Dry Dunes for the much more likable Yoshi Circuit Also, Bowser’s Castle and Rainbow Road are almost always the last two courses in the Special Cups for every, single, Mario Kart Game Gotta hold up that tradition Shell Cup Luigi’s Circuit is a great opener It’s simple and straightforward, yet it’s unique because players can crash into each other going opposite directions if they’re far enough apart Speaking of obstacles, Moo Moo Meadows has tons of cows walking in the middle of the road, which serves as some comedic relief But it’s not nearly as entertaining as the absolute mayhem that is Baby Park Luigi’s Mansion was a great idea for a course, but it was executed poorly since you spent most of your time outside the mansion Instead, players will be driving in the mansion through tons of rooms as they ascend up more and more floors They can then drive off the balcony and loop back around Not to mention, E. Gadd’s Hut, which should be next to Luigi’s Mansion, but wasn’t in this course, is going to be from now on Banana Cup Donut Plains as a solid feels good course, just like Royal Raceway, a total classic that should never go away It’ll keep the new details Deluxe added, but it’ll let players enter the castle courtyard like the 64 version Said courtyard should only be closed off when playing online with random people so races actually finish Daisy Cruiser; having a go-kart race on a cruise ship is an awesome concept But you know what else is awesome? Waluigi Stadium If one stadium was gonna be included it had to be this one It really captures the essence of Waluigi What with the craziness that ensues from all these obstacles and sharp turns Leaf Cup Sherbet Land has players racing on both ice and snow, and it has these freezies that’ll make you feel like you’re frozen in Time… is what Tick Tock Clock is all about The tactile machinery in this place is unbelievably memorable and hits you like a boulder from DK Mountain Which feels epic every time you transverse down it, just to get blasted to the top again We then move on to our last stop at Grumble Volcano Considering this whole course takes place next to an active volcano, I thought it’d be fitting for the end Lightning Cup Wario Colloseum hasn’t been remade yet Which is a shame since it’s a course unlike any other having only two laps because of its sheer length Yoshi Valley is also strange considering it has the most alternate routes to choose from out of any Mario Kart course ever Bowser’s Castle doesn’t shy away from punishing players by banishing them to slower routes if they fall off on certain sections Which I find pretty cool To top it all off, Rainbow Road’s back for more and it’s boasting one of the longest turns in the entire series A splendid end to these eight cups Now I’ll talk about these next four What’s different about these is that some courses may have vehicle transformations and some won’t So think of them as a mix Resort Cup Let’s take a trip, we can’t go anywhere unless we have some form of transportation So we’ll have to leave either by plane via the stunning Sunshine Airport Or by train via the exciting Super Bell Subway The ride will be long and arduous, but we’ll have Waluigi Pinball to keep us occupied Considering that the idea of racing through a pinball machine is a crazy enjoyable concept that was executed perfectly Sooner or later we’ll arrive at Pinna Park from Super Mario Sunshine The track players will race on will follow the same path as the roller coaster in said park by using anti-gravity There will even be Mecha Bowser in the background just to add to the spectacle In the same vein, let’s take a look at some of Bowser’s castles in the Castle Cup Although not too menacing, his one from 64 has eerie vibes Since you drive through a garden just to be met with boiling lava seconds later There’s also this huge swamp locked up in a cage that really makes you wonder why he was put there in the first place Bowser’s Castle from Double Dash is a solid rendition that doesn’t do anything too crazy Besides having a mechanical version of himself spewing out fireballs at players His castle from Wii upgrades his mechanical self by making his large fireballs the centerpiece that racers have to maneuver around Although a little too much time is spent outside the actual castle His one 3DS supplies lava pillars underwater, which is too cool to pass up Galaxy Cup First stop, Toad Town; you’d start the entrance and race along as you see plenty of landmarks and unique toads It’s a peaceful place for all, not much can be said about Rogueport though Which is teeming with trouble around every corner Here, you would start at the docks and make your way up to the plaza, and then the rooftops You’d then be treated to a view overlooking the rest of the town Before gliding down into a short underwater section that loops back up to the docks E. Gadd’s Garage would be a wacky race involving plenty of gadgets serving as obstacles of throw players off For a stellar end, we’ll take the illustrious Comet Observatory A masterpiece of architecture that’ll have you blasting through launch stars and gazing upon scenery that would rival even that of Rainbow Road Speaking of which we’ve got an entire cup dedicated to this magical roadway in the Rainbow Cup Straight off the bat, I’m letting you know that there will be no 64 Rainbow Road here It’s a long boring course that’s only silver lining is its music and fireworks in the background So here’s what we’ll do, SNES Rainbow Road will start us off, and DS’s Rainbow Road will follow it However, DS Rainbow Road’s music will be replaced with 64 Rainbow Road’s music We’ll also add in the fireworks from 64’s Rainbow Road for extra flair Wii’s Rainbow Road is up next and it has tons of diverse sections to keep things interesting Which are only topped by the Rainbow Road to rule them all… The one from Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS This one spans three parts and is a joy all the way through You race along the rings of planets, see Chain Chomps on the moon, and fly through the stars to your goal It’s the most powerful Rainbow Road there is and absolutely deserves to be the grand finale of all 12 cups Now… let’s play on them Deluxe will be used as our base here, regardless if the course you’re playing on has vehicle transformations or not Everything here stays the same Holding two at the start gives you a boost There’s drag, ultra