Megamalai Tourist Places | மேகமலை சுற்றுலா | MUST VISIT Hill Station in Monsoon – 2019

Is it a Mountain? or is it a Paradise? Just like the name says, Megamalai is bombarded with clouds everywhere. Who names all these locations so aptly..!!!! Welcome back to Theera Ulaa, Now we’re at Megamalai, let’s check out this place… Megamalai is situated 1500 mts above the sea level in Theni district. This mountain is completely garnished with Tea plantations. There are two routes to reach Megamalai. One is the wrong route 😛 and the other is the right one. If you’re looking for Megamalai in Google maps it shows this route. We had faith on technology but see what was the result 🙁 Return back in the same route for 30 mins thanks… If you use Google maps it shows you this wrong route… Ask locals for the right route. sad… 🙁 We have to blame Sundar Pichai or what was his name again? 😛 We should have asked in the tea shop itself 🙁 1 hour wasted … 🙁 Yes about 50 kms in the wrong direction. stop in nearby place.. tensed 🙁 Now let’s see the right route. Type ‘Highwavys’ in Google maps and it shows you the right direction. The check post at the foothills closes at evening 6. Vehicles driving past the check post are not allowed after that. If you’re planning to stay in Megamalai, There are few govt. lodges over there. and also private resorts, but the issue is Network is poor here and it’s hard to contact them and even if it rings, they aren’t picking up the calls. Moreover, the resorts are already being booked during weekends. Then we decided to check for the official tourism website, Some site like this appeared. It pop-ed out some warning box to us. Usually govt. website doesn’t look this spammy…! Still we further went on to have a look at the rooms available Inside the accommodations tab Only phone numbers were displayed but no pictures. Then we reached out to them asking for the photos of the rooms. They sent us the pictures but when we further enquired about the place, They asked to book the room first before asking for more informations. After few researches we found out that this website doesn’t belong to Govt, but belongs to Thamizhan Homestay. Since they had very bad reviews in Google, We stayed in a budget hotel in Theni itself. But don’t worry, we got you covered. We visited few resorts and got their numbers from them directly. check description to know more… So, what’s there in Megamalai? One could say this is a big tea Estate. Unlike Ooty this isn’t a big tourism destination so you won’t have to deal with crowds here. The people who live here are the ones who work in these tea estates. So how tea powders are prepared? Freshly plucked tea leaves from the estate are placed in a tray to remove the moisture on it. After that small tea leaves are taken away, They’re the ones used for green tea. Green tea doesn’t go under oxidation process but still are plucked from the same tea leaves. Few people might say it cures cancer and helps in weight loss but It’s all fake…! Marketing strategies. So then the tea leaves are Sent to the grinding process. Then the leaves break down into pieces and comes out, in different sizes, Refined pieces are called as first quality leaves and are exported. The remaining are packed and distributed in the local markets. There’s only one tea shop at the top, and there aren’t any boating facility, shopping malls or posh restaurants. The locals mentioned that there are many rare species of birds living here. and also they witness wild elephants daily. The perennial waterfall ‘Suruli’ originates from Megamalai. Other places nearby are Manal aaru, Highwavys dam etc… Weekend trip for two days, Yesterday it was Ramakkalmedu in Kerala border after Cumbamettu. After that in return we came to Megamalai. 30 kms from Chinnamanur. Superb spot, Chill climate. Ooty and Kodaikanal are popular hill stations but In Tamil Nadu, Megamalai is one of the best Hill Station. Chill climate, 1 day drive. Road are well constructed Whether it is a road trip in bike or car you’ll enjoy it. Come visit this place with family & friends. Enjoy your trip, until then see you in the next Next travel vlog, bye….

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  1. Ungala maathiriye naanum Google maps follow panni thappana route la poitan bro. Good that you've mentioned in the video.

  2. Expecting more places sago…
    I love Indian history and geography… Really excited to watch all your vlogs..

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