Marketing Trends for 2013 :: Good Morning Marketers (ep 510)

[MUSIC PLAYING] JUSTIN SMITH: Hi. Welcome to Good Morning
Marketers. My name is Justin Smith. I’m in an interactive developer here at Thunder Tech. And joining me this morning is
Andrea Aber, the Account Services Team Manager. Good morning, Andrea. ANDREA ABER: Good
morning, Justin. This morning we’re going to
be discussing a few of our favorite trends that we covered
in our fourth annual Marketing Trends event. Within those trends, we broke
it out into three different categories. Those categories are Socializing
Your Brand, Sizing Up Your Data, and Strategizing
Your Process. With Strategizing Your
Process, one of those trends is COPE. COPE stands for Create Once,
Publish Everywhere. It’s a great method when
you have small staff and limited resources. So as an example, if you’re
going to send out an email, take that email content
and also tweet it out. But remember it has to be
140 characters or less. JUSTIN SMITH: Right. So as we’re creating these
messages and sending them out, we’re collecting a lot of data
about who’s reading them, who’s interacting with them,
who’s clicking on our links. So there’s been a lot of buzz
lately with big data and how it relates to marketing. We’re collecting data from many,
many more channels, many more sources. So the big challenge there
begins to be how do we use that data and how do
we use it well. So we see big data really
working really well to find the right offer, the right
context, the right time, and the right channel. ANDREA ABER: OK. So, obviously, big data– we’ve
heard a lot about it. It’s really important. From there, what about
social media? JUSTIN SMITH: So we did talk
a lot about social. One of the big trends that we
discussed, in terms of social media, was social CRM. So social media is really
great for building relationships. It works really well for
friends to communicate. Hey, Andrea, let’s go get
drinks after dinner. Or, I can wish you a
happy birthday on your Facebook wall. It gets a little awkward,
though, when brands start coming into that space
and pushing out their marketing messages. You know, buy my product
or check out this new service we offer. Consumers don’t really
want that. So the challenge becomes how do
we build good relationships with brands? Social CRM then becomes a great
system for that because it allows you to incorporate
social media attributes into your CRM profiles. So you can begin to see which
Twitter user is clicking on your links that you’re posting
or that you’re tweeting and how they’re interacting with you
on Facebook or Pinterest, things like that. ANDREA ABER: Great, Justin,
that’s all fantastic information. To learn more about the
marketing trends for 2013, you can visit, or you can contact us through
our website at Thank you. [APPLAUSE] JUSTIN SMITH: Hi. Welcome to good morning–
ah, no. ANDREA ABER: Well,
to turn, to turn. Oh. Where do I come up
with this stuff?

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