mini boosts, tricks, no wheelies, and no snaking Regarding tricks there won’t be the kinds from Mario Kart Wii Since I can’t think of any way to include them in all the courses without them feeling forced So courses like Bowser’s Castle and Koopa Cape may be edited to look a little different Here’s a change I wanna make Originally, you could hold down a button to check your rear-view mirror The problem with this is that it took up your entire screen Which doesn’t make that much sense when you think about it So now you’ll have a small rear view mirror in the bottom right corner of your screen that displays what’s behind you Which is a lot more convenient You’ll have the option of having the screen on automatically or having it activated by manual input In addition, if you do prefer it to have it cover your entire screen, that’ll be an option too It’s item time, players can carry two items and double item boxes will pop up in set locations NO COINS AS ITEMS
[Further Away] NO COINS AS ITEMS PLEASE Had to get that out of my system Coins on the track are fine The more coins you get, the faster you go, that’s great It adds an interesting dynamic to the game But giving players coins when they hit item boxes will almost always result in disappointment So let’s get those guys out of here But now that we’ve done that, we’ve run into a problem Since players can hold up to two items and coins are no longer a thing That means first place is guaranteed two items to defend himself, instead of a chance at only one item to defend himself Add in the Super Horn, which blocks Blue Shells, and no one’s gonna catch up the 1st place Changes need to be made You won’t be able to drag items behind you If you want to protect yourself at the rear then you’ll need to throw your item back with proper timing This adds a layer skill to the game which is way more satisfying than the formulaic structure of just Holding down a button every time you get an item for easy blocks In terms of effects I’d like to compare what getting hit by a Blue Shell looks like in Double Dash to what it looks like in Deluxe The difference is obvious Getting hit by one in Double Dash has a lot more of an impact The camera flies up with you and the whole screen jolts These little effects also take place when hit by other items like Green Shells and Red Shells should go Which is definitely the way we should go for this game Now that we’ve gone over the foundation for items, let’s talk about which ones we’re including and their specifics Banana, Triple Bananas; when run into, it won’t fully stop momentum It’ll just make players spin out towards the direction they were going when they hit it Green Shell, Triple Green Shells, Red Shell, Triple Red Shells Slower speed when thrown behind Blue Shell; players that are behind should receive items that actually help them advance A Blue Shell that only strikes 1st place doesn’t do much good for those that threw it So the Blue Shell will stay grounded on its pursuit for 1st place It won’t go in an exact straight line But instead, it’ll swerve from side to side, which increases the chance it’ll knock over other players on its way Once it’s within range of its target, it’ll grow wings and strike down upon the lucky winner Fake Item Box; the only difference will be the upside down question mark, nothing else Bob-omb Mushroom, Triple Mushrooms; no blur, more speed lines Golden Mushroom; the timer is really helpful, no blur, more speed lines Mega Mushroom Bullet Bill Blooper; obscures vision, makes vehicles more slippery Lightning; zaps everyone, turns them mini, and lets them get run over by other players Superstar; just a little more of a speed boost Fire Flower Boomerang Flower Super Horn Boo; grabs a random item from a player ahead of you Battle Mode; for Balloon Battle and Bob-omb Blast, you’ll be given two options for how they’re played Survival or Points In Survival, when you lose all of your balloons, you’re out But like in Mario Kart 64, you’ll still be allowed to harass opponents by running into them as a bomb In the Point System, when you lose all of your balloons, you’re still in the game You just lose points as punishment We’ve also got Coin Runners, Shine Thief, and Renegade Roundup, no changes there Battle Stages; here are the 12 I’m including They’re all solid arenas built for destroying your Props to these stages in particular for changing up the formula Tilt-A-Kart; the entire stage is tilting back and forth, which makes for some wacky fun Block Plaza has pieces of the stage falling down as time goes on and just like it, Delfino Pier slowly gets flooded as time goes on That one’s my favorite… Alright, we’ve covered the main chunk of what the game is So let’s blow through the smaller details Mario Kart DS’ Mission Mode was a blast to play that’ll come back The play stats that Deluxe shows off are neat, but in this game they’ll have just as much detail as Smash 4’s play stats The info screen in Deluxe is adorable, I love the artwork, so that’s staying I’d like a combination of Mario Kart Wii’s menu structure and layout, but with Mario Kart: Double Dash’s art style Something I can’t decide between these two games is which menu theme is better So I’m being selfish and setting an option For a series like Mario Kart, I think the best tile screen would be one that shows as many characters racing together as possible So the one I’d model it the most after would have to be Mario Kart 64’s [Mario] WELCOME TO MARIO KART! 😀 I get the best feeling when I hear him say that, along with the memorable tune, and that’s not something I’m gonna give up (Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down) What I’ve shown you is my dream Mario Kart Sure, I could’ve theoretically included absolutely everything anyone could have hoped for so everyone was happy But like I said at the beginning, there are limits when it comes to making a game And I wanted to see what I could come up with while keeping those limits in mind I’m sure this video could have easily been an hour or a lot longer had I covered all the details that go into making a game So forgive me if something wasn’t covered with as much care as you wanted We’re not done yet though, we need to decide on a title This would be the 9th Mario Kart So we could just say Mario Kart 9 But that’s LAAAAAAAAAME I was thinking something like Mario Kart Definitive But instead of “Definitive” It’d be… Defi-9-tive

