Mass exodus starts a day before Chuseok holiday

There’s only a day to go until the Chuseok
holiday starts in Korea. Millions of people living in Seoul will be,
or are already, travelling to see their loved ones in their hometowns. This, of course, means a lot of traffic. Our Lee Min-sun is at the Seoul Tollgate with
more on the pre-holiday traffic. Min-sun, How are the roads looking? Hi Aram,
I’m at the Seoul Tollgate, a gateway to major highways that many people will be using to
travel to other parts of the country. Like you said, the Chuseok holiday starts
tomorrow for four days, from Thursday through the weekend for most people. Because it’s relatively short, many people
have already started their journey a day early. There wasn’t much congestion on the highways
this afternoon, but at this point cars are barely moving in some areas. It’s likely to stay that way till late Thursday. At this rate, it will take about 6 hours to
get to Busan and 7 hours to Mokpo. A total of 33-and-a-half million people are
expected to travel during the holidays, and over 86 percent of them will go by car. The highways will be the most crowded on Friday,
the actual day of Chuseok with some 8-point-9 million people mostly coming back to Seoul,
but today some 3-point-5 million cars have already hit the road. On average, there’ll be some 5 million cars
on highways each day which is 7-point-5 percent more than last year. And for that, it’s expected to take a lot
longer for people to reach their destinations. According to the transportation ministry,
drive times to major cities could be up to an hour and 50 minutes longer than last year. From Seoul to Busan by car it’s estimated
to take eight-and-a-half hours. The same distance usually takes less than
five hours outside of the holiday period. To Daejeon and Gangneung it will take four
hours and 40 minutes which is almost twice the usual travel time. The traffic authorities will also provide
real-time traffic information based on IT technologies. That information will be available on the
traffic authority’s website and on mobile applications. Drivers can also check broadcasts or signs
on highways for alternative routes with less traffic. That’s all I have at this hour. For those driving, have a great holiday and
be safe

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