Maya Rudolph Nearly Stuck Her Hand in an Airplane Toilet for Amy Poehler

-This is a story —
“Wine Country.” You directed it. You’re one of the stars in it,
and it is a story of six women going to Napa
for a birthday party. And it is a — the six —
the core six, which are you, Ana Gasteyer, Maya Rudolph,
Paula Pell, Emily Spivey, and — -Rachel Dratch.
-Rachel Dratch. And then also,
Tina Fey’s in the film. -Yes.
-And it is — -Yes.
[ Cheers and applause ] -There are so many funny moments and there are
so many emotional moments. I found myself getting
very choked up during even the funny moments. -But you love to cry.
-I do love to cry. [ Laughter ]
I love to cry. And I love to cry
when I’m happy. -Me too. Me too. -I’m just saying,
the moments where you guys were being yourselves — ’cause everybody is kind of
playing a version — -That’s right.
-Yeah. -There’s not a lot of
acting in there. [ Laughter ] I mean, it’s not a documentary. -But I was getting choked up
thinking of how lucky I was to have spent that much time with these incredibly
talented people. And it is inspired by
an actual trip, yeah? -Yeah, we took Dratch
to wine country for her 50th, and then we went to Ana’s —
for Ana’s birthday, we went to Palm Springs. We kind of smashed
some of those trips together and then, you know,
used creative license to write other things
that didn’t happen. -I remember one of my favorite
stories is you — on the flight to the first one, you lost your phone
on the plane. -Okay.
So, I like to plan things, and I think I’m good at it. And so I had basically the entire trip’s itinerary
on my phone. And then I went in — and do you
guys — when you use — when you put your phone
in your back pocket and sometimes you go to
the bathroom on the airplane and you pull your pants down,
you know sometimes — Yes, right?
[ Laughter ] You’re like, “Did I — did I –” and so, I flushed the toilet, and I was washing my hands,
’cause I wash my hands. [ Laughter ] And I was like —
I looked for my phone, and I was like, “Oh, my God. I flushed my phone
down the toilet.” And I came out. And this is — When I screw up,
I get really mad. -Yeah. -And so I’m like, “I flushed
my phone down the toilet!” [ Laughter ] And everyone was like, “What?” And I was like, “I flushed
my phone down the toilet, and the trip is ruined and all
of the plans are ruined.” And I just sat there and just
like huffed and puffed. And I was like,
“And everything is ruined and it’s not gonna be
a good time.” And everyone’s like,
“What’s happening?” And everybody acted exactly how
you would think they would act. Maya Rudolph, the Earth mother,
like, big-hearted, was like, “Get me some gloves.
I’m gonna look in that toilet.” [ Laughter and applause ] Ana Gasteyer,
level-headed, was like, “You know,
maybe it’s in your bag.” And I was like, “No.
It’s down the toilet.” [ Laughter ] Paula Pell, forever supportive, was like,
“I need a new phone, too.” [ Laughter ] “So when we land,
we’ll both go buy new phones.” [ Laughter ] And then Emily Spivey,
who is the most hilarious in times of crisis,
was just looking out the window, drinking her wine going, “Y’all,
this is my worst nightmare.” [ Laughter ] “If my phone went in the toilet,
y’all, I would die.” And then it was in my bag. [ Laughter and applause ] It was in my bag.

100 Replies to “Maya Rudolph Nearly Stuck Her Hand in an Airplane Toilet for Amy Poehler”

  1. Ughhh why do these 50ish female comedians keep refusing to invite this 29 year old gay man with them??? It makes no sense.

  2. You'd probably hear it if you were dropping a phone into a metal airplane toilet…unless that's what it normally sounds like when you go. In which case, I'd consult a doctor.

    Edit: I fucking love Maya Rudolph. Anyone who would go into a toilet(even with gloves) for you is a solid person.

  3. The love and admiration between these women and that Seth has for these women…it’s a feeling

  4. Best interview I've ever watched with Amy, she just makes me giggle so much. Love the show, keep at it cast and crew!

  5. Please remove your videos where someone uses Religious Words/Names as jokes or joke about them for example when you interview John Krasinski he jokingly said " Oh my God "

  6. There is not a lot of acting … it's not a documentary… Did anyone else notice how stupid this is?

  7. When in doubt: what would Poehler do. Every day my love for her increases. Her book is awesome. Love her laugh. As Tina Fey once said about her “her little Irish brain snapped”.

  8. "I was getting choked up thinking about how lucky I am to spend so much time with these talented people".
    Seth, you're such a sweetie!

  9. Must have been a Helluva Trip! Where do I sign up? 👍😂 Nothing more therapeutic than a Girlfriends Getaway Weekend + Wine Country =
    🎤Every little things gunna be alright, ya. 🎶🍷🍷🍷

  10. Im so glad she talked about this! I think it was Maya who talked about it in another interview but she didn’t finish the story so i didn’t find out what happened to the phone 😂

  11. I loved the phone story! At least now I know I'm not the only one who's like that when things like that happen!

  12. Haha holy crap I thought they were just paying homage to Leslie Knope with the itinerary stuff, but Amy actually prepared one? LOL she IS Leslie Knope!

  13. Seth brings so much joy to my life! thank you Seth!!!! 👏👏👏 Also Amy is my new bff!!!🙈🙈🙈

  14. The same thing happened to me only I was peeing off the back of a pontoon boat, and now my phone is on the bottom of Lake Mendota.

  15. I’m just wondering about the reaction of everyone else on the plane who wasn’t with their group who just have a story now of when they heard Amy Poehler yell “I FLUSHED MY PHONE DOWN THE TOILET”

  16. one of my favorite parts from the movie is when they bring the fancy food and emily goes "thats…not enough…."

  17. Never found Amy pohler funny. although, I am goin to watch Wine country, cause them Bxtches is Talented. Esp Mya ❤️. should of thrown Kristine wigg in their too

  18. The movie was meh. Maya and Amy do their usual schtick. A few funny lines. Wouldn't see it again.

  19. Amy Poehler totally rocks! I loved Wine Country, it was equally hilarious and emotional. The cast was amazing. Kudos to Amy as a director. She's so good Amy is my "wishlist" choice to produce and direct the adaptation of "Diary of a Nobody" a raunchy comedy novel I wrote about a woman who does not have her act together. Amy, please read the book. If it makes you laugh, let's talk. You can get it here:

  20. These two are legitimate solid gold friends. My favorite late night video of all time! Genuine mutual admiration and respect 😘❤️⭐️🙌🏼

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