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  1. Extremely biased (but I can see why) and sounds more like a large mod if anything– especially the character selection. While I agree he's pretty cool, Dimentio? Really? There are plenty more relevant (and cooler IMO) Paper Mario characters. Kudos for being out there though. Other than that pretty cool!

  2. i dont understand why dont you like the shiny vehicles and water, along with the dirt getting in the tires, isnt that the only realism in it? (the stuff you mentioned?)

  3. nintendo should take this idea and make it i would definitly want it, as the switch doesnt have a unique mk game, just redoing mk8

  4. Can you please elaborate on why on earth you want the Mega Mushroom back? It's one of the most hated powerups and has been taken out for a good reason… It's just a worse and more clunky version of the star…

  5. The paper mario series is a separate universe
    they don't exist outside of it
    edit: Since M&L paper jam, I guess it is possible
    although, he would have to still be paper

  6. Only 5 new tracks? No dragging items behind you? Cups with ONLY Bowser's Castles and Rainbow Road's? NAH. Also if we have 2 Paper Mario tracks, Paper Mario should be his own racer.

  7. What would be your strategy to give the time trial scene depth? I'm coming from a MKW background and think that game's pretty close to perfect (so of course I'm biased). While there are a couple cool ones, I find MK8DX's time trials to be very linear and boring.

    How would the item system work? Would it be based on placement or distance from first? I've found distance from first takes away from the excitement that makes mario kart multiplayer so exciting: comebacks. I'd personally favor placement-based item pulls, but I'd love to hear other ideas.

    Great video, love the time and effort you put into this! It turned out well 🙂

  8. 8 bit, 16 bit and 64 is wrong.
    8 and 16 bit are the resolutions of the sprites but the 64 is not the resolution. It is the bit rate of the microprocessor that the N64 uses.
    Mario 64 uses rasterized graphics where as the 8 and 16 bit use traditional 2d.

    I'm sure this was mentioned but what ever.

  9. >Replace Dimento with a Goomba using it's mouth to steer because Nintendo loves including amusing character concepts and the Goomba is one of the most recognizable enemy in all of gaming next to Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde and the Space Invaders.

    >Fawful would be replaced with Mouser because Super Mario Bros. 2 needs more love as well as fill the sunglasses wearing mammal shaped hole in my heart with the removal of Funky Kong.

  10. That's why I don't even want a Switch because all the games look the game, I mean more so on sony and Xbox, lack of character.

  11. Having only one cup of all new courses sounds kind of lazy, especially since that's where most of the development resources would go in a normal Mario Kart. I think you could easily drop the new courses and just add another 4 cups for a nice square 16.

    Also, the 2 of your themed cups (resort and galaxy) use 3 of their 4 tracks just building towards the theme before they give you only one course that actually fits the theme. And Waluigi Pinball, while an important inclusion, doesn't even fit the reasoning you gave (pinball doesn't work on a moving vehicle). I'd either change the cup names or replace some courses with more thematic ones.

  12. 2:14 No, Pink Gold Peach is nigh universally loathed. Your reason for keeping her is ridiculous. Metal Mario stays because unlike her he has a history. Pink Gold Peach was created solely for the purpose of padding the roster with a female version of Metal Mario.
    2:49 No, Parakoopa was added only to give Koopa Troopa a partner in Double Dash. He's completely unimportant and too similar to his partner. Now that I think about it, I would probably give Koopa Troopa different color skins.
    2:51 Funky Kong is extremely popular, but unlike Pink Gold Peach, your reason is valid.
    3:08 As much as I like Dimentio, I'm not sure he fits. Your idea to make him turn 2D during tricks is good though.
    3:42 F.L.U.D.D. is actually brilliant! I would have never thought about it. It's also a great replacement for R.O.B.
    3:52 I would remove Baby Rosalina because she was an unnecessary addition. This would put a stop to the trend of continually adding more babies, otherwise they'll add baby versions of Wario, Waluigi, and Donkey Kong; all of which already exist except Waluigi. I would also consider removing Baby Daisy, she was only created for Mario Kart. To replace the ones I removed, I would consider adding Nabbit, Boom Boom, Pom Pom, and the Broodals. It doesn't matter if I exceed the roster of MK8D, it's reasonable for a sequel to have slightly more.

    4:46 I would keep the Tanooki Kart, it still works as a standalone kart even without Tanooki Mario. Heck, you didn't even remove the Cat Cruiser, which I would also keep.
    16:41 There's a reason why blue shells in MK8 were nerfed: they're unfair. Making them worse again isn't the solution. I do agree with making impacts with the shells more flashy though, but only if the penalty remains the same as in MK8.
    18:26 No, it's already really fast as it is and it even allows you to go off-road without losing speed, anymore speed would make it way overpowered.

    Overall, it's a well-made video with excellent editing, some neat ideas but also some very controversial ones.

  13. Honestly I agree with the roster ALMOST (key word there) entirely. And no, not because funky isn’t in it, simply for this reason; he doesn’t really fit in the roster, in my honest opinion. I know he has his fans, and I would be fine if he was reintroduced, but it’s a character whose first playable appearance was in 2005, eleven years after he was introduced as a character in any universe, let alone the Mario universe, and after that, he was largely in spinoff games, as either a playable character or Easter Egg (yes I did my research). His most recent major appearance was in Smash Bros. Ultimate, which is recent but that doesn’t shake the fact that before that, his last major appearance(s) was/were in DKC:Tropical Freeze on Switch, and 2008 with two respective playable appearances, both Mario sports spinoffs. It was ten years before he would be playable again after MK Wii.

    And here, let me ask this as a genuine question, and not a sleight; what would your Mario Kart Roster look like? Mine would have removed Cat Peach and Tanooki Mario, and the characters from other series not in the Mario series. As for adding, E Gadd, Kamek (magikoopa), Cappy and Birdo, at the very least when it comes to added characters. And, if money were no object, I’d have updates coming out regularly adding new characters. Again, only if money were no object. Maybe if I could, and demand was high enough, I’d add Funky back into the game through one of those updates. But that’s just me.

  14. Tbh i got kind of lazy doing a constructive (is still worth to check out), so i'll do a simple review, if you want me to give a constructive one, ask me and i'll present my solution

    With the characters i would put the wakiest as DLC like on Smash
    Also, Dry Bones as a Skin of Bowser

    Only 6 New Maps?

    I would preffer a mixture between 8 and Dash… but then i trought "That's MKWii but with more vibrant colors"

    Why not a Track Creator?
    (We know, is nintendo, this will never come out unless Fans do it first (just to shut it down))

    Character Mix As a Free Update or DLC (if fan requested middle trough)

    Special Abilities (like on Dash)
    And a Super Special (Like on Saga Sonic racing )

    Star can FireHop and has better MiniBoost

    New Powerup: Mini Mushrom
    With a ×5 Variant

    It comes in 1st~3rd Possition

    And its ×5 variant

    I Would put that the Blue Shell moves with inertia trough the corners or just starts bouncing if the angle is too stip

    Feather would come Back as a Full racing item

    Steel Tire: Lets you do MiniBoost ×3 times faster for 15 secs
    (I was thinking about a Zig Zag fire line but that doesnt make any sence as far as representing what it lets you do)
    I am still not convinced about this one still

  15. A decent add would be able to turn off or on certain items but make it so there a core set of items that are always on.

  16. Everyone’s freaking out about the lack of Funky Kong, but where’s Toad’s Factory in any of these fan things? It’s, like, the only relevant location in the entire Mario Kart series.

  17. Dude, you have a point on mechanics but ur course selection is trash

    You just choose like every course on wii u and gcn

    You forget about super curcuit that i has good tracks too like riverside park, luigi circuit, cheese lands, lakeside park, ribbon road, sky garden.

    And talking about other courses
    Banshee boardwalk, kalamari dessert, delfino square, dk pass, mushroom city, mushroom bridge, peach garden, airship fortress, shroom ridge, moonview highway, wario stadium (64), neo bowser city, toad factory,chocolate mountain,daisy circuit,dk summit,shy guy bazar,wario galeon, etc.

    Talking to snes it has courses, but i can only think on vanilla lake and chocolate course ones, and beach levels too.

  18. You got so much wrong buddy, don't work at Nintendo, ever. Please, never do that to us.

    You take away wheelies, AND snaking, you feel justified in having F.L.U.D.D. and not having Dorrie. There's no Funky Kong, but we have Diddy Kong. Kamek and Hammer Bro are fine. Pink Gold Peach and Metal Mario should be skins, as should Cat Peach and Tanooki Mario. The only things you got right were removing the non-Mario characters. Dixie Kong should be there. Are you going to remove Miis because they've got too much personality? Add honey queen back. Maybe not the best character by any means, but a hell of alot better than… Pink Gold Peach? You're an idiot man, sorry to say.

  19. 4:30 – The customizable karts are pretty near at the top of my list of the worst things in Mario Kart (followed closely by coins as items).

    There's very little no reason to faff about with the menu and explore the literally thousands of combinations, because many parts have the same stats, the parts that don't instead have very similar stats, and UI for it is terrible. Double Dash had it right here. Just give us a selection of karts that come with tires and gliders pre-packaged. You do not need thousands of options that have negligible significance.

  20. ⦁ The things that disturbed me was how for some of the tracks you said "could be edited to have a gliding section here", it's already the case in MK7… (⊙﹏⊙✿) Coconut mall and Mushroom Gorge already have the gliding section so you could have shown 3DS footage… Or at least said "like in the MK7 version of this track"…
    ⦁ Also, I don't think that three Mario and Peach is a good idea as most people don't even know that Metal Mario and Pink Gold Peach have a different weight than their vanilla counterpart. Mario Kart is supposed to be accessible, when casuals see the baby characters they get they're light, when they see Bowser they get he's heavy, but when seeing Mario or Peach with a metallic coat of paint they don't think they're any different from the regular Mario & Peach. Plus Pink Gold Peach comes from absolutely nowhere. Maybe Metal Mario can stay as an alternative costume, but not his own character, at least that's my opinion. 。(*^▽^*)ゞ
    ⦁ Also I wouldn't like your dream Mario Kart… (✿꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ) it's to close of Double Dash and some things are far from casuals friendly and what I love about most Mario Kart games is that I can give a controller/game system to anyone older than 5 years old and they'll be able to play the game with me. (◠ω◠✿) Plus as a 2000's kid I'm nostalgic of MKDS and like more recent MK the most so 64 and DD stuff don't appeal to me as much. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ But it was nice to see your version of a perfect Mario Kart. (◠ω◠✿)

  21. I think there should be a character specific power up like in double dash king bob omb could blow up everything around him like a super horn with a speed boost, para troopa could take off in a glider or get extra height if he is already gliding

  22. Yeah there is some things that I disagree with (like the style,the characters,tracks…) but it's your Mario kart game and I wont spit on it,I mean it's a pretty neat game!And personally I think that it would be weird if there was that many wario tracks (Sorry for the bad english)

  23. This is very well done, but may I recommend speeding up the blue shell just a bit while also not having it hit the very side of the track so players still have that needed bit of time to get around it? If it covered the entire track it would probably come off as unfair for some.

  24. I agree with a lot of things but I think there should be more new tracks, and to make it fair make it 6 retro and 6 new, retro tracks should have super circuit too, which you didn't include and they shouldn't repeat tracks that have already been remade at all (I wouldn't mind if 2 of these retro cups included memorable tracks, but you just outdid it with so many rainbow roads and bowser's castles). Following the tradition there would be GCC Rainbow Road and a new one but that's it, maybe n64 rainbow road in a track DLC?
    About the characters, I would keep remplace FLUDD with either DK Jr. or Goomba, one of these deserve to be in Mario Kart, the first because he was in the 1st game of the series and the 2nd because he is the most common enemy in Mario, if we can have a Koopa why not a Goomba? Actually I would take Dimentio and Fawful out and include Goomba and Wiggler instead.
    The rest is pretty much fine, maybe even more battle courses, or maybe they could try out that drill system they wanted to put in MK8, I think it would make some stages more interesting.
    Another thing I think is important is DLC, I think they could make a ballot like with Smash Bros, where you can choose for a character or two from the Mario franchise to be in the game, along with retro tracks you would like to return. I would make it a single DLC with 4 new characters and 2 more cups and maybe 4 more battle stages, others like Pipe plaza from MK Double Dash could be there (bigger because it was too small).

  25. No one seems to agree with me but, please, if you ever get the chance to make a mario kart game, DO IT!!

    Also, to everyone complaining about the paper mario characters; it's not nearly as weird as you guys claim. Paper Mario was in Mario Kart Advanced, I believe? One of the handheld, 2D ones anyway.
    As details, not characters, yes, but…seriously guys.

  26. also, paper mario does not mesh well with mario kart at all in my opinion, the art styles clash too much and should not be mixed together, except from having the same characters, they are more or less different franchises, and should not be in mario kart, same with the RPG games. im not saying they're not bad games and shouldn't be represented in present day mario, but mario kart just isn't the place to rep them

  27. For your rendition of the Star Cup, Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS already implements an underwater pipe section in Koopa Cape AND a gliding section for Maple Treeway (but gets rid of the net entirely)

  28. Dang, I thought some of your proposals would suck but I really appreciate the work you put into the video (omg the cup logos are sexy) so ye.

  29. Defi9tive is cool and all, but you just know they're gonna pull an Apple/Microsoft and skip 9 and call the next game Mario Kart 10. They can even count Deluxe as the 9th game

  30. Did this guy only play mario kart double dash, ds, wii, and 8? There's almost nothing from super, 64, super circuit, or 7. Not a very good "best of" list if you ignore half the series. I know there's a couple of courses from the games I said he didn't play, but they're all also in mario kart wii or 8. MK7 had some great tracks, there's no way any sane man would play the game and not include some of them here. Also, character selection is garbage, which everyone has pointed out.

  31. In my opinion, Pink Gold Peach and Metal Mario are just as unfitting as Cat Peach and Tanooki Mario. Their existence completing the trifecta of Mario and Peach doesn't really hold up, since many more characters have both regular and baby forms. If both metal and baby forms were unique to Mario and Peach, it would make a bit more sense, but no.

    tl;dr justice for funky kong

  32. This is awesome. But I would love that there would be a Double Dash mode were you can race as two characters, and for the old drift style to return.

  33. I got 9 minutes in and I had to stop watching, I just dpn't see this as definitive myself because it's like a massive step backwards in every way.

  34. Thank you for including Super Bell Subway and Waluigi Pinball in the same cup, those are my favorite tracks in the whole series.

  35. >No Funky Kong
    Somewhat reasonable I guess, even if he's a 100% fan favorite and is fully accepted as a Nintendo character thanks to DKTF on Switch.
    >Dimentio and Fawful
    You have officially dropped the ball in assuming that Mario RPGs will ever actually get representation in Mario Kart, let alone the fact that were they to get representation, it would just be Paper Mario himself, and the only thing Mario and Luigi might get is a small cameo within Paper Mario's animations.

    In short, you boofed it.

  36. The part with the rear view I agree with. If there were ever any chance of another Burnout game, they should do that instead of dedicating the whole screen to a crash cam. Also make it have nondescript borders so it doesn't look jagged and like it doesn't belong.

  37. So, about the coins as items is that it’s specifically a mechanic meant to make it easier to take out first place by making it harder for them to defend themselves.

  38. One thing I would do is have every character have a “welcome to Mario kart” line. When the game starts, it randomly selects one racer to make the introduction.

    Also, I’d keep the non-Mario characters, and maybe add a few new ones.. Samus, perhaps? I would also squish the koopalings into a single character slot, as with the Mario/peach variants. That said, I can understand your decision to ditch them.

  39. The biggest flaw here by far is the lack of a lot of new tracks. Every previous Mario kart game had numerous unique tracks.

  40. Idk definitive to me just means every track, character, item, vehicle etc. Similar like Ultimate they should only leave out things if there is already a updated version so leave out the 7 item but keep the 8.

  41. You forgot to mention making coins on tracks re-spawn… otherwise the boosts they offer are lost so get hit and you're out of luck or slower then someone who has gotten 10 coins. Similarly holding a button or waiting to throw it behind you isn't more or less skillful, it just punishes turns and this is amplified by the always active rear view mechanic you mentioned as there is no trade off or anything to seeing behind you.

    Similarly the Super Horn servers no purpose other then to protect the person in first place, or the rare chance someone happens to use it in 2nd or later coincidentally as it passes… destroying it. It is an AoE effect, but unless everyone is clumped together it is nearly worthless since unlike every other item it lacks a boost or range needed to work… unless it provided the player a speed boost on use making it an offensive/defensive mushroom effect that has an AoE attack as you're going fast.

  42. Pink Gold Peach and Metal Mario don't complete the trifecta, this was a HUGE over sight. There are 4 main classes Small, Medium, Heavy, and Weight. These two metal characters have the Weight class where they unlike heavy trade off points exclusively for weight… and are potentially the WORST characters alone because of that as stats that do stuff (Accel, Handling, Speed) are lost, along with some kart parts which offer almost nothing other then send people bouncing off of you.

  43. >SNES RR for the billionth time

    >No Funky Kong
    >Dimentio, Parakoopa, Pink Gold Peach, and all those sunshine characters (barring Piantas) are added

    >Replacing MKDS RR music with N64 music for no reason but nostalgia


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